Is it possible to go to the bath with sinusitis

In the vast majority of situations, this disease is preceded by a common cold. When there are only the first signs of sickness, a visit to the bath complex is an effective measure of exposure: the body activates its defenses, and the disease can be defeated at a very early stage, causing no serious harm.

It is also useful to visit in the twin post period: they help to get rid of residual mucous accumulations and to restore a damaged immune system.

But when sinusitis is it possible to bathe in the bath? Inflammatory process that occurs directly in the maxillary sinuses, the Finnish sauna or Russian bath can also be very useful. However, go to the sauna to warm up in the sinus is admissible only if the attending physician sees no obstacles. When personal inspection he / she will evaluate overall health and determine whether to agree to such event.

To visit the baths with a sinusitis brought maximum benefit, you must follow the following guidelines:

  • the breathing needs to be nasal, deep, slow;
  • heat bring slowly;
  • drink plenty of warm liquids – tea, water;
  • do not consume alcohol, intoxicating beverages (which include, in particular, brew).

The rules are simple, but very important for bath treatments in the sinus. Particularly useful in such a situation it is a Russian steam bath.

When to go to the bath with sinusitis it is impossible and why?

There are a few key contraindications to the bath. Categorically it is not necessary to visit the bath complexes in the acute stage of the disease, as it may enhance the activity of inflammatory processes.

It is not necessary to visit the baths and saunas in the sinus, have fallen into more severe – suppurative form: the clubs of hot steam will enhance the production of pus, thus complicating the disease even more. In addition, the existing selection will swell, increase in size and exert pressure on the walls of the sinuses, causing discomfort and pain in the nose, nose, frontal part of the head. In the period of acute sinusitis of high humidity should be avoided.

You should refrain from visits to bath and on completion of the course of treatment with antibiotics – the body will be so weakened, that the steam may cause another failure in his work. Complications after this visit the baths to be much more complex than sinusitis.

In other cases the bath to ban no reason.

Can the bath to cure sinusitis?

If the disease is chronic or only beginning to emerge, with baths it can really be cured (but we should remember that a visit to bath for a sinusitis in the acute phase is strictly prohibited). Steam and heat have a positive effect – they are full-fledged alternative to inhalation and therapy. Steam liquefies mucus, promotes a more rapid excretion and facilitates the breathing process. Before visiting the baths should be possible to remove the pus, that steam has worked on deeper sediments.

The high temperature maintained in the steam room, a detrimental effect on harmful bacteria. But if on the stove, pour herbal teas or pour a few drops of ether, the metabolism will be accelerated, which will facilitate a more rapid recovery.

Most effective for treatment of sinusitis in the Russian bath is considered decoction of the following herbs:

  • mother and stepmother;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • tysyacelistnik;
  • lavender;
  • the young shoots of garlic.

1 table (large) spoonful of one kind of grass or of the mixture pour 300 ml of boiling water and boiled in a water bath for 10 minutes, then remove from heat, allow to cool and diluted with warm water to increase volume. This broth can also be sprinkled on the heater or put on the bench beside him – the high temperature in the room will promote the evaporation of the drug, which is a kind of therapeutic inhalation.

A pinch of herbs you can put on the heater, the air in the steam room in a few minutes filled their esters and will have a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system for a quarter of an hour.

Effective is the following recipe: 1 tablespoon of onion juice, whole milk, vegetable oil mixed with 1 tablespoon grated on a coarse grater soap. The resulting mixture was heated in a water bath, do not bring to a boil and add honey. Knead the mass until smooth. Of wool make pads, moisten them in the prepared medium and administered into each nostril for 10 minutes. After extraction of the tampon is important to carefully pick his nose.

The bow is generally very useful when dealing with sinusitis. Onion gruel can be mixed with esters of coniferous trees (spruce, pine, cedar), add a little olive oil and put weight on the wings of the nose, leaving the cheeks. After lying with this healing mask for 15 minutes, you can feel the breath becomes freer.

Summing up: can steam bath (sauna) with sinusitis? Concepts such as sinusitis and bath – compatible, provided that at the time of the last visit the disease is not in the acute period. If the doctor sees no significant obstacles to visits to the sauna or bath, it can improve the health of the patient and speed his recovery.

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