Why you need to start to treat the fungus right now?

Fungal diseases of the nails and skin reduce the quality of life [1]. Moreover, that the person is experiencing discomfort from itching and peeling, so it also can be a source of infection to others. Fungal infection can be transmitted through the floors in public showers, baths, basins. The source of infection could be commercial vehicles, flip-flops for the shower and other footwear, towels.

One in five people have found themselves a fungal infection of the skin or nails [2]. Reddened, itchy, and flaky skin on legs, dull and splitting nails can be a sign of fungus. In the presence of one or more symptoms, be sure to consult a specialist!

Combating fungus can take several months, so do not delay its beginning. It’s fall and time to start treatment and complete it before the time comes to wear open shoes.

How modern tools against the fungus?

Attempts of treatment of nails and skin began in the nineteenth century. In the early last century doctors were the only potassium iodide in the early 20th century there was a pharmacy antiseptics.

In the middle of the last century opened the antibiotic that had activity against fungi, and later appeared drugs aimed acting specifically on the fungus [22]. In 1974, Sandoz was synthesized molecule naftifine. Naftifin not just helps to stop the development of fungus (also called fungistatic activity), but also contributes to the destruction of its cells (that is, has a fungicidal effect).

Naftifin is part of drugs, such as cream and solution drug zistan®. More than 40 years [3] drug zistan® has become an expert in the fight against fungal infections affecting the nails and skin.

What dosage form to choose?

For the selection of drug for the treatment of a particular fungal problems need to consult a specialist. Sometimes people ignore the problem, hesitate to seek treatment, and come to the specialist in the later stages of the fungus when the problem has already started.

For the treatment of nail fungus, you can use the drug zistan® solution [4], as due to its liquid form it is able to penetrate deep into the nail [5]. The drug creates a high concentration naftifine in the lesion [5], [6]. Thus, drug zistan® solution to attack the fungus from within [5] ,[6].

For the treatment of fungus of the skin, including between the fingers, more suitable drug zistan® cream [4], as it contains no alcohol. In this case, the drug is applied once a day [7] and operates on a wide range of pathogens of the fungus [8]. Drug zistan® cream also helps relieve itching and redness [9],[10].

What new products are available to treat nail fungus at early stage?

The little speck [11] on the nail, slightly noticeable clouding of the nail plate can result in serious problems in the future. Don’t ignore seemingly small changes [12]!

Today for treatment of fungus nails at an early stage [13] (after consultation with a specialist) you can use the new drug Extrafine. It is applied like regular nail Polish 10 minutes after applying which can be applied decorative coating [14]. This tool is convenient because it can be used 1 or 2 times a week. Before re-applying it is necessary to remove decorative paint.

Extrafine within 24 hours penetrates into the nail plate [15] and fights even with a few kinds of nail fungus [16]. This drug can be used for prevention of fungal diseases of nails, such as pools or baths.

Do not attempt to diagnose and especially to treat the fungus yourself! At the first suspicion of fungus consult a specialist, the sooner you start to apply the prescribed treatment – the greater the likelihood that the course will be shorter and cheaper [17].

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