Tips to get enough sleep

How to sleep correctly so that your back does not hurt if you follow the tips, you’ll get enough sleep.

It would seem that the secret is simple – go to bed on time. However, for people whose pain in the lower back and spine is not associated with temporary fatigue, but is constantly present, things are not so simple. It is important not only to follow the doctor’s recommendations, but also to “help” the body to relax and recover during sleep.

Realize the power of the brain

The pain signal is sent directly to the thalamus, the part of the brain that processes any signals coming from the nerve endings before transmitting them to the cerebral cortex. It helps a quick reaction to stress: you spit out a hot drink and remove the knife, realizing that you accidentally cut your finger. Speaking of pain in the back, the thalamus acts as the main assistant, determining the place of pain.

So you decide that sleeping in a certain position is uncomfortable and you need to change something. Moreover, the pain intensifies if you sleep little and do not allow the muscles to relax the prescribed time – so painful sensations in the back teach you to discipline.

Sleep warm

Nerve endings respond quickly to changes in body temperature, again, giving signals to the brain. It is activated to wake you up with the goal of changing the conditions to more comfortable. At the same time, muscles contract from the cold, which causes pain. A temperature of 20-25 degrees is best suited for sleep: cool enough to fall asleep quickly, but not cold. Ventilate the room half an hour before bedtime.

Before you go to bed, apply warming cream on your feet, put on socks. Sleep in thin cotton pajamas that maintain your body temperature without letting you freeze. Do not wash your hair before going to bed – through wet hair, heat quickly “comes out”.

Take the phone away

Back pain is the result of muscle strain. If, instead of scrolling through social media feeds, you will take 5-minute breaks for a walk and a warm-up during the working day, you will soon notice improvements in your health condition. Why is it important for healthy sleep? The less your muscles get tired in a day, the smaller a rush of pain will occur at the end of the day when you lie in bed.

In addition to warming up, it is useful to stretch – buy a foam roller, lie on the floor and put the roller under your back: ride it for several minutes to relax your muscles.

Sign up for yoga courses

At first glance, ancient art seems to be a relaxing practice. In fact, yoga asanas are not so simple: a strong back, abs and legs are required to perform them correctly. During classes, you will gradually strengthen your muscles and learn how to control your body.

Over time, you will notice that muscle pain has been reduced by combining exercise and meditation in one workout. The only thing you need to warn the coach about back pain so that he selects for you a set of safe exercises for health. Going to yoga will teach you the correct calm breathing that relaxes the body, normalizing pressure and pulse.

Buy a quality mattress and pillow

For those who have a constantly sore back, a mattress with anatomical springs of medium or hard hardness is best suited. This is usually a layer of coconut or synthetic fiber that goes over the formation with springs. The pillow should be of medium height, so that your head is level with the spine. We recommend an anatomical pillow made of foam, one edge of which will be higher than the other. The neck should be placed on a high edge so that it relaxes during sleep.

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