Beautiful belly after childbirth

After pregnancy, a woman is faced with the problem of how to clean her stomach after childbirth. Extra pounds worry many young mothers. During pregnancy, the main volume of the abdomen is the uterus. After childbirth, it gradually decreases. The uterus takes its initial size only 6 weeks after the birth of the baby.

During pregnancy, there is also a thickening of the fatty layers in the abdomen, due to serious hormonal changes. This process is necessary for the body to protect the bearing fetus from adverse external factors. The process of fat accumulation is inevitable, but in each woman it proceeds individually. This is affected by heredity and the different speed of metabolic processes.

The main secret of harmony after childbirth is patience and regular body care procedures. It must be understood that restoring a figure is a lengthy process. In no case should not be nervous. In stressful situations, a hormone called cortisol is formed. He is responsible for the deposition of fat in the abdomen.

Therefore, a young mother should be set to a positive result, and should periodically relax. For example, shopping is very good. This is also a kind of exercise. While shopping, trying on a lot of energy is spent. And buying a beautiful thing will cheer you up.

The method of getting rid of the postpartum abdomen

All existing methods that help remove a sagging stomach after childbirth, must be used in combination. The first thing you need to pay close attention to is physical activity, training. In second place is nutrition. When breast-feeding a baby, there can be no talk of a diet. A hunger strike does not help remove the stomach. But proper balanced nutrition will eliminate the accumulation of excess fat.

High-calorie foods are excluded from the menu. Banned sweets, smoked meats, white flour products, muffins. The diet should include foods rich in fiber. It is acceptable to eat a small amount of meat and fish.

Many mothers, when deciding how to remove the tummy after childbirth, resort to cosmetic procedures.

The most effective are:

  • Wraps. Particular attention should be paid to thalassotherapy. It is carried out with sea water, algae and special mud. This method can be used several months after birth. Wraps help to remove extra centimeters at the waist, as well as increase skin elasticity.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage. It is allowed even to women breastfeeding babies.
  • Anti-cellulite massage  will help to thoroughly work out problem areas. During lactation, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure. Daily abdominal massage can be performed using special creams.

In the first stages after childbirth, a woman should walk in a special postpartum bandage. The abdominal muscles during this period are very weak and need support. It is important to choose the right bandage. To do this, follow the recommendations of the manufacturers. Bandages-panties are bought a size larger than usual, and bandages-ribbons for marking their personal underwear.

Many mothers still use tying instead of bandages. This procedure will help to reduce the uterus, restore the muscle corset, and prevent divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles.

Fat burning occurs only with the direct participation of oxygen. Therefore, it is very important to conduct daily breathing exercises. In the fight against extra centimeters at the waist, diaphragm breathing will help. You need to breathe in your stomach as often as possible: on a walk, at home, lying on the couch.

If all these methods do not help bring the figure back to normal, you can resort to plastic surgery. But this should be a last resort. Tummy tuck after childbirth relieves saggy and stretched skin, as well as excess fat. But if pregnancy is planned in the near future, plastic surgery is unacceptable.

How to remove unwanted belly at home

In the gym there are special courses that will help tighten the stomach after childbirth. But many young mothers do not have enough free time for this. Do not be upset. Even at home, there are plenty of opportunities to solve the problem of unwanted weight.

Currently, specialists have developed many simple and effective sets of exercises that can be performed independently. To restore the abdomen after childbirth, classes are performed regularly, according to a pre-compiled schedule. But do not wait for an instant effect. Stretched muscles during pregnancy will return to normal after a few months.

It is worthwhile to proceed with exercises with extreme caution. In the first stages, the physical activity of a woman should increase. Long walks are the best way to prepare your body for further activities.

All exercises that help restore the stomach after childbirth are usually divided into 4 groups:

  • The first group includes only those exercises in which the legs are motionless, and only the body works. This is raising, turning, lowering, circular body movements. In this case, the upper abdominal muscles are strengthened.
  • The second group includes exercises in which the body remains motionless, and only legs work. These include raising, lowering, moving legs in different directions. This load is aimed at the development of the lower abdominal muscles.
  • At the same time, the torso and legs are involved. This comprehensively trains all the abdominal muscles.
  • Cross work of legs and torso. This set of exercises is necessary for the study of the side walls of the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

During classes at home, you can use a hoop, skipping rope, fitball, special rotating discs or a wheel for the press.

Effective Exercise

Performing exercises for the abdomen after childbirth will not only help improve the condition of the body. Many women also note an increase in mood, relief from pain, fatigue. This will naturally have a beneficial effect on the attitude of the young mother to the child and loved ones.

