The appearance of mucus in newborns and infants

The nose of the child laid, when the mucosa swells, or in the cavity generates a large amount of mucus. Newly born children used to breathe air instead of living in my mother’s womb surrounded by water.

Clean the nozzle with its congestion needs adults. They also should monitor the impact of factors which may develop a runny nose.

It can be:

  • dry air in the nursery;
  • dust;
  • strong odors (cigarette smoke, perfume);
  • viral diseases and infections.

In infants, the obstruction of nasal breathing most often occurs because of excessive drying of the mucosa. In the cavity formed crust, and it ceases to perform its main function – protective. Bacteria can easily penetrate into the child’s body and cause the development of the disease.

Methods moisten the nasal mucosa

Clean from snot nose children sneezing. But if there is a lot of mucus, it can easily penetrate into the ear passages or the nasopharynx and cause a number of complications. To hydrate the mucous membrane of the kids you can use special drops. But to give their newborn child only after receiving approval from the physician, as some drugs can cause swelling of the body to provoke insomnia and even constipation.

Spout newborn can be cleaned by washing. Even with regular use, this procedure is not dangerous if performed correctly.

To cleanse the cavity by this method you can use:

  1. The pharmacy prepared a solution of Sodium Chloride physiological solution.
  2. Homemade saline solution.
  3. Pharmacy solutions of sea water for flushing: Flumarin, Physiomer, Morenazal, and Throat.

About how exactly to clean the nose of infants from the nozzle and properly wash it, young moms should consult a doctor. Illiterate use of drugs or flushing can cause injury to the cavity.

Possible methods of cleaning the nozzle

The choice of the technique of cleaning the nose of the child depends on the degree of congestion. There are quite a number of methods by which you can pump the snot home.

Today, sucking snot, you can use:

  • with a cotton flagellum soaked in oil;
  • cotton swab;
  • syringe;
  • an aspirator.

When you remove the nozzle by any of these methods should take into account the penetration depth in the nose. The child passes much narrower than adults, so they are easier to damage blood vessels.

1 way is cleaning cotton turundami

Wondering how to remove the snot from newborn without harm to his health, you can safely use a cotton flagella. Of purified cotton, not containing impurities, should roll a small cone. The size of it should be easy to penetrate into the child’s nostril. For safe penetration, use oil. Suitable, for example, paraffin. In the liquid the structure is immersed twisted flagellum, which is then inserted into the nose and rotational movements collects the mucus. This method is to pull the snot will be ineffective with a strong fever. It is best suited for getting rid of dry crusts.

Method 2 – use cotton swabs

To get rid of mucus with a cotton swab, take extreme caution. Standard sticks are long enough, and the nasal cavity infants, small and narrow. Wrong move can provoke bleeding. To perform manipulations should prefer a plastic, not wooden base sticks. The effectiveness of this technique of cleaning is average, and the risk of injury to the child’s nose high.

3 way – the snot sucking syringe

How to drain the snot from the baby bag, you can find a lot of information on the Internet, despite the fact that this method is traumatic. The very same syringe buy in a regular pharmacy. It has the small size and soft rubber tip. This method is difficult to clean up the whole nasopharynx, but minimal risk of injury. The syringe is also used to wash the nose in children. It can help to drain the excess solution.

4 method of cleansing the nose aspirator

To minimize the risk of injury, it is important to know how to suck the snot from a baby using the aspirator.

There are several kinds of them:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic;
  • vacuum.

The force that sucks the snot mechanical aspirator, controlled by the mother. The my it is a empty tube with a tube made of a transparent material. Between them there is a strip of foam rubber that protects the mother from getting bacteria. She cleans snot, sucking mouth, mucus from the nose through a tube and mechanical aspirator.

Electronic aspirator snot get by pressing the buttons on the unit powered. In form it resembles a pharmacy of a rubber syringe.

A vacuum extractor looks like a mechanical. The difference is that it can work from a vacuum cleaner. How to clean their nose? It is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner. Safe to use only the one in which it is possible to adjust the retracting force.

If we compare the methods on how to suck the snot in infants, the use of aspirator is the most effective but also the most expensive. It can be used to suck snot out of your nose at any depth.

Step-by-step cleansing of the nose in infants

To have a young mother had no questions as to suck the snot from a baby correctly, it is enough to observe some rules and recommendations.

Gradually, it is as follows:

  1. Soften the crusts in the nose. For these purposes, you can use saline solution or arrange the baby a warm bath which also softens the mucus. To soften the crust and to rinse the newborn never use drugs in the form of sprays, because they can not independently regulate the power injection drugs. But there is a risk to injure the child’s mucous membranes.
  2. Lock the head of the child for further manipulation. Clean baby nose with full fixing the position of the head. The restlessness of the child could cause additional injury. If the children resist and not give to get snot have to ask someone else to hold them.
  3. Clean the nasal cavity in any of the following methods (with a cotton flagella, suction mouth, or vacuum). The depth of penetration of the nose must not exceed 20 millimeters.

For softening crusts can be used moisturizing drugs with vasoconstrictor effect. Babies under one year suitable saline nasal spray, Xylitol, Cold Sensitive. Their action allows to relieve and easily clean the cavity of mucus. When choosing medicines one should not forget about contraindications.

When using the device to cleanse the nasal cavity to pre-disinfect, rinsing it with boiling water. If the mucus accumulates rapidly, after medical prescription, you can use vasoconstrictive drops. Quickly they are addictive, so more than 5 days do not apply them. Cleaned the snot nose kid to breathe easier. Cleaned his parents will have to until the baby learns to blow her own nose.

Precautions – it is important to know!

How to get snot out of your kid should know every mother. To unclog the nose should be in so many times a day as necessary for unobstructed nasal breathing. Be sure to check the nose before sleep and every feeding. Cleansing of the cavity should be performed with extreme caution, so as not to harm the health of the baby.


  1. You cannot use medications that the child has allergies.
  2. Use of vasoconstrictive drops for longer than 5 days is prohibited.
  3. Immersion depth in the cavity when you clean it up should not exceed 2 inches.
  4. Newborns prohibited the use of drugs in the form of sprays.
  5. Babies can not bury or wash the nose with breast milk.
  6. Drugs should be used in accordance with the age restrictions.

How correctly to suck the snot from the baby will be his mom, depends on his health. Nothing complicated in this procedure no. Therefore, prilovchivshis, clean the nasal cavity is only a few minutes.

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