Onion soup, for weight loss

Onions inhibit the development of atherosclerosis, reduce cholesterol, increase appetite, increase the secretion of gastric juice, and improve digestion. Knowing the recipe for a classic onion soup, you can quickly lose weight. Another vegetable helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

A unique vegetable full of vitamins. It contains fructose, amino acids, protein, threonine, malic and citric acid, nitrogenous substances, trace elements. In spring, onions will help with vitamin deficiencies, and in winter they will protect against colds.

Onions are eaten in pure form, added to sauces, in the first and second courses. In folk medicine, a vegetable is used as a resuscitator for boils. If you prepare the medicine according to a special recipe, then the contents of the abscess will be quickly removed to the outside, and the wound will clean and heal quickly.

Varieties of Onions

Conventionally, onions are divided according to the content of sugar and essential oils in its composition. Bitter varieties contain about 9-12% sugar, semi-sweet varieties – 8-9%, and sweet varieties – 4-8%. Least of all sugar and essential oils in sweet varieties, which allows a person to feel the sweet taste.

The varieties are onions:

  1. Onions. The product is used in many dishes. It goes well with meat, fish, and is suitable for making sauces, salads, pies, soufflés;
  2. Leek is an Asian vegetable that blends wonderfully with cheese. Add the product to stews, casseroles, broths or soups;
  3. Shallott grows in the Middle East and Central Asia, but is most in demand in France. Skillful culinary specialists prepare incredibly tasty saccotti based sauces. The taste of this vegetable is very mild;
  4. Schnitt is considered a European vegetable that is eaten raw. Valued in cooking inflorescences of this plant;
  5. Allspice is the first ingredient in Japanese miso soup. This is a great addition to soy and fish dishes;
  6. Layered onions come from China. It is used as a seasoning, added to sauces, served with fatty meats;
  7. Batun is Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The product has a delicate taste, originally combined with fish. Most often used for marinades;
  8. Pughu is the main element of Korean cuisine. This variety is suitable for kimchi and salads.

How to cook onions to lose weight

With a low-calorie diet, the use of onions for a figure increases several times. It is advisable to use the product in combination with vegetable oil. And it’s best to find out how onion soup is cooked, magically acting on excess weight.

It is useful to start a new way of eating from fasting days on leek. In this plant you will need the white parts of the onion. They need to be finely chopped and filled with water, covering only vegetables. Cook the product until soft. Salt cannot be added.

Divide a peculiar onion soup into 5 small portions, which is important for weight loss, which you need to eat in a day. It is important to drink plenty of water on fasting days. About 3 liters. In 1-2 days, you can relieve swelling and easily switch to a low-calorie diet.

Before moving on to direct weight loss onions, you need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of cooking this vegetable.

  1. Wash the product thoroughly before cooking and never soak it for a long time. Otherwise, all useful properties will be lost;
  2. Cook small portions. You need to use onion dishes fresh, or better just cooked;
  3. The onion, on which several drops of lemon are sprinkled, is more effective for weight loss.
Onion diet

The course of weight loss lasts no more than a week. During this time, it takes 5-7 kg. To follow a diet, you need to know how to cook onion soup and get some green vegetables. These foods contain negative calories. When you eat onions, the body spends more energy on its digestion than it enters the body.

This method of losing weight is useful for almost everyone, even pregnant women. Diet can be tightened to achieve more effective results. For effective weight loss, you need to eat only onion soup, the recipe of which you will find further. The stumbling block can only be the specific taste of the vegetable. This can be corrected if you learn how to cook onion dishes correctly.

We make a figure without tears

There are many recipes from onions that will help to achieve harmony. We must pay tribute to the French. They skillfully cook onions. Their soups are famous all over the world. The recipe for French onion soup has come down to us.

This is an amazing combination of delicate taste, beautiful appearance and benefits. Cooking takes a few minutes. It would seem such simple ingredients, and so the soup is in demand in expensive restaurants.

Prepare onion soup in French on the water or meat broth. You can add cream, milk or vegetable broth. In the classic version, croutons, cheese, lard and flour are added. The whole thing is cooked or baked.

Flour acts as a thickener, it betrays a mesmerizing shade to the soup. The national dish of France is sometimes cooked in pots. Add white wine, red pepper. As a basis, you can take onions or leeks.

How to cook light onion soup in French? Very simple. In this case, you do not need to buy milk. Prepare a pair of large onions, 1.5 tbsp. flour, 0.5 l of water, salt, pepper, vegetable oil.

Cut the onion into half rings. Put it in a pan. Pass in vegetable oil. Gradually add salt and pepper. Bring the onion to a golden hue. Add flour. Use two Chinese chopsticks or a wooden spatula to mix the contents of the pan.

