Air in the uterus after childbirth

Young mothers often face a delicate problem, after birth air comes out of the uterus. Many women develop complexes due to unpleasant sounds in the presence of strangers, because the process of gas escape to the outside can not be controlled.

During pregnancy, the uterine muscles are stretched, filled with air, and after a natural birth, symptoms appear such as involuntary urination and the release of gases from the uterus. Sudden exertion, coughing and sneezing reinforce sensations. The baby presses with its weight on the uterus from the inside and contributes to the ingress of air inside. The muscles of the vagina are like gates for the baby, which should both open and close in time.

Gynecologists advise to train the perineal and coccygeal muscles, then blood circulation in the lower parts of the spine is normalized, thereby preventing the development of hemorrhoids and problems in the uterine region.

How to prevent this?

Most women are embarrassed to ask their question, why does the air exit the uterus, and how to avoid it? From the side of medicine, there are no violations, the process is unpleasant, but justified by scientists. Nature conceived so, the air comes out with a noise after the birth of the baby. But this is temporary. Previously, no one paid attention, because the air came out silently. Periodically, muscle tone changes and air is inaudible, and sometimes it happens with sound and loudly. During contractions, it is important to take a deep breath, and then on exhalation the air will come out itself, and will not linger there.

To prevent air from leaving the uterus, it is better not to let it go there. You can try to translate such situations as a joke, and not focus your attention, but you can do the exercises.

Muscle tone exercises

Specialists in this field have developed exercises to maintain vaginal tone. Regular and proper training will become the key to success of muscle elasticity. Thus, the likelihood that the gas with sound will escape from the vagina will be reduced.

Try some simple exercises and you won’t regret it:

  • We do squats. A very useful activity will help eliminate air in the uterus. Squat slowly, knees apart, stay for a while in this position. Increase the time gradually to two minutes.
  • We work with muscles, starting and stopping urination. During the exercise, breathe, do not stop. During the day, you can repeat without restrictions.
  • Alternately retract and relax the muscles of the uterus and anus. Perform exercises regularly for at least 2-3 weeks.

These exercises will help not only with the problem of air entering the uterus, but also enhance the pleasant sensations during sex with your partner.

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