Crib for a newborn

Most often, a dowry for a baby, including a crib, is purchased even before it is born. Then, when the baby is born, the mother will not have free time to take into account all the nuances and selection criteria.

By buying items that will be used by the baby should be treated with maximum responsibility. A thing intended for him should be safe, convenient, beautiful and multi-functional. To determine the choice of young parents, the rating of cots for a newborn, given in our article, will help.

Types of Baby Cots

Today there is a huge assortment of cots for babies on sale. In order not to get confused when choosing, you need to familiarize yourself with which models are presented on the market, what functions a crib should perform and what safety requirements are imposed on it.

The most common crib options:

  • cradle;
  • cradle;
  • classic wood;
  • rocking chair;
  • pendulum;
  • transformer;
  • oval shaped bed;
  • attached;
  • metal.
Cradle and cradle

The cradle is a crib with legs, on the end of which runners are fixed. The principle of operation is similar to a rocking chair. It is convenient to rock the cradle when the baby is sleeping in it.

The cradle is suspended from the ceiling by ropes, which also allows you to swing it.

These two types of cribs are designed for newborns, as they are small, and the baby will not be able to use it for long.

Such models are in demand for the following reasons:

  • The cradles and cradles are made from hypoallergenic materials, most often from willow vines.
  • The baby feels good in a small cradle in the first days after its birth. It is easier for him to adapt in such conditions to the big world. The limited space gives him a sense of security and warmth, like in his mother’s tummy.
  • These cribs for babies are equipped with many additional accessories (mosquito net, canopy, toys).
  • Thanks to the system of motion sickness, mom’s hands are free. You can not carry the baby for a long time in his arms, putting him to bed.

The disadvantages of these models include high cost, a short life – at best up to six months, then the child will grow up, and the cradle or cradle will become small.

Classic wooden bed

This is the most common crib model. Choosing this option, you should carefully study what materials were used for manufacturing. For example, varnishes and paints that previously covered products can be toxic by inhalation. It must be borne in mind that, growing up, the baby can nibble the sides. Therefore, you should buy uncoated, smoothly sanded wood furniture.

The advantages of the model include:

  • safety for health if the tree is uncovered and well worked;
  • various configuration options – wheels, runners;
  • the rising and falling bottom allows you to take into account the growth of the baby;
  • large sizes – such a cot is enough for a child up to 3 years.

There are no drawbacks from a tree made of varnished or painted wood.

Rocking chair

This is a variation of a wooden crib for newborns, which has runners instead of legs. This crib is easy to swing. The ability to rock motion and calm a naughty baby is the main advantage of this model.

Disadvantages include poor furniture stability. This will especially interfere when the baby grows up and tries to stand on its feet in the crib. If it is equipped with additional drawers, then objects with motion sickness will rattle and distract him.

From the point of view of convenience, it is better to give preference to a wooden bed, the kit of which includes runners, or “pendulum” models.


The main advantage of this model is the possibility of motion sickness crumbs while maintaining the stability of the bed. There are many options for pendulums today, you can find a bed with the direction of motion sickness, either in a cradle or on your hands. You can buy a bed with a universal mechanism of motion sickness, allowing you to change modes depending on the preferences of the child.

The disadvantages include the bulkiness of the furniture, the appearance of a squeak over time, the high cost and breakdown of the pendulum mechanism, due to which the life of the furniture is reduced.


This model is equipped with additional furniture, which can be changed at your discretion. A changing table, a chest of drawers for clothes, a cabinet, drawers and shelves can be attached to the crib.

Such a bed can easily be turned from a sleeping place for a newborn into furniture for a preschooler, since it is usually equipped with a sliding mechanism. For a grown-up baby, you can assemble a small sofa, removing all the shelves and partitions.

Multifunctionality is the main advantage of such furniture. The cons include uniformity, the appearance can be annoying for a long period of operation.

Oval Beds

Such models have appeared recently. The pluses include grace, safety due to the absence of sharp corners, space saving, the ability to resize furniture by expanding the walls.

Extra bed

This is a very convenient option for a mom to have a baby bed. You can not run to the baby at night, just remove the side back and put the crib to my mother.

This model is approved by child psychologists, because it allows you to provide constant close contact between mother and newborn, so necessary for him in the first days after birth.


Designed as an alternative to wood after pediatricians have sounded the alarm about the toxicity of wood cover. Details of such furniture are covered with fabric.

The advantages of models include durability and environmental friendliness. By cons – the ability to collect dust.

Safety requirements

Cots are subject to increased safety requirements.

Here are the main ones:

  • The distance between the rods of the side should be 5-7 cm. If it is smaller, this can lead to jamming of the legs and arms of the crumbs, and more – of the head.
  • The height of the sides from the bottom in the lowest position cannot be less than 65 cm, otherwise a grown child may fall out of the crib.
  • The materials from which the furniture and its accessories are made must be environmentally friendly.
  • The upper level of the bed for the newborn should be safe for the gums and the tooth of the crumbs. It is desirable that it is closed with a special pad that protects against splintering.
Rating of the best models

The leading positions in the quality of performance in the ranking of cribs for newborns are confidently taken by Italian manufacturers – Baby Italia, Giovanni, Pali, Bambolina. It is difficult to find fault with the quality of Italian products, but the price is far from affordable for every family.

