Rubbing cough

Cough is one of the most frequently appearing of the symptoms of colds. Regardless of what pathogen provoked inflammation in the upper and lower respiratory tract, the protective reaction is the same: the appearance of irritation, reduce the bronchi and increased mucus.

All these factors produce reflex contraction, shortness of breath and cough.

Many experts recommend as additional therapeutic manipulation, in addition to symptomatic and primary treatment and pharmaceuticals, the use of a relatively old and well-known way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms: contusion, cough.

Why friction is useful in cough

Due to the slow, rhythmic rubbing movements occurs a local heating area of the body and accelerate blood circulation. This leads to spasms, to reduce viscosity and facilitate the discharge of phlegm, relieve irritation with the lungs and bronchi. Additionally, the acceleration metabolicheskikh processes in one place leads to more rapid excretion of pathogenic microorganisms.

Used for grinding of various medicines and folk remedies, not only accelerating the process of heating the top layer of skin, but often with a large number of essential oils and nutrients absorbable and provide additional therapeutic effects: strengthen the immune system, additional anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, relieved breath thanks to essential oil components.

Warming effect of such ointments is accompanied by the improvement of metabolism at the cellular level, increased vitality, relief from expectoration of sputum and extra infection control. In addition, by itself, massage has a powerful sedative effect and beneficial effect on the mental state.

General recommendations for grinding cough

To the procedure of rubbing brought long-term positive effects, you need is to follow a few simple rules:

  • gel, oil and cream medications applied to the skin in a thin layer and gently rubbed with the fingers. Warming movement usually occur around the circle in a clockwise direction;
  • liquid preparations are first applied to a clean cotton cloth, soaking it completely, then massage the damp cloth on the chest of the patient;
  • it is impossible to make a sharp, painful pinching motions;
  • cough massage the following body parts: chest, back, feet;
  • after massage the patient need to wear warm, absorbent clothes, and carefully cover with a blanket;
  • after the procedure, it is impossible to get up and go outside at least 3 hours.

The best option is to conduct antitussive rubbing before bedtime.

  • you cannot use rastiraniya ointments and folk remedies to patients who are prone to allergies on the part of the rubbing substances;
  • it is impossible to apply rubbing on the ground, where the top layer of skin is damaged by trauma or skin diseases;
  • can not RUB the skin in the first days of the disease, as this may lead to an increase in body temperature and significant deterioration of the patient.

Before using any medicinal product for rubbing or folk remedies you must consult your doctor for appropriateness and safety procedures for each specific clinical case.

Medicines for rubbing when you cough

Special medications that are ointment cough recommended for colds. They help, in conjunction with the internal medicinal symptomatic therapy, a more rapid recovery of healthy physical condition. Their warming effect, contributes to the warming of the deep tissues inside the chest, activating the processes of regeneration, reduction of inflammation within the lungs and bronchi.

Among these ointments doctors often recommend the following as most effective:

  1. Turpentine ointment. Having sustainable anti-inflammatory effect due to a warming and irritating specific nerve endings to the action. It is applied on the neck and chest, trying to keep particles ointments do not fall on a nipple and the region of the heart. In children and patients with sensitive skin turpentine ointment before rubbing pre-mixed with baby cream.
  2. Ointment Dr. mom, Viks the Asset Drops, Theraflu bro, Star, vodka, Ben-Gay. They all belong to the category of drugs, having in its composition a large amount of essential oils (menthol, thymol, evkaliptola, oil of nutmeg) and a warming component, camphor. Data combination drugs have similar effect: antiseptic, essential oils, beneficial effects acting on the respiratory system, local irritating, anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Due to the large amount of the ether vapor resulting from rubbing, ointments may provide symptomatic treatment, including saving you from dealing with sinus rhinitis and swelling of the mucous membranes. Medicinal ointments with camphor are used extensively in both dry and wet cough, accompanying all types of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  3. Hectare – combination ointment with a large quantity of active substances: interferon, acyclovir, lidocaine. Has antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and antiviral effects. Helps to stimulate the natural protective forces of the body.
  4. Ointment on the basis of animal fats: Nests, Bear. Preparations on the basis of dense animal fat have a strong warming effect, which lasts long enough because of the slow absorption into the skin. In addition to the fats in the preparations can be essential oils, for additional bronchodilatory and expectorant effect.
Folk remedies

Some patients prefer proven traditional recipes synthetic drugs. rationality and safety of their application in each specific clinical case, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor.

As the friction is usually not applied the following pharmaceutical vehicles:

  1. Natural animal fat. Has an extremely high biological activity, as in mammals and birds it suet absorb large quantities of nutrients. To gain pure fat it is best to use the services of hunters and farmers-manufacturers. For grinding cough used badger, bear, goat, goose, or mutton fat. Rubbed into the skin melted fat helps strengthen the immune system, has a warming effect. Fats contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, contributing to more rapid recovery and further prevention of recurrence of disease. The hot fat stimulates and facilitates expectoration, reduces its viscosity, helps reduce inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract.
  2. Butter. Apply pre-heated. It can be combined with other medicinal products, such as camphor, pine or eucalyptus oil. After rubbing the skin, cover with polyethylene for prolonged warming effect.
  3. Vodka. Rubbing alcohol-containing drinks helped heal soldiers during the winter war. Active the increased blood flow stimulates reduction of inflammation, swelling. Local irritant effect helps to improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolicheskikh processes, which leads to a more rapid recovery of metabolic products of pathogenic microorganisms from the body of the patient. Additionally, vodka has additional antiseptic and disinfectant effect.

Vodka cannot be used for rubbing kids!

If you are using any of the popular recipes it is important to take into account the individual tolerability of the patient. If after rubbing the symptoms intensified or there were other unpleasant side effects, the procedure must not be repeated. You should immediately consult a doctor.

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