12 Cosmetic Products That Make Us Waste Our Money

You might not realize it but the beauty industry literally tempts you into spending your hard-earned money on things you don’t even need. Take a look inside your cosmetic kitty. If you find these 12 products in it, you’ll know you’ve wasted your money!

Cosmetics are an indelible part of the modern woman’s life. The average woman loves cosmetics so much that she doesn’t mind spending anywhere between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000 on it each month. Now, that’s a whole lot of money!

And while you may use several of the products in your makeup bag, it’s not a stretch to say some of them have been left untouched for months. Or even a year!

1. Large Eyeshadow Palettes

Big brands tend to come out with pretty eyeshadow shades every season, which you invariably end up considering as must-haves. So get yourself a set because the sheer variety will allow you to try several new looks! But you never do and the colors on the palette gather dust. You should pick a small palette of eyeshadows with shades you actually use instead.

2. Suitable For All Hair Types Shampoos

This might seem like the easiest option to go for when you’re not sure of your hair type. It has all the nutrients your hair needs and certainly won’t damage your tresses since it suits all kinds. But that’s not the case. This kind of shampoo can do some serious damage. If you’re not sure of your hair type, ask your hair stylist for recommendations.

3. Giant Set Of Makeup Brushes

Another wasteful purchase. Do you really need 30 kinds of brushes to apply a bit of foundation and rouge each day? These are at best only suitable for occasional use when an event demands you doll up for it. And on those days, you can just hit your parlor or hire a makeup artist to do you up!

4. Lip And Body Scrubs

Okay, you may have used the body scrub, but have you really ever used the lip scrub? We can almost hear you say ‘never’! Besides most of these organic scrubs that promise deeply cleansed, baby soft skin are made up of natural, easily-available-in-the-kitchen ingredients anyway. So there’s really no need to spend on something you can make yourself at a nominal price!

5. Botox Face Cream

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Botox creams don’t work! So, if you thought you were saving your money (you’re really not considering the price of these creams) by not going for the Botox procedure, think again. Creams cannot tighten your muscles and remove wrinkles like the injections can. The upside to anti-aging creams though is that they make your face look brighter.

6. Mascara For Your Lower Eyelash

Those were the simple days when you just had to put mascara on your upper eyelash and that’s it. Now, you even get these for your lower lashes! That may sound like a cool enough idea for you to instantly purchase one, but you don’t have to. The regular mascara you have works on your lower lash too, FYI.

7. Anti-Aging Face Serums

Everyone’s looking for a wonder drug that can preserve their youthfulness. Anti-aging face serums claim to be the magic product that can do just that! But, at a very steep price. To be honest with you, these expensive items are not going to reduce your wrinkles. They only moisturize your skin, which a regular moisturizer can do as well.

8. Dark Circle Creams

Creams for dark circles are not a remedy for this skin problem. The only thing they do is hide your dark circles, not cure them. And they may even fail in masking them if your dark circles are severe! The only way to get rid of dark circles is to get as much beauty sleep as you can.

9. Hair Masks

Hair masks make quite a tall claim! They promise you the end of split ends and the beginning of super healthy and super shiny hair. However, the reality often falls way shorter than the expectations. You can’t improve your hair quality until you eat right. Masks only make your hair easier to style.

10. Hyaluronic Acid Creams

Touted by brands to keep your skin healthy and young, creams with hyaluronic acid often fail to do so. There’s no way they can seep deep within your skin to enhance it. Only hyaluronic acid injections can do that!

11. Leave-in Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners guarantee no split ends, protection from environmental damage, and what not. You should know that the only thing such conditioners can do is make your hair manageable. They don’t affect hair health at all!

12. Shower Gels

Instead of moisturizing your skin as they claim to, shower gels actually dry your skin out. They remove your skin’s protective barrier. It’s wiser to use a high-quality handmade soap instead.

Save yourself some precious bucks and give these items a miss the next time you go shopping for beauty products!

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