Vitaprost candles and pills, the choice of drug

Suppositories are administered rectally. Dissolution and resorption of the drug occurs in the rectum.

The prerogative aspects of using this method are:

  1. The speed of penetration of the drug into the prostate gland increases the therapeutic effect.
  2. The lack of direct contact with the digestive organs minimizes the manifestation of side effects (nausea and dyspepsia), and also reduces the risk of intoxication.

Rectal administration accelerates the process of tissue regeneration of the prostate and normalization of urination, which provides a faster therapeutic result than using tablets.

Therapy with tablets is advisable for inflammatory diseases or mechanical damage to the anus, perianal zone and rectum. In addition, the tablet form does not require special conditions of use and storage (candles should only be stored in the refrigerator).

The question of choosing the form of Vitoprost for the treatment of prostatitis is decided by the urologist (andrologist), taking into account the individual nature of the disease and the characteristics of the man’s body.

Vitaprost is a medication designed to eliminate prostatitis. The disease is an inflammatory lesion of the endocrine gland (prostate) located in the pelvic organs in men. The treatment of inflammation is carried out by an andrologist or urologist.

The tactics of therapy depend on the following conditions:

  1. The nature of the course of the disease (acute or chronic).
  2. The nature of the occurrence (bacterial or non-bacterial).
  3. Individual characteristics of the patient (the presence of allergic reactions and concomitant pathologies, age category).

Comprehensive treatment includes the use of medicines, diet therapy, rational physical activity, massage and special gymnastics, and traditional medicine.

Vitaprost: general information

Vitaprost belongs to the category of medicines prescribed by a doctor. The drug is produced in tablet form, as well as in the form of suppositories (suppositories) for rectal administration (administration to the rectum). Medicines of both types do not have cardinal differences in pharmacodynamics, indications and contraindications for use.

The production of the drug is based on an extract of the prostate gland of cattle – a concentrated extract of amino acid residues connected by peptide bonds from prostate tissues of mature goby. Auxiliary components of the product are used to improve organoleptic properties and comfortable use; they have no great pharmacological value.

Tablet version

Vitaprost for oral administration is a round tablet, a bluish tint. The content of the main active substance (extract) is 100 mg / 1 tablet. Additional components include:

  • Lactose and sucrose.
  • Food supplement E572 (calcium stearate).
  • Crospovidone, as a disintegrant.
  • MCC (microcrystalline cellulose).

Pills and candles

Available in blister packs of ten tablets.


Goose prostate extract has a selective effect. Improves the organic state, and restores the functionality of the affected prostate of a man.

The main therapeutic properties of the drug include:

  • Stimulation of the outflow of excess fluid from tissues, and a decrease in the volume of the prostate.
  • activation of blood supply to the gland, as a result – prevention of thrombosis.
  • Improving sperm quality, and increasing erectile capacity.
  • Normalization of the production of prostatic juice.
  • Stimulation of the muscular system of the urinary system, and the elimination of the symptoms of pollakiuria (rapid urination).

The process of resorption (absorption) of the active component into the systemic circulation takes about an hour.

Indications and contraindications for use

The tablet version of Vitaprost is prescribed by a urologist (andrologist) with diagnosed pathological changes in the prostate gland:

  1. The recurrent and latent period of chronic inflammation of the prostate is not a bacterial etiology (origin).
  2. Benign neoplasm (prostate adenoma).

The medicine can be used in case of violation of the functions of urine excretion by the organs of the urinary system, and also, as a prevention of the development of inflammation of the prostate.

The medication is not used if a man has:

  • Individual allergic reactions to Vitaprost components.
  • Pathology of the liver in the stage of decompensation.
  • Lactase deficiency.

The drug is not prescribed for young men of minor age.

Side effects

In most cases, tablets do not cause undesirable manifestations and tafilaxia (weakening of the therapeutic effect with repeated course use). Incorrect use of the drug may occur:

  • Nausea.
  • Intense gassing.
  • Dyspepsia (painful digestion).
  • Allergic dermatosis.

In biochemical analysis – an increase in the concentration of liver enzymes (ALT, AST).

Standard treatment regimen

Vitaprost is taken twice a day for one tablet. Course therapy is:

  1. With adenoma – one month.
  2. In chronic inflammation of the prostate – up to 10 days.

As a preventive measure for chronic abacterial prostatitis – twice a year for a month.

The dosage of the medication and the therapeutic regimen are determined by the attending physician, depending on the stage and nature of the course of the disease.

Rectal suppositories

Rectal suppositories are produced in three versions, depending on the degree of content of the main active substance (goat prostate extract):

  • Vitaprost – 50 mg.
  • Vitaprost Plus and Vitaprost Forte – 100 mg.

An additional component is solid fat. Variety Vitaprost Plus contains lomefloxacin – an antimicrobial agent of the fluoroquinolone group.

The pharmacodynamics of suppositories is no different from the action of tablets. Vitaprost Plus additionally has a bactericidal effect, is active against gram-negative pathogens.

In addition to the indications for use, identical with the tablet version of the drug, suppositories are prescribed in the preoperative and postoperative period of surgery on the prostate gland.

Contraindications to use are supplemented by malignant tumors of the prostate, chronic neurological disease (epilepsy), damage to the rectum and perianal region.

Candles Vitaprost

Standard application scheme:

  • Vitaprost – once in a candle before bedtime, for a week (or 10 days).
  • Vitaprost Forte – identically, within 10-14 days.
  • Candles marked “Plus” – the appointment is determined by the doctor individually.

Before using suppositories, it is recommended to empty the intestines. In case of impossibility of independent bowel movement, an enema procedure should be performed.

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