10 Recommendations From Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle’s Stylists That Are Worth Taking Notes On!

Kate Middleton has been a style icon for over a decade now. With her sophisticated simplicity and great fashion sense, she makes royal styles wearable for women from all over the world!

Now, American TV actor, Meghan Markle, the latest addition to the British Royal family, seems to be following in sister-in-law Kate’s footsteps! Her taste in fashion is just as impeccable and she’s no less of a style icon in her own right.

Want to emulate the style of royalty in your own life? We bring you 10 simple fashion tips from the stylists of these royal beauties that you must try!

1. When In Doubt, Wear Red

Both Kate and Meghan have been witnessed wearing red on multiple occasions! Some might call it too bold a color for royalty, but the Duchess is madly in love with the scarlet shades. Meghan too doesn’t shy away from wearing red. What’s interesting to note here is that both women wear different shades of red to suit their skin tones and personal style.

2. Experiment With Your Suits

Nothing suits a formal event more than a suit! However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the boring old pantsuit. As these royal ladies will show you, suits can be worn in multiple styles, including feminine ones. Classic skirt suits are a favorite of both Kate and Meghan due to their timeless elegance!

3. Make Room For Sheath Dresses

A lot of the royal style revolves around formal wear. Which means basically anything that Kate and Meghan wear can be worn by you to your office! Sheath dresses are one such item that both these lovely ladies don frequently. Sheath dresses can hide your imperfections perfectly and make you look more feminine. Go for neutral colors like Kate does.

4. Wear Colors That Suit Your Skin Tone

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen the Duchess of Cambridge sport a shade of blue in her attire! Kate simply adores the color blue, more specifically light blue, and it actually goes amazingly well with her skin tone. Meghan knows what matches her complexion well too and is often seen wearing neutral shades such as beige, ivory, and brown.

5. Dress In A Monochrome Palette

The British Royalty likes to keep it simple and posh at all times. You’ll barely ever find Kate or Meghan mixing and matching a multitude of colors. Their attire usually comprises of a single solid tone. That’s because fabrics in monochrome shades go well with both simple and complex hemlines. Moreover, single colors scream royalty!

6. Keep It Casual With A White Shirt And Skinny Bottoms

A white shirt has been a wardrobe classic for time immemorial and these two lovely ladies know just why! For more casual events, both Kate and Meghan choose a simple, white button-down and pair it with skinny pants to look effortlessly chic and casual. They keep their accessories minimal so this classic combo can do all the talking!

7. Go All Out In White

White is the color of pristine purity and almost has a goddess element to it. Kate and Meghan frequently bring out their inner fashion goddesses by going all white in their attire. And no, it doesn’t make them look fat! The thing about white is it can be worn as both day and evening wear, depending on how you style it. If you think white looks a bit drab, you can add a pop of color with your accessories. Just remember to use a single contrasting shade only instead of many.

8. Up Your Winter Style Quotient With Coats

Long, elegant coats in flared silhouettes is how the Royalty keeps themselves warm! Coats in solid colors can add a grandeur to your winter wear and is definitely an option you should consider. They’re much classier than the hoodies you have stored for sure! You can also wear coats off-season for occasions, provided you live in a colder climate.

9. Bring Out Your Fun Side With Floral Prints

The Royalty doesn’t frequently wear prints but when they do, it’s almost always floral. Kate is often seen wearing fun, feminine floral dresses in her day outings during summer. Meghan too channels this trend to her advantage from time to time!

10. Paint Your Lips Nude

Reds and pinks might look glamorous but they can’t match the sophistication and class of nude lippies. Nude lipsticks and glosses are royalty-approved, and both Kate and Meghan barely ever wear lipsticks in any other shades. Both of them love to emphasize their eyes with makeup though!

Another Royal fashion tip you can follow is purchasing clothes from brands such as Topshop and Zara, which the Duchess of Cambridge adores! Most of her daily wear comes from these brands instead of luxury ones. Now, that’s a style note worth taking!

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