Nebulizer with a cold

The effect of the nebulizer depends on model. There are several varieties of devices. Their purpose is the same, but is different.

The internal structure of the nebulizer

In these devices, the solution becomes aerosol due to the influence of vibration. Particles under the action of ultrasound broken down to 5 microns. This allows you to enter medical facilities in the larynx, trachea and bronchi, and deeper portions of the respiratory system they reach. Ultrasonic nebulizers: these are ideal for the treatment of rhinitis.

Apparatus based on the vibration, have high performance, they work without much noise. If you need a rapid administration of the drug, the inhalation nebulizer at a cold can be carried out even during the trip.

In an ultrasonic nebulizer is not recommended to fill antimicrobial, secretolytic and hormonal solutions. A valid application of the antiseptic, saline and the vasoconstrictor solutions.


In nebulizers of this type the liquid is formed into an aerosol with pressurized air or oxygen, which is accompanied by increased noise. Quality inhalation therapy via nebulizer compressor is very high.

It can be filled almost all medications for inhalation that is used in pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract:

  • bronchodilators;
  • sekretolitiki;
  • mucolytics;
  • anesthetics;
  • antibiotics;
  • corticosteroids;
  • saline and antiseptic solutions.

The compression of the particle nebulizer solution for inhalation of 1-3 µm. The aerosol is readily deposited on the surface of the upper respiratory tract or penetrate into the deep pulmonary system. Using the therapy in rhinitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, asthma and emphysema. The inhaler of this type is characterized by larger dimensions and weight, so they are stationary.

There are mixed inhaler, where ultrasound is combined with a compressor (mesh-nebulisers). Such models have many advantages, the work quietly and well transported.


Included with the camera can follow different auxiliary devices. They can make inhalation with a nebulizer, they are used for different parts of the respiratory system.

Facial mask. Has a child or adult size. Needed for the universal therapy (treatment of the nasal cavity, larynx and pulmonary system). Convenience, it can be used for patients in supine position. The only disadvantage is the deposition of aerosol on the skin and loss of solution in the environment.

Mouthpiece. Practiced for children from 5 years. Medicinal aerosol gets exactly to the inflammation that increases the effectiveness of inhalation therapy. But to cure runny nose nebulizer through a mouthpiece will not work.

Spray nozzle (cannula). Developed specially for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity and sinuses. The nozzle is a small tube of plastic. In the treatment of rhinitis nebulizer using a cannula, the patient tightly shuts his mouth, and shall inhale and exhale through the nose.

How to choose a nebulizer for home use

To choose the right model of nebulizer, you should consult with your doctor. Take into account the patient’s age, type of disease, severity of condition and individual characteristics of the respiratory system. Many people purchase a universal unit not only for individual treatment but also for prevention in the future.

According to the principle of

Convection. The mode of operation of the device continuous. Drug for inhalation is generated in an aerosol and when you inhale and when you exhale. This leads to a significant loss of solution space. About 7-10% of the particles fall to the hearth of inflammation.

Manual control. Aerosol particles are produced continuously. You have the option to adjust the supply of medication when you press a special button. This allows you to adjust the flow rate of the medication.

Activation of breath. The device is equipped with a special valve that automatically triggers when exhalation of the patient. But the production of aerosol is not stopped. Automatic nebulizers are more economical vehicles, loss medicines does not exceed 15%.

The dosimeter. These models of inhalers of the new generation to produce the production of aerosol only on inhalation. The option is controlled by a special sensor. The duration of inhalation increases due to the minimum loss of solution. The nebulizer and the dosimeter are of high value.

If a child is ill, the best option is to purchase mesh-nebulizer. It’s a quiet machine easy to use. It can be applied in the supine position and rotate 45 degrees. The device is suitable for all types of fluids approved for use in the nebulizer.

When asthma and bronchitis it is recommended to use a compression nebulizer. It produces the smallest particles to be delivered into the deeper passages of the respiratory system. In the compressor apparatus can pour hormone, antiseptic and mucolytic agent.

