Postpartum Hair Care

9 months of difficulties and worries behind. Finally, there is the opportunity to put yourself in order: put on beautiful clothes, do makeup, hair and so on. But not so optimistic as it seems. Quite often, during this period, women begin to worry about the question: why does hair loss occur after childbirth? It is difficult to lay them beautifully, they not only climb, hair after childbirth becomes weak and dull. To put your appearance in order as soon as possible, you need to understand why hair falls out after childbirth.

The main reason for the deterioration of the appearance is the lack of calcium in the female body. And not only hair suffers after childbirth.

This list also contains teeth, nails and skin. The kid took from his mother everything necessary for his development and the supply of necessary substances for the normal functioning of the woman’s body is insufficient.

Both before birth and after, a woman is in a state of constant excitement and anxiety, which contributes to the removal of a large amount of magnesium from the body. Magnesium deficiency causes stress, and stress causes poor appearance. A happy woman can be seen right away – through her hair.

How to save your hairstyle?

If hair loss after childbirth draws attention to itself, then this is an occasion for decisive action aimed at strengthening and restoring it.

The first step in this direction is the normalization of vitamins and minerals necessary for the full activity of the female body after childbirth.

But one should be careful when taking measures to strengthen the scalp, especially during breastfeeding. Before you start to use any vitamin complex, you need to consult a doctor. Why? – In order not to harm the baby!

The second step is a balanced diet. The issue of nutrition is very acute for a woman after childbirth – sheer bans and recommendations! Food must necessarily contain calcium-containing foods in order to restore calcium balance.

The main sources of calcium are meat, milk and cottage cheese, fish, butter. Oatmeal is very useful in this situation – it contains a maximum of useful substances. Vegetables and fruits can cause allergic reactions – try to eat them little by little and not eat red fruits and vegetables.

The third step is to choose a good restorative shampoo nourishing direction and the appropriate mask. To limit the mechanical effect on the hair with electric means for styling.

Stress and chronic lack of sleep

The period after the birth of a child is a rather difficult time for a woman. Children are not always calm and therefore regular lack of sleep and constant excitement lead to fatigue, and sometimes to chronic fatigue. Evidence that a woman needs rest is dull sagging lifeless hair.

Postpartum Hair Care

If hair falls out after childbirth, it means that they need additional care.

Additional care consists in the use of strengthening agents – conditioners, masks, rinses, which can provide nutrition with the necessary useful substances, prevent them from falling out, brittle, and lack of shine.

Thinking about how to restore hair after childbirth, you can seek help from mother nature.

Firming masks and decoctions for hair

Trying to stop hair loss after childbirth, you can use the following tips:

  • use henna for recovery (henna is an excellent natural source of energy and health, gives the hair a light brown shade, does not cause allergic reactions);
  • mustard mask (dry mustard + fresh egg + some milk) will return the hair a silky sheen, give them energy, activate their growth;
  • kefir mask (nourishes and moisturizes);
  • oatmeal mask (oatmeal + egg + milk) will make your hair healthy, voluminous and strong;
  • the egg mask will return them freshness, waviness, make them strong and elastic.

You can continue the list of masks for a long time, but returning to the above, it should be noted that all these ingredients are available and inexpensive. The main thing is that the procedures are regular and last 10-30 minutes.

Rinses the hair well. If the mask is usually done before shampooing or after, then rinsing is usually carried out after washing.

Rinsing using natural ingredients

For the rinsing procedure, you can prepare decoctions of medicinal herbs, which are then added to the water.

The most popular medicinal plant, which is easy to find in our area or buy in a pharmacy, is chamomile. A decoction of chamomile flowers strengthens the hair, restores its shine, makes them beautiful and obedient.

In addition to chamomile, decoctions of leaves and stems of nettles and burdock roots are very useful for the scalp.

Nettle is an excellent restorative and is often used to make hair care products. The same can be said about the properties of burdock. After rinsing with a decoction of burdock, they will gain volume, and their owner will be in a good mood.

Other hair strengthening methods

Continuing to discuss how to strengthen hair after childbirth, it is impossible not to say about the role of oils.
Olive oil itself nourishes hair well and as an ingredient in masks and balms. Making masks or balms with olive oil, you can combine the oil with lemon juice, honey, egg yolk.

When hair after childbirth climbs, masks and balms with olive oil are a good effective remedy.

A find in the modern world is shea butter. It is very nutritious, perfectly moisturizes the scalp and the hair itself, prevents their loss and strengthens the hair follicle. Using a mask with shea butter will protect the hair from drying out, protect it from environmental influences. After using such a mask once, the hair will be able to withstand the external environment, even after childbirth, when it is especially vulnerable.

Continuing the theme of oils, you can name:

  • sea-buckthorn oil (when hair climbs and splits),
  • burdock oil (strengthening the bulb and hair structure),
  • peach oil (makes the hair silky and free).

The postpartum period will require a lot of strength and patience from a woman. A huge responsibility is imposed on her – she cares about her baby, about her family. After giving birth, a woman has very little rest. And not always she manages to find time for her beloved when she just wants to get a good night’s sleep. The attention and care of loved ones who help, provide support, allow her to take a breath, will do their magic work.

A newly mummy, like her baby, needs to adhere to a certain routine – eat on time, have enough time to sleep, walk in the fresh air, enjoy life. And then everything will fall into place, her freshness and beauty will return to her, and hair care will sparkle with a beautiful natural hairstyle.

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