Nasal lavage sea salt at home

The nose is an important organ of respiratory system, therefore it must necessarily follow. It moisturizes and warms the air you breathe, is involved in the smelling process. Colds and allergies can disrupt this body that can lead to serious and dangerous complications.

To wash the nose with sea salt is indicated for:

  • treatment of various rhinitis (in combination with other drugs);
  • reduce dryness of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity;
  • remove the mucus in infants, pregnant women;
  • relieve swelling inflammation of the maxillary and other sinuses;
  • cleansing the nasal cavity from allergens;
  • recovery of the mucosa with the development of atrophic rhinitis.

Solution of sea salt in the cold – one of the best therapeutic, prophylactic means. In the period of activity of viral infection it can be used to protect the body from infection.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the huge benefits of sea salt, you can not use it all.

There are some conditions and diseases in which lavage with saline should not be pursued:

  • otitis;
  • tumors of uncertain etiology in the nasal cavities;
  • periodic nasal bleeding.
  • allergic reactions to components of sea salt.

It is important to note that when you run a procedure, you must follow General rules and to respect the recommended proportions. Otherwise, a lavage of the inflamed nose sea salt at home can cause harm to the body.

How to breed sea salt for nasal irrigation?

Today, many pharmaceutical companies produce a huge amount of funds with the addition of sea salt, which helps to cope with diseases of ENT-organs. But to prepare a solution for rinsing the nose is not difficult at home.

This requires:

  • salt (sea);
  • the water boiled;
  • standard glass;
  • tea spoon.

How to make the right salt solution? An adult will fit the following proportion: in a glass of water (36° C) teaspoon of salt without slides. Depending on the severity of the disease, age of the patient, the doctor may prescribe a different ratio.

Sea salt for rinsing should be applied in accordance with the rules of hygiene. Glass it is highly recommended to thoroughly wash and rinse with boiled water. The same must be done with a spoon.

How to wash the nose with sea salt – instructions

For the procedure you need to take any utensils, with a narrow and smooth neck, so that it is no problem to fit in one nostril. One can use a regular kettle to make tea, Neti pot, a syringe or a disposable syringe. Which of the fixtures will be selected not play any role, it should be comfortable for the patient. But you need to know how to properly rinse solution nose.

“Grandma’s” method of washing

If nothing comfortable and no right, to carry out rinsing of the nose can be “grandma” method. This procedure is easy to do at home.

Sea salt for nasal irrigation use as follows:

  1. A teaspoon of product is mixed in water until dissolved.
  2. Ready saline scoop hand.
  3. Fingers of the second hand pressed one nostril, the opposite and slowly draw the liquid from her hands.
  4. If right, solution will flow out through the mouth.
  5. Next, the procedure with the other nostril.

This method of washing is quite simple, but is not for everyone. For small children and babies should use other ways.

Using the kettle

The procedure is best done in the bathroom.

Doing it this way:

  1. In the tea pot or Neti pot poured salt and dilute it with water.
  2. His head tilted over the sink and turn to one side.
  3. In nostril, located at the top, insert the spout of the kettle.
  4. If done correctly, the liquid will flow from the parallel nostrils.
  5. Further, all actions repeated, tilting and turning his head in the opposite direction.

After washing is a bit of a lie down, to rest. To get some fresh air at the end of the procedure is not recommended.

With a syringe, Turkey Baster

For nasal lavage can be used other suitable device.

Very convenient to manipulation by conventional syringe or medical syringe.

  1. The chosen adaptation gain solution.
  2. Then head leaning over the bath or sink and the tip of the pear or syringe inserted into the nostril.
  3. After a slow compression of a syringe or by pressing the plunger of the syringe the liquid will enter the nasal passage and flow out the other.
  4. All actions repeat, inserting the device on the second side.
Features nasal irrigation children

Sometimes this procedure is required by the babies, because when they are not breathing nose, kids can’t take the breast and eat. Crumbs from 0 to 12 months, the salt solution is instilled with a pipette after cleansing the nose with a cotton flagella. Then after a few moments the remnants pull special attachment – extractor.

How to prepare a solution for the child? His fortress in this case it is necessary to reduce twice. In a glass of cooled boiled water requires a little less than half a teaspoon. Carry out the procedure to improve breathing 3-4 times per day. Babies buried alternately in each course, 2-3 drops. For nasal irrigation older children (2-5 years) it is better to use a syringe or a small syringe.

How often should I wash out a nose sea salt with cold and sinus?

Common cold, if not treated, leads to the development of the inflammatory process in the maxillary and other sinuses, which is fraught with serious consequences. Uncomplicated rhinitis responds well to treatment, but rinsing the nasal passages with sea salt to help speed recovery. Daily this procedure 3-4 times per day can reduce swelling of the mucous and ease breathing. In addition, components of sea salt have antibacterial and wound-healing effect, allowing you to speed up recovery.

At antritis, sinusitis number of washes can be increased to 5-6. However, you should know that the treatment of such diseases should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician. Additionally, it may require the use of antibiotics.

Can a pregnant nose clean sea salt?

Sea salt forbidden for use in pregnant women. Furthermore, it is the only tool that has no harm to the female body during this difficult period and will not affect development of the fetus. Recommended proportions for the preparation of the solution should not be extended. The shelf life of fresh funds is one day, so the next day you need to cook new.

Depending on the state of health in the first time to carry out procedure up to 6 times a day. As the recovery of their number can be reduced to 3-4. On the one washing you need to take about 50-60 ml of the prepared salt solution.

Is it possible to wash the nose with sea salt iodized?

Because sea salt also contains iodine, use iodized salt for washing makes sense. Carry out the manipulation with the help of this solution it is possible, but only a limited number of days. The treatment in this case should be no more than 1-2 weeks. Longer use can lead to accumulation of this element in the body. Excessive amounts of iodine can lead to malfunction of the thyroid gland and to other failures in the body.

Solution for washing prepared as diluted sea salt. It should be applied according to the instructions above not more than 3-4 times a day. By the way, this solution effective for rinsing of the larynx colds.

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