Runny nose: the nose clean

Procedures for cleaning the nasal passages and nasopharynx not only help in prevention, but are used to quickly get rid of a cold. Even in the presence of the virus infection, nasal lavage at home will help to avoid the spread of the disease. The main thing – to organize a correct treatment when the first symptoms of the disease.

What better to wash the nose with a cold adults?

Despite the seeming harmlessness of cold, it is important to understand that this phenomenon can lead to negative consequences. Profuse discharge from the nasal passages and difficulty in breathing is a sign of inflammation of the mucous membranes. If time is not addressed, there is a risk of transition of a cold in the chronic stage.

Washing out the nose effectively because the drug solution directly acts on inflamed areas. So how to wash the nose?

The most effective are compositions aimed at:

  • the removal of inflammation;
  • disinfection;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • reduction of tissue edema;
  • hydration.

Such solutions for nasal lavage can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own.

Important! Despite the fact that rinsing is effective, you should not rely on them to treat serious diseases. They are only able to eliminate symptoms and stop the spread of infection. Doctors recommend the use of washing only as additional therapy.

What solution would be better for a specific person to respond is very difficult. Try several compositions and feel, which means more efficient. Perhaps you might need to use the drugstore sprays with salt water, and maybe you will be able to get rid of a cold for a couple of days with saline solution.

Traditional recipes for washing – preparation of the solution

Nasal lavage is a very common method of treatment. If desired, the pharmacy has the opportunity to purchase a huge number of various medicines for this procedure. If there is no opportunity timely to visit the pharmacy, or you do not trust pharmaceutical drugs, then you can do people’s recipes.

The most common folk remedies for flushing:

  1. Clean water. About the beneficial properties of water have been known since ancient times. Only water should be water, and at least tentatively settled. Ideally, if you have melt water. Her temperature should be normal body temperature. Rinsing should be done every time when there is nasal congestion.
  2. Marine or salt. When rhinitis salt in combination with baking soda has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of soda should be dissolved in a glass of water. For greater effect, if you wish, you can add 2 drops of iodine. This solution should do the washing 3-5 times a day for 7 days. During the procedure, possible burning. This is normal and is not considered a reason for discontinuation of treatment.
  3. Decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs, which possess antiseptic properties. These include chamomile, calendula, sage, series, etc. you Can use one plant, but a whole collection. Flush the nose decoction of chamomile with a cold is recommended even in advanced cases. To prepare the solution should take 15 grams of a plant or the collection and pour a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool and infuse. Rinse your nose should be every 2-4 hours.
  4. Beets and honey. 2 tablespoons of honey should be diluted in a glass of beet juice. The resulting composition is to be diluted with water in proportion 1:1. Need to wash morning and evening. After the procedure the nose needs to vismarkt, and after a couple of hours, rinse with plain water. Using this method it is possible to cure even a sinus infection.

Important! If allergic to honey or any other component of the recipe, you can use this tool for washing is forbidden!

Pharmaceutical preparations for washing the nose with a cold

Rinse the nose with a strong fever at home better medical drugs. They allow you to achieve a greater effect in the short term. Choose the drug depending on its purpose.

For the treatment of viral and infectious diseases it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory drugs, and in allergic rhinitis is aimed at relieve swelling and leaching of allergens.

All pharmacy solutions for washing the nasal passages can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Phys. solution and products based on sea salt (the Phrase, Kviks, Akvamaris, Dolphin) is a versatile medicinal compounds that possess preventive and curative properties. They can be used without a doctor’s prescription. They do not cause irritation of the mucous membranes, a beneficial effect on the General condition of the nasopharynx and absolutely safe to use. Salt reduces inflammation and reduces the swelling. Healing properties of sea water are used to thin mucus and painless cleansing of the nasal cavities.
  2. Anti-microbial agents (Furatsilinom, Miramistin, Protargol) – flushing such drugs should be undertaken during the period of illness or chronic stage. The components of these medicines can neutralize common pathogens of colds, fight bacteria and prevent the spread of infection.

Important! Antiseptic and antimicrobials used only in the presence of inflammatory processes. To prevent these drugs do not apply!

How to wash the nose when cold?

If the runny nose is accompanied by pus, enlarged tonsils, redness of throat, the answer to the question of whether to wash the nose, clear. Rinsing the nose with this cold is a must. This will help to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, to remove plaque and reduce swelling.

Nasal rinsing at home with a cold will need:

  1. Purchased at the drugstore or make your own solution for the procedure.
  2. Fill a pear or a syringe. Remember that the syringe should be without a needle and syringe with a soft tip.
  3. Open your mouth and bend 90 degrees over a sink or other container.
  4. Slowly squeeze the solution into the upper nostril. The fluid passing through the nasal passages, should be poured through the mouth.
  5. Repeat all the same with the other nostril.

Important! To enter the solution slowly. Otherwise, the infection pressure jets can get into the ear.

Another way of rinsing the nose with a cold is irrigation. It is made of special sprays that can be purchased at the pharmacy. To do this, enter the tip of a nose spray and press the spray. The solution will fall on the mucous membranes of the sinuses and flow out under the force of gravity. It’s gentle measure, and you should not rely on this method at a very stuffy nose and pus.

In pharmacies you can also purchase a special device for rinsing of the nose – the nasal cleansing pot Neti pot. Him to carry out the procedure easier, due to the fact that it has a long handle and a convenient spout.

Contraindications to the flushing of the nose

Despite the fact that the solutions do not contain dangerous and harmful components, and the procedure itself is incredibly simple, lavage of the nose has a number of contraindications.

It is impossible to carry out the procedure at:

  • tumors in the nasopharynx;
  • strong swelling of the mucous membranes of the sinuses;
  • weak vessels, because in this case the probability of occurrence of bleeding.

Pregnant women to carry out rinsing only with extreme caution and by appointment Laura.

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