Inflammation of the liver: symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the liver, which can be expressed and latent form, entails changes in the body. It is a known fact that the liver is a critical organ that protects our body from the harmful effects of the environment, the processes involved in digestion, blood circulation and metabolism.

Why inflamed liver?Inflammation of the liver: symptoms and mechanicak to treat the disease?Diet in diseases

It is very important to find out the reasons of problems in the body, which liver is inflamed. It depends on how to treat the patient.

Why inflamed liver?

There are several reasons that may cause inflammation:

  1. Special hepatotropic viruses, which differ depending on the transfer method, the speed of development of the disease and treatment methods. Contracting hepatitis through a virus is very simple: just talk to the sick man a few words and shared personal hygiene items and household.
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause inflammation of the liver. The disease was named “alcoholic hepatitis”. Ethyl alcohol found in all alcoholic beverages, affects all organs, including the liver. As a result, her cells are dying in their place is formed adipose tissue, the liver fails to function fully and to carry out their tasks.
  3. A number of medicines including antibiotics and aspirin, are often the cause of the so-called drug-induced hepatitis. The composition of these medicines contain substances that, once in the body, disrupt the liver. This inflammation to treat the easiest: it takes place after discontinuation of the drug that caused the reaction.
  4. The liver produces bile, which is necessary for digestion, but its stagnation is often caused by inflammatory processes in the liver. This happens when the flow of bile is insufficient and part of it remains in the liver.

Inflammation of the liver: symptoms and treatment

The main symptom of inflammation of the liver is a heaviness in the right side, strong aching pain that increases with physical activity and consumption of fatty, spicy and fried foods.

If these signs are absent, still inflammation of the liver simple enough to diagnose other characteristic symptoms:

  • fever;
  • General malaise, weakness;
  • the manifestation of signs of jaundice (yellowish skin and sclera);
  • nausea turning into vomiting;
  • discomfort and pain in the right hypochondrium, occurring due to the increase of liver size;
  • pale stools;
  • urine is of dark color.

In any case, you cannot ignore these symptoms, especially if there is high fever, because inflammation of the liver may pass without consequences when timely reaction to it. If this is not done, it can become chronic and even lead to death. The transition to the chronic form takes a sufficiently long period, often the patient does not know that there are some problems in the body, because of the discomfort the liver he does not deliver.

Most of these liver disease, such as hepatitis, found by chance during a routine doctor’s visit or in the period of exacerbation of the disease when the patient feels a sharp deterioration of health.

How to treat the disease?

Finding the symptoms, the treatment should start as soon as possible. First of all, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment, diet; will prescribe the right drugs and tells what you can eat and what is not. Diet in diseases of the liver is the most important factor on the road to recovery, relieve inflammation without it will not work. Diet is simple, it can be observed in the home, revising your diet.

Medication. Inflammation of the liver is a serious condition and requires the full treatment. Depending on the causes of inflammation and symptoms a treatment plan can be different, but there are the most effective drugs able to overcome the disease.

These include:

  • “Alfaron” – antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory drug, which is aimed at suppressing hepatitis b virus;
  • “Ademetionine” – a natural drug that is often prescribed for the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis;
  • “Viferon” – a tool that reduces the formation, growth and development of viruses causing hepatitis, restores the normal rate of the liver enzymes that reduce the level of intoxication and inflammation;
  • “Gator” – an antibiotic with a regenerating effect.
Diet in diseases

As has been said, treatment of liver disease and do not follow the rules of the diet impossible, the effect of it will not. Eating heavy and fatty foods detrimental impact on the body, because it has a huge load. Contraindicated during treatment alcohol, coffee, spicy, salty and fried foods. For the treatment of liver best proven diet “Table # 5”. The main goal of dieting is to reduce the load on the liver as a result of exposure to harmful chemical substances and, at the same time, maintaining a balanced diet. Of course, like any diet, it involves some limitations, but they will only benefit. The result is normalized liver function, improve bile secretion and gall ways.

The diet involves eating normal amounts of protein and carbs, but limits the number of consumed fat, cholesterol, and nitrogenous extractives. Meals for the sick must be boiled or steamed, as an exception you can afford stews, such as vegetables. During treatment you can eat dishes such as a diet soup, soup or soup vegetable or cereal soup, milk soups. Food should be varied, so meat dishes cannot be excluded from the diet, most importantly, to fish, poultry or meat was lean. Vegetables, fruit and berries are welcome during treatment. The diet allows dairy products with low fat content, any type of bread (most importantly, that he was yesterday), cereals.

Food for people with liver disease should include foods with high fiber (fruits and vegetables), lipotropic substances, liquids and pectin. It is important that the food was warm or hot, cold food should be avoided.

Diet for inflammation of the liver requires the rejection of meat, fish and mushroom broths, any alcohol, fresh bread, muffins, pastries, smoked meats and pickles, salty, fatty and spicy food, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, confectionery. Despite the use of vegetables, it is best to avoid drinking green onions, garlic, sorrel and beans during treatment.

It is preferable to eat small meals 5-6 times a day. Pre-diet should discuss with your doctor, that it has brought only benefits.

Thus, inflammation of the liver symptoms which can not be ignored, should be treated as soon as possible. In the early stages treatment is not prohibited in the home under the supervision of experienced and competent doctor. Prevention of liver diseases is very important, because any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

Therefore it is recommended even after full recovery to take vitamins and supplements of natural origin. Ask the doctor to prescribe a drug that contains the desired substance. And of course, it is important to periodically visit a specialist, be tested and pass inspection.

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