Can constipation be treated during pregnancy?

Constipation before childbirth can occur in several ways: rare stool: 1-2 times a week; hard dry stools that cause some discomfort to a pregnant woman.

Constipation in a woman can occur at any stage of pregnancy, that is, at any time: both at the very beginning, and immediately before childbirth. However, more often it manifests itself starting from 16 weeks and is possible for 36 weeks.

This unpleasant phenomenon gives a pregnant woman quite uncomfortable sensations that can develop into painful ones. The consequences of it are extremely dangerous.

What is constipation dangerous during pregnancy?

Constipation is a long stagnation of feces in the intestine, therefore, the mucosa of the rectum, with the ability to absorb elements, absorbs toxic substances contained in the masses of feces. With constipation, there is always the place to be intoxication of the fetus and mother. This in turn affects the full development of the baby in the womb.

There is a risk of uterine tone under the influence of the pressure force of the full rectum. In this state, a real threat of childbirth is created much earlier than the due date, and the consequences can be serious.

The crowded intestine presses not only directly on the uterus, but also on the vessels of the small pelvis, thereby violating the normal outflow from them. In this situation, there is a risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Constipation at 38-40 weeks

Constipation in extreme pregnancy can cause:

  • colpitis: not released feces violates the intestinal microflora, microbes develop in it. They, in turn, penetrate the urinary system, infecting the genitals;
  • complications during childbirth associated with purulent-septic formations;
  • premature birth associated with the formation and inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • uncomfortable sensations expressed: in constant poor health, nausea, abdominal pain;
  • premature birth associated with untimely waste of water provoked by the use of force while going to the toilet;
  • it is also dangerous to terminate a pregnancy.

Immediately constipation before childbirth can be associated with the lowering of the fetus head down, thereby causing pressure on the rectum, which interferes with timely and successful emptying.

However, a more common cause of constipation at 38–40 weeks is the uterus growing with the fetus.

Remedies for constipation

The safest measures to eliminate constipation in pregnant women are methods that, if possible, are not related to the use of medications.

The first method is a diet, which should ensure the intake of as much fiber as possible. Being in the body, it swells, forming more feces, thereby contributing to the rapid release of the intestines. With such a diet, as much as possible tomato, carrots, cucumbers, beets, apples, pumpkins should be consumed to combat constipation. Any fermented milk products give a very good effect for excreting stool: sour cabbage soup, yogurt, necessarily kefir. To stimulate peristalsis, the use of vegetable fats is necessary.
Strong black tea, coffee, flour products from white flour, chocolate, semolina should not be consumed in large quantities.

With severe bloating with constipation, it is necessary to take infusions of herbs: chamomile, mint, dill, caraway seeds. However, before using them, you should definitely consult with a leading obstetrician-gynecologist, and, if necessary, with a therapist.

You can’t eat dry food. It also provokes the development of constipation.

You can’t be on your feet for a long time, lifting weights. It is necessary to do light physical exercises to strengthen and stimulate the pelvis.

How to treat constipation during pregnancy

The use of laxative drugs during pregnancy is not recommended, as this can provoke an abortion, especially for a short period. This applies to any drugs by their strength.

Constipation before childbirth should not be treated with physiotherapeutic methods, for example, novocaine electrophoresis. They have an extremely adverse effect on the fetus.

Treatment with folk remedies

Constipation before childbirth can be treated with traditional medicine. The safest methods are decoctions. So, for example, a decoction of prunes. It is used in an amount of 1 glass, always before bedtime. The composition of the broth includes the following ingredients: 100 g of thoroughly washed prunes, 100 g of beets, 100 g of ordinary Hercules flakes. All this boils and cools. Before each use, a new broth should be prepared.

Also, as a laxative, you can use a mixture of dried fruits in the ratio: 100 g of prunes, 100 g of raisins, 100 g of dried apricots, 2 tablespoons of natural honey. All this is crushed with a meat grinder, pre-washed well. It is also used before bedtime, 2 teaspoons. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. It is advisable to drink warm purified water.

There is a list of prohibited for use folk remedies for the treatment of constipation in pregnant women: buckthorn bark, senna leaves, etc.

Prevention of constipation in pregnant women

In order to prevent such an unpleasant problem from affecting pregnant women, there are a number of preventive measures to prevent constipation.

The diet should be made taking into account the use of foods rich in fiber, which will improve digestion. Be sure to have soups or other liquid dishes on the daily menu.

Pregnant women must follow the drinking regimen. Water should be consumed in large quantities, it must be purified. To avoid swelling, you should not eat salty foods that will retain water in the body.

Whenever possible, a pregnant woman should try to move as much as possible. Small physical activity provokes slow digestion, and as a result of constipation before childbirth. This can be walking on the street, in the park, away from busy streets where the air is cleaner, or simple warm-up exercises.

The best way to avoid the possible occurrence of stagnation of stool during pregnancy is to prevent it. However, if the problem could not be avoided, it is necessary to be patient and follow all doctor’s prescriptions. Categorically it is impossible to abuse folk remedies taken from unreliable sources or to treat constipation before childbirth yourself.

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