Return, causes a feeling of fatigue and apathy

In May, many elderly people move from their city apartments to summer houses, and after the end of the school year, children are brought to them. For three months the guys live in the fresh air, eat vegetables, berries and fruits directly from the garden or bush, drink well water and bathe in ponds.

And grandparents delve into the land for their pleasure, look after the garden and feel they are needed and busy people.

How to go from country to city life

Summer has come to an end, which means that everyone is returning from vacations and cottages to their apartments. And often in the city people feel worse. then figured out how to avoid this

Unfortunately, upon returning to the city, both adults and children noticeably worsen their well-being. Many complain of a headache. This is due to the fact that urban air is more polluted than outside the city, near the forest. In addition, the city is very noisy. And it becomes much more noticeable when moving.

The flow of cars and motorcycles, poor noise isolation, a constantly working TV – all this imperceptibly annoys and tires a person who has come from silence. In addition, in big cities it is light and in the dark, as advertising and lighting do not turn off even at night. All this causes a feeling of fatigue, apathy, I can’t get enough sleep and have a good rest.

Galina Palkova, endocrinologist:

– Returning to city life, you need to monitor the quality of sleep. Many in the dachas do not have televisions at all, or they simply have no time to watch. And it is good. Therefore, it is necessary to control and limit the time you watch TV and in the city.

This year the summer was not sunny, so we could not get enough of vitamin D, which helps us to survive the shortage of sunlight in autumn and winter. Therefore, you need to consult a specialist and, if necessary, start taking vitamin D, also remember to include foods containing vitamin D in your diet: eggs, cod liver, herring, mackerel, red fish, dairy products.

Do not forget about vitamin C, which is necessary to support immunity. One of the richest sources of this vitamin is sauerkraut. Vitamin C is also found in rosehip broth, blackcurrant, citrus fruits, bell peppers, sea buckthorn, herbs and garlic. And you need to remember that you can’t eat vegetables, fruits and greens for the future. Therefore, returning from the cottage, you need to continue to include in your diet a lot of plant foods.

As you know, the country has to work hard, walk. In urban life, physical activity can significantly decrease, so there should not be a sharp difference in physical activity. You need to make it a habit to walk on foot before going to bed or go not to the nearest shops, but away.

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