A set of popular and proven exercises :

  1. As a warm-up exercise, the “kitty” exercise is ideal. Standing on all fours, you need to try to bend your back as much as possible, throwing your head back slightly. 5 sets of 10 fixations are performed.
  2. Starting position – standing, legs together. Squats are performed, while the buttocks are pulled back as much as possible. Hands should be placed on the middle of the thigh. Heels should not be torn off the floor.
  3. The exercise is performed from a standing position. Inclinations from side to side, legs at the same time are strictly shoulder width apart. In this case, you need to try to reach the floor.
  4. Lying on the floor, while inhaling, legs rise up. With each lesson, the distance from the heels to the floor should gradually increase. There is burning of fat in the abdominal cavity, as well as strengthening of the lower abdominal muscles.
  5. Raising legs bent at the knees. Performed sitting on the edge of the chair. You need to try to strain the press.
  6. A bike exercise that has been known since childhood is very effective. It is carried out lying. The legs are bent at the knees and move as if riding an invisible bicycle. During movement, the lower back should be pressed firmly to the floor.
  7. Twisting. This exercise puts stress on the oblique muscles of the abdomen. Starting position – the legs are shoulder width apart and do not move. The upper part of the body is diverted to the side. Hands are parallel to the floor and help to “twist”. Exercises do in different directions.

Each exercise is performed on average for 10-15 approaches. Gradually, the load is worth increasing. Training should not be accompanied by pain. Classes also stop with dizziness, weakness, or nausea.

The proposed set of exercises should be performed at least 3 times a week. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor proper breathing: inhalation during tension of the abdominal muscles, exhalation during relaxation.

Before training, you need to visit the toilet. 1 hour before and after class is not recommended to eat.

Flat stomach with traditional medicine

Traditional medicine knows many ways that will tell you how to get rid of the postpartum abdomen. Many recipes use bee honey. Various masks are made on its basis, which are much more effective than many purchased creams.

Honey masks have high hygroscopic properties. Honey absorbs a variety of skin secretions, helps to disperse subcutaneous fat, stimulates metabolic processes, smoothes wrinkles.

A mask with honey can be prepared on the basis of cream. All the ingredients for it are sold at any grocery store and pharmacy. You need 2 tablespoons of honey, cream and 1 tablespoon of dried yeast. All ingredients are mixed and left for 30 minutes. After this time, a few drops of geranium essential oil are added to the resulting mass.

A honey mask is applied to the problem area. For best results, the abdomen is covered with plastic wrap. This creates an additional warming effect.

To quickly remove the stomach after childbirth, you need to use herbal teas daily – from mint, yarrow, chamomile. These herbs help improve metabolism, which naturally affects the process of losing weight. Such teas are allowed when breastfeeding.

Within 6 weeks after giving birth, an ice bladder should be applied to the stomach, which turns into a clean diaper. This will help to reduce uterus faster.

Little secrets of getting rid of extra centimeters

In addition to proper nutrition, physical activity and cosmetic procedures in everyday life, you can also maintain a figure. For example, when taking a shower, doctors advise massaging problem areas of the abdomen with cold water using a removable shower head. Movements need to be alternated. First, from the right side to the left, and vice versa in circular motions.

Good contrast tones the muscles, which is effective not only in the postpartum period. Taking it, the body needs to be rubbed with a stiff sponge.

When walking with a child, you do not need to sit in one place. The more you move, the faster the excess fat will go. Carrying a baby in a sling will increase the load. At the same time, it is worth remembering an important rule – to live with an inverted stomach. In the early stages, this will not be easy, but it will become a habit over time. It is also worth watching for even posture when walking.

If a woman does not breast-feed her baby, it is possible to arrange fasting days, at least 1 time per week. For a figure it is very useful.

First results

Subject to recommendations on how to restore the stomach after childbirth, the first obvious results will be noticeable after 1-1.5 months. An integrated approach will help return the figure to the antenatal form. Excessive sentiment in the waist area is not only a cause of psychological discomfort. In the future, excess body fat can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or obesity.

But the exercise should not harm the fragile body of a woman after childbirth. For 2.5 months after childbirth, you can not load the abdominal muscles, and after a cesarean section, this period is increased by 1 month.

Intensive physical education can lead to a significant decrease in milk production and even to a change in its taste. Therefore, when deciding how to remove the postpartum belly, a consultation with a gynecologist and a pediatric therapist should be a mandatory step.

2 months of regular training and the right lifestyle will strengthen your abdominal muscles. But achieving the desired result is not a signal for stopping the exercise. A beautiful figure is a daily work on yourself.

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