Is it possible to cause contractions on my own

When a woman wears a baby under her heart, she is immensely happy and wants to take him in her arms as soon as possible, communicate, press him to her chest and fully feel like a mother.

When the 40th week of pregnancy passes, and there are no contractions, then the woman begins to wait for the baby to appear with even greater impatience. A week goes by and almost every pregnant woman asks the question: “Why does the birth not start, how to cause contractions?”

In fact, pregnancy and childbirth are an individual process for each mom, so you should not panic. Many women are advised to go to the maternity hospital in order to start stimulating contractions by medical methods. Almost everyone wants to avoid this and wants to try to provoke contractions on their own.

Some doctors are against such decisions and actions, while others can give practical advice, how at home a pregnant woman can help herself and cause contractions on her own. The main thing is not to abuse or exaggerate the words and advice of a gynecologist.

But you should know and remember one rule if after 41 weeks of pregnancy or earlier water has leaked or gone, and there are no contractions, in no case should you try to call for your own birth – immediately call an ambulance, specialists will help you in the hospital.

Home Ways

The safest and even useful way for the whole body to fight is the diet enriched with fiber. We explain why. Everything is very simple: thanks to this menu, intestinal motility increases, the pressure on the uterus, therefore, increases, so the contractions can begin soon. Such a diet includes greens (parsley, dill), vegetables (especially boiled beets) and fruits. This method will also help in the fight against frequent constipation that plague pregnant women.

Physical activity is also one of the options to independently cause contractions. Doctors can advise frequent walks in the fresh air, cleaning the house: wash or sweep the floor, rearrange light objects from one place to another, and transplant indoor plants. But then again, there is a measure for everything, you don’t need to bore yourself in this way so as not to cause placental abruption – this is very dangerous.

One of the methods at home to cause contractions is sexual intercourse. The fact is that when copulating, a huge rush of blood enters the uterus and pelvic organs. Thus, neck stimulation occurs. Another result of the appearance of contractions is the fact that male sperm is enriched with prostaglandins, which affect the early maturation of the uterus. In this case, if the uterus is already mature, then sex can help cause contractions.

However, this option is far from safe. Firstly, in the case of placenta previa, this can be dangerous for the entire process of childbirth. Secondly, given that you have been observed during your entire pregnancy, have been tested and know for sure that you are healthy, you need to be sure that your partner is also healthy at the moment. Otherwise, it is possible to introduce an infection into the genitals, which will adversely affect the health of your newborn, since it is the genitals that are the way your baby is born.

Some moms may risk taking a hot bath to cause contractions. Again, this is not safe. It should be remembered that hot water has the property of expanding blood vessels, resulting in a drop in pressure. Therefore, if you have hypotension, in which you may feel dizzy, have weakness in your legs, and general exhaustion of the body, you should in no case call a birth on your own.

Is it worth it to speed up the birth process?

If your pregnancy does not exceed 40 weeks, and there are no contractions, do not worry and call them – everything goes in accordance with the standards. Of course, if you overshoot 41-43 weeks – this can cause worries and concerns.

Be sure to consult a doctor who is watching you and consult with him if you can try to cause contractions yourself, and if the answer is yes, ask for advice on which method is right for you and whether it will harm the newborn.

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