Solid losses

Although the hair and scalp themselves can get sick – without protection, in the conditions of the city and cold winter, with permanent styling and painting.

About that now disturbs inhabitants of a city and how to look after hair not to do much harm, the dermatologist-the venereologist, the trichologist of clinic “АМД laboratory” Elena Vyatkina tells.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the hair is the mirror of health. Natural shine, elasticity of curls, density and obedience often indicate that the carrier’s body is in order.

But as soon as the hair begins to fall out, become dull and helplessly dangle or quickly zhirnjatsya, and the tips become dry right up to the cod, it’s time to sound the alarm – something broke inside.

What is the problem with patients most often?

Focal hair loss, or alopecia areata. This is a serious problem, it affects even children, and it is not clear exactly what the splash is connected with – it’s probably an environmental issue. Although in general this is an autoimmune disease. In addition, people are constantly worried about loss and thinning of hair in general, throughout the head. Perhaps it’s stress. But after stress, hair is usually restored.

The problem begins when the dropped hair is not updated and the hair is noticeably thinning. Although again – to establish whether there is indeed a problem, only an expert can. It happens that people complain about thinning, referring to the amount of hair in adolescence. This is wrong, you need to focus on the volume of hair in the last 2-3 years of life. We are changing, and the body, including hair, too.

Although they do not necessarily age – and in older people you can see beautiful curvy hair, and in young people – a lifeless patch. It all depends on what kind of health problems and how to care for the hair. Well, the external circumstances.

What effect does the external environment have on the hair? 

For example, in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​a seaside city with high humidity and fairly clean air, people have mostly good hair. In Madrid, which is in the center of the country and the capital, and therefore, the air is polluted, everything is much worse. So with us – the hair of the inhabitants of Altai and Novosibirsk can not be compared.

In our city, air pollution is very high, and all these harmful substances settle on the hair, are absorbed by them.

The structure of the hair changes, they become dull. And if you iron your hair with iron – I noticed that they especially spoil the hair, when used without protective equipment, then the natural shine and smoothness completely disappears. However, I can say that properly selected caregivers and protective products help to maintain the structure and, therefore, a healthy kind of hair.

How to choose the right funds? 

The fact is that a pure type, specifically fatty for example, is rare. Most often, hair is fatty on the roots and normal or dry on the tips. Dyed hair falls under the category of “damaged”. To solve the problem of leaving with one shampoo is difficult, I recommend using two: for the roots and scalp and for the hair itself.

However, do not forget that shampoo – it’s all the same soap, it cleans only the top layer of the skin, and the scalp, like the skin of the face, requires a deeper cleansing. This can also be done by a specialist. And if mesotherapy is prescribed for contaminated bulbs, then it will not give the expected effect, just as, for example, the cream does not work as you like, on the unclean skin of the face with a dense cornified layer.

Are there any special features of winter hair care?

Now, in the cold season, because of the headdresses, the roots fatter faster, and the hair dries more. I believe that you just need to use during the day moisturizing hair sprays with hyaluronic acid – they can be bought at specialized hairdresser shops. I do not want to do advertising, but silicone wraps and so-called hair lamination give more than an excellent result.

What is the difference between professional shampoos and mass-market tools? 

This is about the same as washing with soap or foam – do you feel the difference? In cheap shampoos are cheap substances, they can cause allergies and addiction and, in general, are ineffective.

The composition of professional shampoos is more qualitative, it gives not only a superficial effect.

Properly selected professional tools are well cleaned and, depending on the type of hair, degrease or nourish. Sometimes when using professional shampoos, you do not even need air conditioners, but it’s better to use the means in an integrated way: shampoos, conditioners, and from time to time – masks.

That is, you need to use air conditioners every time after washing?

Previously, people washed clothes with powders, after which they did not need an air conditioner. Now its use after washing is simply necessary. Also with shampoos – modern means include substances that electrify the hair, and without air conditioning from static electricity can not get rid of. In addition, air conditioners make it easier to comb, making hair smoother. But we must remember that they are applied only to the hair, not to the scalp and not to the roots. But balms for the hair are applied to the skin and hold for 2-3 minutes. However, with abundant hair loss, it is best not to use them until the cause of the fallout is identified.

What can cause loss?

A lot of reasons. In general, most often hair loss signals about problems with internal organs, about some diseases. For example, some of my patients did not suspect that they had hepatitis C, until they came to treat the fallout. Without solving internal problems, hair loss can be stopped, but if treatment is discontinued, it will resume again.

Therefore, external treatment must always be accompanied by an internal one. And even if problems with health are solved, it is necessary to combine courtship procedures with the reception of vitamin complexes containing minerals and amino acids. And the hair will say thank you.

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