Means for inhalation by coughing

Specialists-pulmonologists often recommend inhalation as a safe and effective method of getting rid of the cough that accompanies many colds and pathology of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

The therapeutic procedure consists in the inhalation of fumes or crushed particles of the active substance. Thanks to this method of aspiration into the respiratory tract, selected pharmacological agent begins to act directly in the lungs and bronchi.

With inhalation can cause sputum dry cough, to help her excretion when wet, and also help to suppress the cough reflex in allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Type of reaction of the organism depends on the type of pathology and the selected drug to treat it.

Inhalation with a nebulizer

Inhalation as a method of treatment of cough have very few contraindications because medication does not enter the bloodstream and gastrointestinal tract, going immediately into the respiratory tract. This helps to preserve the normal functioning of the immune system, have a devastating effect on other vital internal organs.

Early to inhalation procedure was only possible in hospitals. Modern pharmacies offer the choice of a large number of special compression and ultrasonic devices-nebulizers, allowing inhalation at home. Also pharmacies have a large number of special drug solutions recommended for use through a nebulizer. Each of them contains detailed instructions for use mode dosing, so make the dose of medicine with careful implementation of rules is almost impossible.

Inhalation using a nebulizer can be produced even when the patient is suffering from fever. Adult session of breathing is about 10 minutes for children depending on age up to 5 minutes.

By themselves, the devices according to the method of distribution of the substances are classified as follows:

  • compressor – spray the medicinal substance in the aerosol type. Is considered the most simple to operate and also refers to the low price segment, but the device is quite bulky and noisy, which complicates its use in young children and patients with disabilities move;
  • electron-meshthe most high-tech nebulizer. Spray the medicinal substance to be applied to the metal grid, using a small and very fast vibrations. The resulting aerosol is fed into the respiratory tract with a pump;
  • ultrasonic nebulizer – a generator of high-frequency waves. With their help, the drug is split into tiny substances so tiny that they can penetrate much further than the particles created by the conventional compressor. It has the disadvantage of changing the properties of certain drugs, so not all pharmacological agents for inhalation can be inhaled through this type of nebulizer.

After he completed the procedure, any device thoroughly washed, so as not to leave particles of the used medicinal substances, and dried.

Pharmaceutical preparations for inhalation nebulizer for cough

For inhalation with a nebulizer the following groups of drugs used in bronchopulmonary diseases, accompanied by cough:

  • Bronchodilators (Flomax, berotek, Salgim, Atrovent). Apply for obstructive pathologies of the lung and bronchus, and for suppression of asthma attacks bronchial asthma. Drugs have a direct impact on contractility of bronchi, facilitating the access of oxygen to the respiratory tract.
  • Medicines to thin phlegm and expectorant actions (Fluimucil, ACC, Mucosolvan, Ambrobene, Sinupret, Pertussin). Drugs of this pharmacological group of specialists-pulmonologists prescribed for wet coughs, accompanied by production of large amount of mucus in the bronchi. These drugs can affect the molecular structure of broncho-pulmonary secretions, reducing its viscosity and facilitating its excretion from the bronchi, making breathing easier and freeing the air passage way.
  • Drugs to hydrate the mucous membrane (isotonic solution of sodium chloride, Narzan, Borjomi). Help alleviate irritable condition of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, accelerate the removal of phlegm and cleanse the respiratory tract of accumulated mucus. Before using mineral water gases previously removed.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (Rotokan, Tonsilgon, infusions and decoctions of chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula, yarrow, alcohol tinctures of calendula, propolis, peppermint, eucalyptus, Malavit). These drugs are prescribed for inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They help to arrest the inflammatory process occurring in the lungs, bronchi and nasal passages, reduce pain, help reduce swelling. Have a strong antiseptic effect, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms.

Herbal drugs have additional immune stimulator and vasoconstrictor actions, facilitating nasal breathing due to the high concentration of essential oils, but they can not be used in patients suffering from asthma and susceptible to allergic reactions.

  • Antihistamine and glucocorticosteroid funds (Pulmicort Dexamethasone, a good cough medicine). Assigned exclusively by the doctor. And used in acute and chronic pathologies of the respiratory tract. Possess antitussive, anti-inflammatory and protivoallergichesky actions. These drugs contain highly aggressive hormonal components, so they are rarely prescribed to children, pregnant and lactating women.
  • Antimicrobial and antibiotic drugs (Fluimucil-antibiotic Furacillin, Dioxidine, Gentamicin, Miramistin). Affect the immediate cause of the problem – the pathogen that triggered respiratory disease. Have a strong antiseptic effect, clean the cavity of the respiratory tract from harmful substances. Anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce swelling-induced pathology.

