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The estimated day of birth becomes known to the pregnant woman after the first visit to the antenatal clinic. However, over the course of nine months this date may change several times, especially after assessing the degree of development of the fetus using ultrasound.

Nevertheless, most women continue to focus on the DA and begin to show concern for their own health and the health of the baby as soon as they overcome the milestone. How to cause childbirth and whether to intervene in the natural process? Can this be done at home and how safe is it? We will consider these and many other questions in our article.

Before talking about the acceleration of labor, you should understand what kind of pregnancy is postponed and needs artificial intervention. Normal, full-term babies can be born at any time from 38 to 42 weeks.

The reproductive system of the female body is so individual that it is practically impossible to accurately predict when the birth will begin. In this matter, much depends on the regularity and duration of the menstrual cycle.

So, in women with a cycle of 28-30 days, they are much more likely to give birth in a DA. If the menstrual cycle lasts longer, then her birth will be much later. In the latter case, even at 42 weeks of gestation, the pregnancy may not have any signs of overload.

Pregnancy lasting more than 42 weeks is called “postponed”. However, only a specialist can make such a diagnosis, and this can be done only on the basis of two factors – the gestational age and the condition of the fetus.

Using ultrasound and CTG, you can adequately assess the condition of the future mother and child. Based on data on the condition of the fetus, as well as on the amount of amniotic fluid and the degree of maturation of the placenta, it is possible to draw conclusions and decide on the need for stimulation of labor. There are two ways to induce labor activity: in a hospital under the supervision of experienced specialists or independently, using folk remedies. However, before calling for childbirth, you must carefully prepare.

How to prepare for childbirth?

Before accelerating the onset of childbirth, a pregnant woman should prepare for this difficult and time-consuming process. What needs to be done?

  • Before you cause childbirth, you need to properly rest and sleep. This process is very tedious and can last from several hours to several days.
  • For a successful delivery, the correct psychological attitude is very important. In order to properly prepare for childbirth, it is recommended to attend a psychologist in one of the schools for future parents.
  • For childbirth, the physical preparation of the body is no less important. To do this, throughout pregnancy, a woman should fully eat, take vitamins, treat chronic diseases and maintain proper physical activity.
How do they cause labor in a hospital?

In order to cause labor in maternity hospitals, a number of special tools and methods are used. These include not only medications, but also such manipulations as opening the membranes. Each of the methods used has advantages, contraindications and risks. Before calling a birth and making a choice in favor of one or another method of stimulation, the doctor must evaluate all the available indications. Often, those methods that have worked successfully with hundreds of other women, in a single case will not give any result, but will cause a lot of side effects.

The most common method of labor induction in a hospital is amniotomy. This obstetric operation consists in opening the fetal bladder, which increases the production of prostaglandins, which are responsible for the activation of labor, as well as increased irritation and reflex tissue reduction in the birth canal.

This procedure is absolutely painless, since the fetal bladder has no nerve endings, and is performed in the maternity ward with a special sterile instrument. After the puncture, amniotic fluid located in front of the baby’s head is shed. The remaining water leaks throughout the entire process of childbirth. Amniotomy is performed if the cervix is ​​ready for childbirth and is recommended for a flat fetal bladder and polyhydramnios, which can cause weak labor.

If this procedure could not cause childbirth, begin intravenous administration of drugs that trigger labor. Such an intervention requires strict control over the condition of the fetus. At least every 20-30 minutes, the doctor must listen to the baby’s heartbeat with an obstetric stethoscope or register it with a cardiotachograph.

Stimulated labor, as a rule, is characterized by weak labor activity. With insufficient strength of contractions, childbirth is artificially activated with the help of such medications as Oxytocin or Enzaprost. The drugs are administered intravenously using a soft catheter, which allows pregnant women to freely move around the maternity ward along with a stand for the dropper. There is no need to lie still during contractions, as was the case with standard needles.

Since pregnant women react differently to the drug, the rate of administration is selected individually and, as a rule, ranges from 4 to 30 drops per minute. Oxytocin and Enzaprost allow you to quickly achieve the desired effect, and the ability to change the rate of infusion of drugs, allows you to adjust the strength and frequency of contractions. These methods are contraindicated in the presence of postoperative scars on the uterus, leakage of amniotic fluid, anatomically narrow pelvis, increased intraocular pressure and asthma.

How to cause childbirth at home?

Many pregnant women are intimidated by the prospect of artificial drug stimulation, and they seek to induce labor on their own, using long-standing natural methods. A huge number of so-called “grandmother’s” funds are relatively safe and effective only when the body of a pregnant woman is completely ready for delivery. However, before you call on childbirth yourself, it is better to consult with your doctor.

The most common natural stimulation method is sex. It has long been noticed that the process of labor begins much faster after intimacy without a condom. Spermatozoa containing prostaglandins have a beneficial effect on the cervix and perfectly prepare it for childbirth. However, this method requires some caution, as it carries the risk of detachment of the placenta, due to which the fetus may die without surgery

Women who are not sure of the ideal health of their partner should also refuse sex. Pathogenic microbes can penetrate the ajar cervix and, causing inflammation, harm the health of the expectant mother and baby.

Sexual intimacy can be replaced with an active massage of the breast, especially the area of ​​the nipples. The hormone oxytocin released during this stimulates the cervix and causes childbirth. At the same time, any massage movement should be done as carefully as possible, traumatizing the nipples and avoiding any infection that could subsequently cause mastitis.

Childbirth can also be called up using safe procedures such as a warm bath, moderate exercise, or lifting small weights, such as a grocery bag or an older child. Childbirth can be triggered by causing increased intestinal motility. To do this, you can make a cleansing enema, drink a laxative, for example, a tablespoon of castor oil, or act more humane in relation to your body, and in the last weeks before childbirth, enrich your diet with foods rich in fiber. Eating whole grain bread, a variety of cereals, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, the chance to accelerate a late birth significantly increases. Raspberry tea, currant juice, as well as dishes with the addition of beets and fresh parsley are especially effective.

It is proved that some odors, in particular, the aroma of roses and jasmine, also have the property of stimulating labor. For an aromatherapy session, you will need the essential oils of these plants and the aroma lamp. A small amount of water is poured into a special recess of this simple device, into which several drops of one of the oils are added, and a burning candle is installed in the desired hole. Inhalation of flower vapors should trigger the onset of labor. However, before starting an aromatherapy session, you should make sure that there is no increased sensitivity of the body to each of these components.

The approach of labor can be accelerated with the help of such an extraordinary method as acupuncture. According to this teaching, it is possible to exert influence on any organ of the human body through special points located on the skin. Accordingly, acting on a point connected with the uterus, labor can be provoked. Acupuncture is a fairly complex science, so you should not do it yourself. To stimulate childbirth, it is better to consult a specialist.

Any of the above methods can be used only if the cervix is ​​ready for childbirth and only contractions need to be provoked. It is absolutely impossible to call a birth without a preliminary examination in the gynecological chair and the approval of a doctor, but only because the mother is tired and wants to meet the baby faster.

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