We prevent the appearance of infectious diseases before childbirth

Every pregnant woman should understand how important the absence of any kind of infectious disease is. Often for this, and for prevention purposes, a doctor may prescribe such a procedure as reorganization of the birth canal before childbirth.

Any manifestation of one or another infectious disease can negatively affect the health of a pregnant woman or child. In addition, various complications during childbirth or in the postpartum period can occur.

If the infection is detected in the postpartum period, then treatment becomes problematic and difficult, since during the breastfeeding, the use of most of the drugs will be prohibited.

But what exactly is this type of procedure? Remediation is the cleansing (scientifically – antiseptic treatment) of the birth canal of probable pathogens using drugs. Based on each specific case where a virus, bacterium or fungus can become a causative agent, the doctor prescribes the use of appropriate drugs that help the woman’s body eliminate the threat.

What is the need for?

Many women are concerned about the rehabilitation before childbirth, which is usually prescribed by a gynecologist. However, you should know that the immunity of a pregnant woman can be weakened, as a result of which various pathogens of one or another infection may appear.

Previously, they resorted to reorganization regardless of the woman’s desire, and was a strictly mandatory procedure. Moreover, whatever microflora is pathogenic or useful, it is killed. However, in this case, other bacteria, as a rule, more persistent, settled on the “vacated” place. Moreover, they “populated” them artificially. As a result, immunity, which is already not in the best condition, was further reduced. For this reason, most doctors have recognized the fact that compulsory debridement of the birth canal before delivery is ultimately not a good approach.

Today, this procedure is more thought out. At about 33 or 34 weeks of gestation (end of term), the woman undergoes another prenatal diagnosis, which shows the presence or absence of infectious diseases.

Treatment and drugs used

If pathogenic microflora are detected, appropriate medications will be treated. Usually the entire treatment period is three weeks. During the first two weeks, special therapy is used with the use of agents that directly affect the causative agents of infectious diseases. In the last week, microflora is restored, and it is inhabited by beneficial bacteria.

In most cases, pregnant women are susceptible to the occurrence of a disease such as candidal vulvovaginitis (thrush). To treat this ailment, Terzhinan suppositories are prescribed, which are a good remedy in the presence of bacterial vaginosis, colpitis. In addition, with bacterial vaginosis, Hexicon is also used, with colpitis, another way is to use Polygynax.

Another effective drugs are: Fluomycin, which actively affects bacteria, fungi and Betadine. To restore microflora, Lactobacterin, Vaginorm C, as well as Bifidumbacterin can be used.

In the case of observing allergic reactions to a drug, the doctor may prescribe another one that is most likely to be suitable for treatment without any consequences.

Such a procedure as rehabilitation before childbirth plays a huge role and every woman who is expecting a baby should treat her with all responsibility. It is worth remembering that there is nothing wrong with reorganization that could be alarming. This measure is necessary and allows a woman and her child to avoid the appearance of any kind of postpartum complications.

There is also an alternative method for prevention. This is a daily wash using herbal decoctions with anti-inflammatory properties. This can be a decoction of chamomile, calendula, sage, plantain.

An important point: in no case should you use the douching method.

If signs of the presence of infection are observed in the birth canal, then sanitation is simply necessary, since it is necessary to get rid of it before the baby is born.

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