The optimal price-quality ratio is offered by domestic manufacturers. A variety of models, high quality material and performance raises Russian cots for newborns to high positions in the ranking of the best. Among the manufacturers one can distinguish Red Star, Gandylyan, Kubanlesstroy, Papaloni, Agat, Vedruss.

A worthy place in the ranking of cribs for newborns is occupied by the goods of Chinese brands Geoby, Lider Kids, Jetem. The advantages of the products of these manufacturers include affordable price, high functionality of furniture, quality, reliability and safety.

Despite the high cost, traditionally leading positions in the ranking of cots for babies in 2016 and the previous 2015 are occupied by models made in Italy.

The first place can rightfully be awarded to the Dolly model of the   Italian manufacturer Baby Italy. The cot is made of solid beech, made in three colors – white, natural and ivory. It is coated with varnish, which is safe for the baby. This model is positively characterized by high strength, the absence of sharp corners, silicone pads on the top rails of the sides to protect children’s teeth.

The product has a convenient configuration, it is equipped with runners and wheels. In accordance with modern requirements for safety and ease of use of cots, the side wall is lowered, and the bottom can be adjusted in height in two positions. A big advantage is the relatively low cost of the product compared to other Italian counterparts.

In second place in the ranking of cots for newborns in 2016, you can put the model  “Belcanto”  brand Giovanni. Furniture boasts an impeccable design and safety of all structural elements. The product is made from solid New Zealand pine. The wheels of the crib are made of rubber, equipped with brakes, so they do not slip and do not scratch the floor.

This product is a transformer and will last for many years. From a small crib you can easily make a comfortable sofa. The bottom of the bed is a lamella, which provides good ventilation for the mattress. The model is designed for ages up to 7 years, so parents get the opportunity to save money on buying bedroom furniture.

The next model worthy of attention is  the Bambolina of the  Italian manufacturer Soft Mama. The furniture is made of solid beech, the backs are decorated with inserts of leather and Swarovski crystals. The cot is equipped with runners and wheels, so it can perform rocking functions if necessary. The bottom is rack, its height can be adjusted.

In the production of this crib, all safety requirements are also taken into account – the materials are non-toxic, the distance between the racks is optimally selected, the height of the sides, the bottom height is regulated. Positive characterizes this model is light weight. The nuance to which you should pay attention is the dimensions that are different from the universal ones – 125 × 65 cm. This means that you will have to buy special bedding.

The Giovanni model of the  Russian manufacturer Papaloni continues the rating of cribs for newborns in 2016 . This is an “almost Italian” product. The crib is made jointly by Russian and Italian manufacturers. It should be noted that the quality of this product is not inferior to purebred Italian counterparts, while its price is much lower.

The bed is made of natural wood, has a wide color palette of 19 tones. The model is equipped with wheels, a box for linen, lining on the railing, runners. The bed can be transformed into a sofa for an older baby. The disadvantages for the domestic buyer are non-standard sizes, which leads to the need for tailoring bed linen individually.

It is worth noting the successful version of the crib  TLY 632  manufacturer Geobi. This model is made of metal. The design is very durable, high quality and beautiful. The crib includes a suspended cradle, a canopy, soft sides and a mattress. All safety parameters are observed. The cot can increase in size to 170 cm. Its front wall leans back and turns into a changing table.

High quality workmanship for the Irina model of the   Russian manufacturer Mozhga. The bed is equipped with a pendulum, made of birch. The height of the bottom is adjustable in three levels. The package includes a mattress, a closed box for linen, silicone lining on the transverse rails of the sides.

An inexpensive, but very worthy option is the Teresa model of the   manufacturer Gandylyan, Russia. The bed is made of beech. This is a transformer combining a bed, a changing table, a chest of drawers and shelves for small things. The model easily turns into a sofa for a grown child.

It should be noted the Russian bed Fairy  “Cinderella”, Votkinsk. It is a transformer designed for a child under 10 years old. When the baby grows up, it is easy to assemble a berth for a more adult child with a bedside table from a crib for a newborn.

A very interesting model  Avanti 556, made of metal. The cot is equipped with a cradle, mosquito net and canopy. The front wall can be tilted, and the length can be adjusted as the baby grows. The bed is durable, designed for a child’s weight up to 20 kg. This model is worthy of attention of fans of the modern high-tech style.

The choice of crib, like any other goods for the baby, should be taken with the utmost seriousness. First of all, you need to pay attention not to the cost of the goods, but to the quality and safety of the materials from which it is made. And only after making sure the safety of the crib, you can choose the right one for the price, functionality, materials, style and taste preferences.

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