Next, transfer the mixture to the pan, fill it with water. Leave on the stove until thickened. You can add any spices that you like. The soup is decorated with greens and served on the table.

How to cook onion soup in French is already clear, but what can be combined with?

Of course, a losing weight person should not eat bread. Two small crackers and a slice of cheese are allowed. You can melt the cheese on breadcrumbs. And for those who are not afraid to spoil the figure, you can put a spoonful of sour cream or thick cream. Eat with dried bread or croutons.
A bit about cheese

Cheese gives the first course an even more refined taste. Recipe for onion soup with cheese will appeal not only to an ordinary person, but also to a real gourmet. For cooking, you need 3 onions, about 30 g of butter, 1 liter of water, 2 tbsp. Paprika, herbs, pepper, salt, 2 processed cheese. Grind the last with a knife. Cut the onion into thin half rings. Fry it in butter.

Separately put a pot of water on the fire. When the water boils, pour cheese and paprika. Constantly stir a kind of broth until the cheese is completely dissolved. Add the onions to the pan, soak for 2 minutes. After add the greens. Onion soup with cheese is ready!

During weight loss, you can use any version of the first course. Do not forget to only monitor the amount of food consumed. Remember that overeating even with diet food is dangerous.

Try a more complicated recipe for onion soup, which is slightly adapted to our kitchen, but is also cooked with cheese.

Prepare low-fat cream – 150 ml, three onions, one egg, two potatoes, butter, 100 g of hard cheese, herbs, salt, black pepper.

Harvest 2 liters of broth, add chopped potatoes. Chop the onion into strips, fry until golden brown. When the potatoes are boiled, lick the onions in the broth. Add salt, pepper.

Separately prepare dressing for onion soup with cheese. Beat the egg into cream and beat. With constant stirring, pour the dressing into the contents of the pan.

The cheese is ground on a fine grater and poured into a plate before serving.

Pamper yourself with another variety of onion soup in French from time to time. His recipe is slightly different, but the taste is still divine.

Prepare 500 g of onions, white wine, sugar, butter, flour, salt, vegetable oil, white pepper, some garlic, hard cheese of any kind and white baguette.

Cut the onion into rings. Place a pot with a thick bottom on the stove. Melt the butter. Put onion, chopped garlic and 1 tsp of sugar. Sauté and simmer the onion for no more than 20 minutes. Then add 1 tsp flour. Then slowly pour the prepared broth and 200 ml of wine into the pan. Add pepper, thyme, basil, oregano. Simmer for about 30 minutes.

To make a real onion soup with croutons, cut the baguette into small circles. Bread slices in a mixture of chopped garlic with vegetable oil. Bake future croutons in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for no more than 25 minutes. Pieces of baguette should be browned.

When everything is ready, fill the broth in pots and put 1 crouton there. If the pots are large, you can put 2 pieces of baked baguette. Grate hard cheese, sprinkle on top of the dish. Put in the oven until a golden crust appears. Serving traditional onion soup with croutons is served in pots. But this does not force you to change Russian traditions. Some serve soup in a bowl.

What is the best way to cook onion puree soup

Recently, soft and tender soups have become popular. They are similar to baby food, but are prepared from adult ingredients. Mashed onion soup has an excellent taste.

This dish can be pampered by children who hesitate to try the sophistication of French cuisine.

Prepare the ingredients:

  • onions – 1 kg;
  • melted cream cheese – 100 g;
  • flour – 2 tbsp;
  • peppercorns;
  • beef broth;
  • vegetable oil;
  • sugar – 1 tsp;
  • salt;
  • loaf;
  • garlic.

Prepare the beef ribs broth in advance. Add onion, carrots, bay leaf to it. Be sure to periodically remove foam. You need to cook for about half an hour. After that, take out the meat, bay leaf and vegetables with a slotted spoon. Ideally, the broth should be filtered through cheesecloth. Make sure it stays hot.

Unlike the classic recipe for onion soup, in this embodiment, the main ingredient is chopped finely. Put butter and onions in a pan. Pass it, add freshly ground black pepper, salt and stir occasionally. When the vegetable is soft, add the flour and mix thoroughly.

In the finished mixture, put sugar, then broth. Bring to a boil, cook over low heat for half an hour. At the end, put the crushed processed cheese, wait until it is completely melted.

Remove the pan from the heat and beat the contents with a blender. Cover the pan and leave. At this time, chop the garlic and fry it. When ready, remove the garlic from the pan and place the diced bread in it. Then dry the same pieces of bread in the oven. For onion soup puree there is no fundamental difference whether to serve the crackers separately or put them immediately in a plate. Do as you see fit.

Onion soup is considered dietary, so it is doubly pleasant to eat. Try different options and find your recipe for onion soup for weight loss. Bon Appetit!

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