BPH is one of the most common diseases in men aged 50 years or more. About this disease, had heard everything, but few people know that to control the progression of the disease is possible by means of a banal analysis of venous blood. Not to get lost in front of the doctor, every older man needs to be informed about what should be the level of PSA in prostate cancer.

The prostate is one of the most important parts of the male body because it is responsible for reproductive health and sexual function of man. In the glandular tissue of the organ is produced by specific protein – antigen of the prostate (PSA). After determining its concentration in the peripheral blood, experts can judge the state of the reproductive system of the patient.

Prostatic hyperplasia occurs in almost all elderly men. The reasons are many hormonal surges or rebuilding, genetic inclination, presence of diabetes, a history of abuse of nicotine and alcohol based drinks. The development of the prostate can trigger a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, injury of the perineal region, which led to damage to the gland.

All, without exception, men this vital organ continues to grow throughout life, but in older age it can lead to discomfort and various unpleasant symptoms. Strong hypertrophy is accompanied by compression of surrounding tissues, and this, in turn, may trigger the development of cancer. To detect cancer at the earliest stages and not to allow it to grow and metastasize, it is important to monitor the PSA values in prostate cancer.

How to prepare for the analysis

High values of the specific protein will not always talk about the presence of the cancer process. A blood test for PSA in prostate cancer can often be falsely elevated due to the fact that the patient did not comply with certain rules, or just didn’t know about them.

So, how to prepare for the study:

  1. 24 hours before the scheduled blood sampling should reduce to a minimum any physical effort.
  2. If within three days before the analysis was performed prostate massage, the procedure will have to be postponed. Since stimulation of the glands leads to an increase in the number of antigens in the bloodstream.
  3. 72 hours before the study have to stop to engage in any sexual contact, and the same applies to Masturbation. This is due to the fact that the release of sperm (ejaculation) contributes to the active development of a specific protein that occurs as a consequence of the increase of its concentration in the blood.
  4. During the week before the analysis can not be done transrectal ultrasound (through the rectum) to measure rectal temperature, the biopsy of the prostate.

The very taking of blood occurs in a few minutes. Using a syringe, the nurse takes 3-5 ml of venous blood and sends the goods for testing. Preferably, the fence early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Norms DOG

Prostatespecific protein produced in the prostate tissue and is one of the components of seminal fluid. He contributes to its dilution and passage through the channels.

A small part of it penetrates into the plasma and therefore the analysis can determine the status of the prostate. Scientists have developed certain standards of PSA in the prostate adenoma, which, however, do not differ from the results of the analysis in a healthy person.

For the analysis we need to take 3-5 ml of venous blood

Young people under the age of forty years, the level of antigen must not exceed 2.5 ng in one mg of blood.

For older people there are certain standards, which vary somewhat with aging men:

  • 40-49 years, the tolerable upper boundary is 3 ng, but if that value already is suspicious;
  • 50 – 59 years, the highest standards rises by 0.5 ng, respectively, will be 3.5 ng;
  • 70 years and older, the PSA level should not exceed 6.5 ng.

Elevated PSA levels in the prostate adenoma does not indicate the presence of cancer 100%, but sends the alarm bell, which should force the patient to undergo additional tests.

How will increased concentration of antigen depends on the degree of proliferation of the prostate gland. But to carry out the differentiation between a benign process and cancer, the physician should pay attention to the amount of free and bound specific proteins in the blood test for PSA in BPH. The relationship between these will tell an experienced expert about the risk of developing cancer.

The growth of glandular tissue increases the concentration of antigens in the blood is not more than 0.75 ng during the year. If the process develops much faster, we can talk about malignant tumors of the prostate.

DOG during treatment

For treatment adenoma need some time to analyze blood for the presence of antigens. This helps to monitor the impact of therapy on pathology and to judge its effectiveness.

Usually PSA levels are reduced in case of BPH is at least 50 percent in the case of a properly sized treatment. If the concentration is not decreasing or is increasing, it is necessary to adjust the therapy or to give the patient surgical treatment.

In the case when the DOG does not change after removal of the adenoma, you should immediately send the patient to the oncologist for consultation.

The decrease in PSA

To stabilize the rate of prostate specific antigen is not always necessary to resort to surgical intervention and removal of the organ. In many cases, especially in the early stages of the disease, may help conservative therapy, namely traditional and folk medicine.


Inhibitors-alpha-reductase – this group of drugs that halt the development of prostate hyperplasia and, consequently, to make PSA levels reduced. The main active component of medicines is a specific enzyme, which is contained in the glandular tissues. He is actively involved in the production of testosterone and helps to stop the growth of adenomas.

It is extremely important not to self-medicate and to follow the doctor’s recommendations when taking drugs in this group, as they have a number of features:

  1. Before you cut the DOG, should undergo examination of the body, to exclude the presence of cancer.
  2. Inhibitors are prescribed only to people with enlarged prostate, otherwise may appear complications.
  3. The drug use men who plan to have children. This is due to the fact that the drug may trigger the development of various malformations in the fetus.
  4. The level of antigens will reduce at least six months, and in some patients the process starts and through the year, so you should have patience. But if after 6 months there is no dynamics, experts recommend to go through additional tests. Because you may need a dose adjustment or replacement of the drug.

With the help of medications to get rid of the adenoma

Also inhibitors of alpha-reductase can cause depression, up to suicide attempts. Some men develop erection problems and libido. But all these unpleasant symptoms disappeared independently after a course of therapy.

Traditional medicine

Besides medication, you can also seek help from traditional methods. But before it should consult with his doctor, informing him of intent.

To help to cope with men’s issues is parsley. For this you need to drink its fresh juice three times a day, 1 large spoon. If the juice to get nowhere, you can prepare a decoction from seeds, which will be slightly less efficient but also useful.

Besides parsley, a pronounced anti-inflammatory action has also a large number of herbs, such as dill, or yarrow celandine. From them it is possible to make various tinctures and teas that can help to alleviate symptoms of prostate. In the fight against prostate hypertrophy and prostatitis, proven themselves the products of beekeeping. Used almost all the honey, propolis, jelly and even bee subpestilence.

Parsley reduces the concentration of PSA


Doctors say that diet has a significant influence on the level of prostate antigen. Accordingly, adjusting the diet can reduce or increase its concentration in the body.

A man suffering from a hyperplasia of the gland must increase in your diet zinc content. For this you need to often use green onions, walnuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, and cauliflower. In addition, it is proved that the presence in each meal of tomatoes has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate and lowers PSA. But the red meat can only do harm, so it is better to cook a Turkey, chickens or rabbits.

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