Why born with one kidney

According to statistics, for every 10 thousand of the population accounts for 5 persons with one kidney. Sometimes it happens that a person is given one kidney from birth.

This body has to take of both kidneys to function and independently carry out endocrine, OSMO – and ionoregulatory, metabolic and hematopoietic activities.

Sometimes the patient inadvertently learns of the existence of only one of the body.

The reasons for such anomalies

The root cause of this deviation is not. Parents may not be aware of the child’s illness because it develops in the same way as other kids. Perhaps in the body played the role of a genetic predisposition. To be born a very special child can have a mother who had infectious diseases during pregnancy.

This anomaly called agenesis, it is divided into 2 types:

  1. Bilateral renal carcinoma. Usually the baby dies in the womb or after birth, lived for several hours.
  2. Unilateral agenesis. In this case, one of the kidney retains its vitality and takes all the functions.

Doctors say that agenesis of the right kidney is working is more prevalent in women. Most likely, this is due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the body.
If the body can not cope with their responsibilities, then the person usually gets disability status.

If the deviation is minor, such people have a disability do not give. But still, if the child was born with one kidney, he is not like everyone else. Despite good health, these children or adults have once a year to undergo a full medical examination or to give blood and urine sample.

If necessary, modern medicine can offer the transplant of donor organs. Upon success, the new body will operate.

Life after nefrektomii

Sometimes one of two kidneys have to remove. This procedure is called nephrectomy. In this case, a person can also lead a full life except some limitations. In the postoperative period need to rest and bed rest. All food should be sparing.

The remaining kidney will increase in volume, which will be accompanied by slight discomfort which will fade with time. After nefrektomii people should stick to gentle physical activity and to carry out tempering procedures.

Food should be nutritious, but easy to understand.

Preference should be given to:

  1. Dishes of vegetables and fruits.
  2. Rye bread.
  3. Fermented dairy products.
  4. The dishes of lean meat or fish.

In limited quantities, you can eat fatty, canned, spicy dishes. Observe the drinking regime. The sharp restriction of fluid and salt is undesirable.

Preventive measures

If a person knows that since birth he is missing 1 kidney or were nephrectomy, his way of life may differ from other people.

Although preventative measures will not prevent to observe and all the rest, as they include recommendations for maintaining overall health:

  1. We should address prevention of infectious diseases.
  2. In the presence of chronic diseases in a timely manner to eliminate the inflammation.
  3. To prevent hypothermia.
  4. Periodically visit a urologist to monitor the work of the kidneys.

In General we can say that human life with one kidney is a little different from the lives of others. Many young women worried how they will be able to have a baby with one kidney, and is this acceptable.

There are many examples of birth perfectly healthy babies these women. This circumstance is not a contraindication to childbirth. In medical practice, of course, there are cases of disadvantaged pregnant women with one kidney, it all depends on the specific characteristics of each situation.

Recommended food

Diet is important factor healthy and productive lives of such special people. The diet should be rich in such products as sour cream, honey, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

The meat is better boiled, like the fish, bread mostly rye. The number of products needs to identify an experienced nutritionist. Recommended high-calorie foods, but not protein.

If you decided to eat vegan foods, you should not lean on legumes and pasta, it is better to replace them with potatoes or vegetables. On the one kidney and so there is a double load, so you should limit the intake of large amounts of mineral salts.

They are contained in canned products, smoked meats, pickles, carbonated beverages. Contraindicated caffeine and alcohol, you can drink juice, compote or juice. This food will not only allow the kidney to lose performance, otherwise you’ll have to apply for disability.

To smoothly switch from a protein meal to another, you must follow these rules:

  • Eat boiled meat or fish, but not more than 3 times a week.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates. It’s buckwheat, oats and other cereal, rye bread, from white grapes, choose whole-grain bread. Pastries are avoided or reduced to a minimum.
  • From dairy products are recommended sour cream and cream. Consumption of other dairy products it is better to reduce.
Agenesis of the kidneys in newborns

As noted above, to be born children with one kidney can cause genetic predisposition. According to statistics, most of these kids may appear in mothers with diabetes.
A child with one kidney born weak and may have external flaws. Treatment proceeds in 2 directions. Is antibiotic therapy and transplantation of donor organ. At times, despite the high risk to life and health of the child, transplantation of donor kidney is the only correct decision in agenesis of the kidneys, especially bilateral.

If the agenesis is unilateral, the external signs of the disease is not observed, then the treatment is not carried out. In identifying violations show a diet gentle lifestyle, low physical activity.

Congenital absence of a kidney is not a severe disease, a person can feel quite healthy. But it is worth remembering that the envisaged nature as a pair, but being the only authority takes the entire burden on himself, so not worth it to overload. Will have to carefully monitor their health.

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