For the treatment of the nose and larynx are ideal ultrasonic system. It is intended for quick therapy to facilitate patency of the nasal cavity and relieve inflammation in the throat.

How to prepare the nebulizer for inhalation?

Application the device has no difficulties.

When using the appliance for the first time, the slurry container should be washed with soap and water, dry, and then fill the medication.

  1. Then prepare a solution with the drug. It should be diluted only before the procedure, and any type of storage is contraindicated.
  2. The solution is poured into the nebulizer, and include camera. If it is, there are options for setting the size of the particles, it is necessary to put the major mode for the nose and small – for the bronchi.
  3. Inhalation is carried out on time from 3 to 15 minutes, then tank the device is washed, and the remains of the drug are poured.
  4. Compulsory treatment after the use of exposed auxiliary equipment – cannula, mask, mouthpiece.
Recipes for drug solutions from a cold to a nebulizer

If ever there is a runny nose, a nebulizer is used for first aid in the initial symptoms. What drugs can be used if rhinitis using an inhaler?

Chlorophyllipt. Disinfectant and antiseptic used for bacterial rhinitis, which is the causative agent staph. Inhalation at a cold nebulizer with t is carried out several times a day (no more than 3). Previously the drug was diluted with saline in a ratio of 1:10.

Furatsilin. Helps cleanse nasal passages and sinuses, washes away bacteria with the mucosa. If you’re breathing through a nebulizer with a cold Furacilinum, relieves swelling, and restores breathing. Medication used in acute rhinitis 2 times a day.

Interferon. Inhalation nasal nebulizer with the use of this immunomodulator enhance local immunity in the area of the inflammatory process. The drug is used for the treatment of viral rhinitis. One vial of interferon was diluted in 3 ml saline.

Tonsilgon. Herbal homeopathic remedy that is used in the nebulizer for the treatment of rhinitis. The product contains the active botanicals, essential in chronic and protracted rhinitis. Dilute the drug with saline in the ratio 1:2. The number of treatments – 3.

Of tincture of calendula and propolis. This is a great medicine for the nebulizer in the cold with strong antimicrobial and regenerating effect. Calendula or propolis diluted with saline in a ratio of 1:20.

Mineral water. With their help will be effective inhalation nebulizer at any cold. They promote maximum hydration of the mucosa and preventing the formation of crusts in the nasal cavity.

If the cold was joined by a cough and other symptoms, it may to talk about the development of SARS. To prevent the penetration of infection into the respiratory system and eliminate the symptoms are different medications for the nebulizer.

These include:

  • Mucosolvan;
  • mukolwe;
  • Ambrobene;
  • mukaltin;
  • fluimucil;
  • pertussin;
  • malavit.
How to prepare the patient for inhalation by nebulizer

Before bagging, it is necessary to observe some rules.

This will improve the effectiveness of the treatment and not to harm the patient.

  1. Aerosol administration of the drug is carried out only after 1.5 hours after a meal.
  2. For the procedure wear comfortable, not constraining movements clothes.
  3. Pre-check temperature. Allowed to use the nebulizer at body temperature not above 37.5 degrees.
  4. During the course of treatment to give up Smoking.
  5. If the patient’s condition allows, all manipulations are carried out in a sitting position.
  6. If you experience coughing and other reactions the procedure is stopped, the apparatus is shut off, and after a time resume.
How to do inhalation with a nebulizer – instructions

Compliance with recommendations for use of the inhaler will significantly increase its service life and will make the therapy more effective.

  1. It is impossible to pour in machine oil and solutions of the liquid with the suspended particles (herbal decoction).
  2. Before using the drug, stored in the refrigerator, warmed to room temperature.
  3. Inhale and exhale when nasal inhalation only through the nose. Movements should be calm and slow, allowing the aerosol is evenly distributed over the mucosa.
  4. When you use the mask tightly pressed to the maximum to prevent loss of the drug.
  5. The inhaler should not work more than 15 minutes, even if the solution is left in the tank.
  6. After the procedure is recommended to rinse your mouth with boiled water. The face and eyes washed, if you have used the mask.
  7. Food can be taken only in 20 minutes after treatment.

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