Special bandage after cesarean section

An important event has happened in your life – you became a mother! Each woman has an individual birth process: someone gives birth in a natural way, while others have to undergo surgery – a cesarean section.

But, despite the type of birth, women need special care in both cases. How to take care of yourself correctly, and even restore the figure as soon as possible?

The bandage is a special elastic design that allows you to fix the abdominal muscles and help the uterus come in tone much faster. Many gynecologists argue that the wearing of such clothes is simply necessary for women during the bearing of the baby, and after childbirth.

Bandage after cesarean section – all the pros and cons

The secret is that the bandage is quite a rigid structure that supports and tone the abdominal muscles and helps the spine to avoid overload. But after childbirth, it is necessary for the ladies to be able to quickly recover. With normal childbirth, the abdominal muscles come in tone much faster, and the uterus contracts more actively compared to women after surgery. But if you wear special clothes, this process will go faster.

A bandage after cesarean section is not an easy recommendation, it is a necessity. The body recovers much longer after such an operation: the abdomen does not subside so intensely due to the uterus contracting slowly. In addition, women may experience discomfort when moving. The suture causes a dull, dull pain, especially in the first days after surgery.

But special clothing removes all these sensations, it will become much easier for you to walk, the seam will be tightly fixed, and will not hurt. In addition, the muscles will be easier to contract. Elastic underwear helps keep internal organs in the correct position. What is important for women who underwent surgery. Remember, wearing a bandage after an operation can only be prescribed by a doctor, because each situation is purely individual and the seams can be different.

Which bandage is right

As a rule, doctors recommend that pregnant women acquire a universal bandage. It perfectly supports the tummy and will relieve stress from the spine. Its design consists of two bands: a narrow fastens under the belly, and a wide belt. In addition, such underwear will be useful to you after childbirth, you only need to turn it over (change the position of the elastic bands) and you will have a real postpartum bandage.

However, women note that after allowing from pregnancy, universal models may not be very convenient: a wide strip from the bottom of the abdomen rises to the waist. This model is made of too dense material, and it is more suitable for wearing at home, since under the clothes the belt stands out very much.

A panty-bandage is a type of tightening underwear, which, according to experts, is suitable for women after cesarean section. The waist of this product is overestimated, the belt is wide and very elastic – the woman’s stomach is fixed as much as possible and the seam does not cause discomfort. Rigid inserts on the abdomen and lower back provide maximum wearing comfort.

When buying such a product, pay attention to the presence of fasteners at the bottom or side of the panties – this design is the most practical, as it allows you to independently choose the level of tightening. But the bandages – Bermuda not only perfectly tighten the stomach, but also visually reduce the hips. You should not choose a model that has a knee length – this is not too convenient and if you gave birth in the summer, you will be hot in them.

Recommendations for choosing linen

Before choosing and buying a bandage after a cesarean section, check with your doctor what type of linen is right for you, and if there are any contraindications to wearing it.

If there are no prohibitions, the following recommendations will be useful to you:

  • Get underwear before delivery. It will come in handy necessarily, at least at first.
  • If you have gained more than 15 kg during pregnancy, buy a model a couple of sizes larger than the one you wore before pregnancy. If the gain in weight was insignificant – choose a bandage strictly according to constant body volumes. But experts recommend buying two models at once: one is small, and the second is 2 sizes larger. So you make sure, and will have the necessary underwear, which you measure after childbirth.
  • When choosing clothes, give preference to the model without additional accessories: no buttons, hard fasteners, lacing. Please note that you will wear it every day and all this decor can put pressure on you and cause discomfort. This is especially true for women after surgery – the suture is too sensitive, so it is unacceptable that something was pressed or rubbed on it. Postoperative bandage should be as comfortable as possible and made of good quality material. You should not choose too tight or a small belt, otherwise you will not be able to fully move in it, and the internal organs will be compressed.
  • When buying, be sure to consider for which part of the body a bandage is needed. The choice of model will depend on this: from hard belts to corsets with tightening.

How to put on a bandage

It is very important to know how to put on and wear a postpartum bandage after cesarean section. After all, this is not easy underwear, but a device that should support the abdominal muscles as much as possible and help the uterus “return” to its normal position.

Depending on the model, there are two ways to put on linen:

  • From a standing position. So you can put on a universal bandage or support belt (one strip or two), immediately adjusting the level of tension.
  • From a prone position. According to doctors, this is the only true way. Indeed, it is in this position that the uterus occupies the correct position and you can precisely adjust the level of tension. As soon as you get up, try moving around, bending over, eating too tightly or uncomfortably in the seam area – go to bed again and change your clothes.
How to wear postpartum underwear

Before putting on any model of underwear after childbirth, you should consult a doctor. This is especially true for women who have had a cesarean section. The fact is that sometimes the condition of the seam is a contraindication to the wearing of a tensile structure. If you ignore this recommendation, complications can arise: irritation in the incision area, divergence of the suture, and even infectious suppuration. But if you have everything in order, the bandage can be worn already 3-5 days after the birth of the baby. In the early days, there is a risk of a loop in the intestines. However, there are cases when linen is prescribed to be worn already from 1 day after surgery.

You need to put on the bandage every day, approximately 12 hours a day, but it is worth remembering that it must be removed every 3-4 hours and take a break at least for 20-30 minutes. The duration of wearing underwear is also an individual feature for each woman. It is usually recommended to tone the muscles for 1-1.5 months after surgery. Do not sleep in underwear! At night, the body should rest, and the muscles should relax.

Dear ladies, remember that the recommendations of doctors must be followed exactly. And if you are assigned to wear a bandage do not give up on this underwear. This will greatly facilitate your life in the first month after cesarean section, in addition, it will help bring your body to its previous shape faster than without dragging underwear.

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