How to teach boys hygiene

Giving boys hygiene rules can be an interesting and exciting pastime. If you connect imagination, you can come up with fairy tales about evil bacteria that magic soap fights against.

Most importantly, remember: boys can be taught anything if someone smart and knowledgeable will show them everything by example.

Hygiene of a child aged 1.5 years
  • At 1.5, his son can already be taught personal hygiene. Buy your child a children’s toothbrush, soap, napkins, which differ from adults not only in composition, but also in a bright design. Make sure that the baby has its own towel and a separate place for detergents. Wash your baby every night, and change his panties twice a day.
  • If the baby strongly resists brushing his teeth and washing his hands, try to interest him. Make up a story about the fact that his body is attacked by evil microbes, and you can protect yourself from them with magic soap and warm water.
  • In the mornings and evenings, and also every time after walking and visiting the toilet, wash your hands with your child, wiping them with a towel. To demonstrate how important hygiene is, compare bacteria to dust that settles on furniture. Wipe the shelves with a cloth, then show it to the boy and wash it together.
  • Explain to your son that harmful dirt also accumulates under the nails and in the hair. “Magic” scissors and a “fabulous” shampoo that does not cause tears will help get rid of it.
  • The 1.5 year old boy should already be wearing panties. Baby’s underwear should be made of natural fabric and appropriate for the time of year.

Even in winter cold weather, you don’t need to give up light materials: boys are more active than girls, so they can overheat. Choose panties by size and make sure that they do not rub or sting anywhere.

From 3 to 6 years

A three-year-old child already has basic self-care skills. The kid still does a lot of sloppy and not always neat, but he tries. However, from time to time the crumbs may forget about hygiene. This is more typical for boys who do not always remember that they need to wash their hands. Therefore, often remind your son of this.

All hygiene of a three-year-old boy comes down to simple daily procedures: be persistent and the baby will get used to them.

Until this happens, remind, help and suggest what and how to do.

  • At the age of 3-4 years, the boy can already use wet wipes. Explain to him how to wash himself, teach him to do it every night without reminders. The child has not yet been able to cope without the help of his mother, but he will learn that this is a mandatory ritual for every day.
  • When the baby begins to go to kindergarten, he should already be able to independently wash and wipe his hands, as well as wash. Accustom the baby every time after going to the toilet to use a dry cloth (after urinating) or wet (after defecation). Most boys are reluctant to do this, so keep everything under control.
  • The child should have a special toothbrush – for children, with soft bristles. First, brush your teeth yourself son with one brush without using a paste. After some time, he will be able to do this without your help.
After 6 years

6-year-old boys are already quite independent and are able to perform hygiene procedures without any help. Only they have one feature: they often forget that they need to wash their hands after a walk or toilet.

It is no longer necessary to educate preschool boys on hygiene – they already know everything, it is more important to remind them of the need to perform hygiene procedures every day.

  • A child who is going to grade 1 should already look after himself without reminders. Hygiene at this age consists in changing underwear on your own, using a handkerchief, brushing your teeth, and making sure that bedding is fresh.
  • Difficulties arise in teaching boys to wash themselves twice a day. In the evening, the guys do it without question, but they often do not understand why morning wash is needed. Explain to your son that even at night all body systems continue to work, and skin is no exception. Old cells die, but remain on the face. They clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing. Because of this, pimples appear. To avoid them, in the morning you need to wash off everything that appeared on it overnight from the skin.
  • Boys are usually more energetic and athletic than girls. Therefore, explain to your son that it is very important to take a shower every day to flush dirt and sweat.

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