The most stupid parental actions through the eyes of teachers

Teachers and parents are an eternal history of confrontation. The former are not always satisfied with the behavior and diligence of the students, the latter seem to be insufficiently attentive to their children or too nitpicking. And so they are sometimes capable of strange things. We tried to imagine how it looks from the outside.

Custom Mentor

In the personal life of employees of educational institutions, various events occur. For example, a classy lady informs at a meeting that she is going on maternity leave in a month. Everyone begins to sort out the candidates for teachers, and focusing on one, they gather a delegation to the director with the demand to appoint this particular person. It’s amazing that they don’t even bother to ask his opinion and find out if he already has a class.


“Natalya Ivanovna, hello! This is the mother of Pety Semenov. What did you ask them for tomorrow? And then he has not been recorded. ” And such moms Sing, Vasya and Mash a night can call a dozen, if not more. And it’s good if it’s not midnight and not two in the morning (this also happens). Parents believe that in such late calls there is nothing reprehensible: in the end, the class teacher is the “second mother” (or dad, who is lucky as you are).

Broken phone

Some teachers admit that their parents are amazed that they ask them to influence a certain subject: “Olga Petrovna puts“ two ”in my mathematics for Pasha, and he writes poetry!”, “Antonina Stepanovna constantly makes comments to my Nastya, tell her, to stop! “. There are many options for such petitions, and they already resemble a children’s game. Adult people, apparently, seriously consider that it is easier for teachers to agree among themselves. And that such a situation is simply absurd, it does not occur to them.

School Wangs

Ever since education has become part of the service industry, there have been more and more cases of “you must…” statements. A simple example: a father can’t find his daughter’s office, and he forgot the name of the classroom teacher. Demanding to find his child, he says, addressing the watchman or security guard: “You all here are obliged to know where my girl is!” Probably, in the view of some popes, people working at school have the gift of clairvoyance or just superheroes.

“I am writing to you…”

Correspondence with a teacher in a student’s workbook is a rare, but not an isolated case. For example, an exercise was asked in the Russian language in which they asked to list famous clowns and comedians of the 20th century.

The boy, Vitya, indicated the surname of an activist who was not related to this profession; the teacher regarded this as a mistake and lowered her assessment. This greatly outraged Vitya’s parent, who crossed out the mark and wrote that the teacher has no sense of humor. This will make the experienced teacher only raise his eyebrows and smile, the youth responds for a joke, wishing that the last word is left for her. But they don’t know Vitina’s dad well: he has enough red ink for everyone.

Point, point, comma…

It’s funny when parents do their homework for their children and don’t try to hide it. Even a not too experienced mentor is able to distinguish who prescribed hooks or drew a diagram – an adult or a child. Moreover, the argument in this case is “iron”: the guys are asked so much, it does not matter if I help.

Under control

Social networks have long been a familiar part of our lives, so it is not surprising that many teachers have a page in one of them (or in several). Parents are curious about what a teacher lives outside of school walls, and at first they timidly, and then more actively monitor his actions in the virtual space and discuss them at home, often with younger members of the family.

Teachers are not aliens. A drawing teacher can be a vegetarian, get involved in Kafka’s art or diving. This will not affect his subject. But the extra information about the teacher heard by the children is completely useless to them.

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