Whether to change jobs and how to do it correctly?

Work should bring joy. If you not love your job – you need to find a new one. But to quit is always scary, and finding a new job can take a lot of time.

If you years not increase the salary, and the head of a requests for more answers evasively, surely, you wonder, “Should I look for a new job and will it pay more?”

If people long time not a raise, they can start to doubt themselves and they may begin to feel that their professional level is not high enough.

For this reason man may seem unlikely that another employer will pay them more than the current. Therefore, thinking about changing jobs, you should carefully study the labor market. This will help you to understand what salary you can count on the new location. After that, you should have another talk with his boss, telling him that your salary has long been “outdated” (show him you have studied the figures). If the head on your argument does not respond properly, it is not necessary to hurry with the dismissal calmly concentrate on finding a new job.

Chef literally floods you with work and often asks you to do something urgent almost 5 minutes before the end of the day? Many people think that refusing to do something outside of work hours or admitting that the workload is too large for them, the authorities deemed them incompetent or even fired. If you are one of those who thinks so, you should try to change the situation, namely, to learn to tell the chief that you will not be able to complete its task, because you have too much work or because the work day is over and it’s time for you to leave. If your Manager is a workaholic, in any case you will have to stay at work, but “sometimes” should not turn into “always”.

Your head of a tyrant (shouts on the staff, insulting them, uses speech profanity)? Do not tolerate boorish attitude. This means that you have 2 options – to leave or to fight. But, since to leave at any time, you should try to give the tyrant back. As soon as it will raise my voice at you politely and firmly ask him to stop shouting or insult you. And further already depends on the reaction of your boss: if your method will work, perhaps he would be able to communicate properly, and if not – will have to find a new job.

If your current place of work colleagues are constantly gossiping, telling each other bad things, rest assured that none of your error will not remain without condemnation. In addition, such employees can pass the buck on each other for their mistakes (this may apply to you). Working in such a team is fraught with stress because day in constant tension waiting for a trick, and listening to the conversations unpleasant, can badly affect health. In this case you should persuade the chief to allocate a separate office or to learn to work with headphones (it will not let you get distracted by extraneous chatter). But if you are inconvenienced by the work in such a team, you should find a new job with more friendly staff.

The best time to find a new job – vacation.

If you do not have this possibility, should take into account important nuances:

  • Not necessary to write your work e-mail (typically corporate e-mail is monitored by security service of many companies) – for these purposes better to have a separate address and to write it with him. The same applies to the number of a work phone, because calls can come at the wrong time and distract you from your duties.
  • Posting resume on recruiting sites, you should not put it in open access (it can see and the representatives of HR Department of your own company when they look for new employees in the Network). It is advisable to use the settings that allows you to see your data only to those companies for jobs which you have answered.

Decided to quit? The first step is to find a new job, while keeping his plan a secret. Otherwise, your boss can find you a replacement before you find a new job.

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