Fluimucil-antibiotic favorably with other for the treatment of coughs, as capable of performing as an expectorant effect and inhibit the activity of most known bacteria that cause respiratory illness.

  • Immunostimulants (Interferon, Derinat). Contribute to the strengthening and restoration of natural protective forces of the body. Help immune cells to fight the infection that caused the disease yourself. Contribute to the effective treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases of any etiology.
  • Vasoconstrictors (Epinephrine, Naphazoline). Are used to reduce swellingcaused by inflammation and increased vascular permeability. Were most commonly prescribed by doctors-otolaryngologists in stenosis of the larynx, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis.
  • Antitussives (Lidocaine, Tussamag). Used in obsessive dry cough, painful down behind the breastbone. Has analgesic effects, inhibiting the activity of the bronchi and greatly reducing the degree of irritation.

You can use any of the medicines must be agreed with the attending physician and carried out strictly according to instructions specified in the annotation to the pharmacological drug.

Table development of drugs for cough

All medicines used inhaled via a nebulizer, pre-divorce saline solution to facilitate penetration into the body and interact with it, as well as for better atomization device active components.

The following table shows the number of active substance and solvent for each of the most appointed drugs cough pharmacological groups:

Pharmacological group The drug The dose for adults and children older than 12 years Dose for a child Breeding p-rum NaCl
Bronchodilators Flomax 2 ml 0.5 ml 3 ml
Berotek 0.5 ml 0.25 ml 4 ml
Salgim 2.5 mg 2.5 mg Not required
Atrovent 0.5 mg 0.25 mg 4 ml
Expectorants Fluimucil 3 ml 1 ml A dilution of 1:1
Mucosolvan, Ambrobene 3 ml 1-2 ml A dilution of 1:1
Sinupret 1 ml 1 ml 3 ml
Pertussin 1 ml 1 ml 2 ml
Moisturizer Sodium chloride The dose is not limited. Content on the size of the cap-dispenser for medicinal substances
Narzan, Borjomi
Anti-inflammatory drugs Rotokan, alcohol tinctures of calendula, eucalyptus, mint 1 ml 1 ml 4 ml
Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs 10-15 drops 10-15 drops 200 ml
Malavit 1 ml 1 ml 30 ml
Tonsilgon 1 ml 1 ml 1-3 ml
Antihistamine drugs and glucocorticoids Pulmicort 1 mg 0.25 mg Adjusted to 2 ml
Dexamethasone 0.5 ml 0.5 ml Diluted in a ratio of 1:6
A good cough medicine 1 FL 1 FL Dilution is not required
Antimicrobial and antibacterial drugs Fluimucil-antibiotic 250 mg 125 mg 2 ml
Furacillin 4 ml 4 ml 100 ml
Dioxidine 1 ml 1% R-RA 1 ml 1% R-RA 1 ml
Chlorophyllin 1 ml 1 ml 10 ml
Gentamicin 0.5 ml 0.25 ml 6 ml R-RA NaCl to 1 ml
Miramistin 4 ml without dilution 1 ml 2 ml
Immunostimulants Interferon 2 ml R-RA on the basis of isotonic saline 2 ml R-RA on the basis of isotonic saline
Derinat 2 ml 2 ml 2 ml
Vasoconstrictors Adrenaline 0.5 ml 0.25 ml 6 ml
Naphazoline 0.05% of 1 ml 1 ml 5 ml
Antitussives Lidocaine 1% 2 ml 1 ml 2 ml
Tussamag 1 ml 1 ml 1-2 ml
Rules of inhalation for coughs

In order for the procedure inhalation therapy provided long-term positive effects, it is necessary for its conduct, regardless of the selected medicines to follow the following rules:

  • the procedure is performed through an hour and a half after a meal or physical activity;
  • for inhalation use only funds approved by the attending physician;
  • after the procedure, it is impossible to speak, eat, drink or smoke;
  • for faster anti-inflammatory effect and reduce swelling it is recommended to inhale medicinal substances not only by mouth but through the nose;
  • after each inhalation, it is recommended to hold your breath for a few seconds, to drug has successfully reached the destination in the respiratory tract was not exhaled back;
  • when using the inhaler carefully observed measures of personal hygiene and sterility: hands and face are thoroughly washed with soap and details of the device are treated with antiseptic solutions;
  • you cannot use the oil funds in ultrasonic nebulizers, the device will not be able to spray enough for inhalation;
  • you can’t let a couple of nebulizer to come into contact with skin it may cause irritation.

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