Age crisis or lusty

What is midlife crisis? This is a really critical milestone that fundamentally changes the Outlook on life. Nowadays it is fashionable to talk about women’s crises, but along with them there are exactly the same male.

Moreover, there are several. Life goes on, and they follow each other.

The first crisis comes at the age of 22-23 years. It is connected with life’s important decisions. Man identified with the profession, the work seeks to arrange his personal life. At this stage laid the future financial and family base.

The second crisis is observed in the age 27-28 years. It is typical that considerably matured man seeks to establish himself in this world. Therefore, there has been a push in the creative and professional development. In my personal life most men the family is already formed.

The period following critical stage occurs at the age of 32-33 years. By this time beginning to show some hobby, Hobbies and desire to make independent decisions outside the family. It is at this stage the wife of the beloved and the loved one can turn into a companion. Sometimes the situation is aggravated by financial problems and unfulfilled hopes. In this case, flabby man starts hitting the bottle.

If the first 3 crisis overcome without great loss, the man still lie ahead 2 critical stage. One occurs in 40 years, and the next is coming after the person crosses the 45-year milestone.

Mature family man he has matured as a breadwinner and father. He achieved some success in their careers and think it’s time to rest on our laurels. But there it was. Successful in many ways person has a craving for new emotional feelings, and he becomes an excellent target for the arrows of mischievous Cupid. It was during this period and begins to work the rule: gray beard – a lusty.

Psychologists say that 50-year-old man is able to experience exactly the same emotions and excitement as 16-year-old lovestruck teenager. It should also be understood that the last great love is much stronger than the first. Explain that the gray-haired man in love, he realizes – then the strong feelings in my life more nothing. This setting pushes the encumbered years of a man do crazy things.

Cupid always has the same scenario: he finds a cute girl and forces the senior citizen to fall in love with her. Such relations allow the man the opportunity to feel young. He seems to be revived, returns to the carefree youth. As for Mature wives, then it becomes a burden. She has no place in the new, filled with passion and recklessness of life.

However, most of the young lovers into the relationship not just. The purpose of calculating the woman – material benefits. So she tries to get Mature man with all the accompanying add-ons. This is a Bank account, property, nice car, position in society. Often such relationships end rather unpleasantly for the gray-haired lover.

And what remains to do to the wifeif her husband, forgetting about loads of years to come? If the marriage has cracked, you can glue it very difficult. Here it is advisable to keep a good face and take care of a decent financial compensation. And we must not forget that the end of one relationship always means the beginning of a new one.

In many Western countries there are special courses for deserted wives. They do not tell you how to reassemble the pieces of a disintegrated marriage. Clients are offered a completely different approach is to look at the situation with optimism and realize that since your husband broke up with me, now I’m completely free.

And the freedom of opportunity. You can go on a journey to finally do what I enjoy to do in house repairs, to throw away old furniture and buy new, to learn to drive and to live happily. And all the old man’s whims and antics of the fugitive to the young mistress of her husband remain in the past. Isn’t it great. The best therapy for the deserted wife will have a new exciting novel. So, at least, say psychologists.

From this we can conclude that “lusty” has its charms, not only for men but also for women. Here the main thing is to treat the present situation and not make it a tragedy. Life always continues, so let it continues happily.

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