Stuttering. How to get rid of stuttering?

To understand the feelings of a person who stutters, imagine yourself at the ticket office. You need to buy a ticket, but your language does not obey you, and you have a cold sweat. Trying to speak, you repeat the first sound, but the word never vents.

With the problem of stuttering around the world facing about 60 million people, of which 80% of men. Often such people look with disdain, laugh at them and consider minded because they choose simple words to Express his thoughts.

In this article, we will discuss: causes of stuttering, is it possible to learn to speak fluently and how others can help those who stutter.

Causes of stuttering:

Recent studies have shown that stuttering may arise for one reason, and on a number of factors. One factor is stress, another is genetic predisposition. Approximately 60% of the stuttering people have relatives with a similar problem.

Another factor is the brain. During tomographic studies have proved that the brain of stutterers during speech works differently. Doctor Nathan Lavid in his book explain it this way: “some are beginning to speak before the brain will signal for the articulation of words.”

Previously it was believed that the main cause of stuttering is psychological. But it turned out that using psychological methods, it is impossible to convince the person that he spoke fluently. Furthermore, psychological problems often result from stuttering rather than a cause. For example, a person afraid to talk on the phone or to speak publicly.

Is it possible to learn to speak fluently? How to get rid of stuttering?

Noticed that stammering people can usually sing without stuttering, talking in whispers, talking to himself or a pet and when other parodies. Some of the children in the stuttering going away, but what about those who have this problem remains?

Developed a special treatment program to get rid of the stuttering. The patient learns how to relax the face, lips and tongue, as well as mastering the technique of diaphragmatic breathing. Also, the method of “soft start” – when the patient takes a shallow breath through the diaphragm, and the sound speaks in short breaths. Another method – when talking to stretch out the vowels and some consonants – the rate of speech increases and it becomes smooth.

A similar technique can be learned in a few hours, but to successfully apply it in stressful situations, required hours of training.

Do I need to wait for that stuttering in a child eventually goes away? Statistics shows that only less than 20% of children under 5 years old stuttering going away. So as soon as possible to begin work with a speech pathologist. Some patients speech therapist recommends to use a special device to arrest the acoustic feedback, and others – drugs for relieving anxiety, which is caused by a speech disorder.

If as an adult, the person continues to stutter, you should not give up. About 60-80% of stutterers have successfully overcome this illness with the help of medical techniques. But still need to be realistic. According to speech pathologists, most afflicted with a stammer can’t always learn to speak perfectly and without hesitation. These people stuttering becomes more noticeable if they speak or read in the presence of people, they hesitate because of them poking fun.

So the stuttering people are given such a recommendation, first of all, you need to overcome the fear of stuttering. Think about what you will say and not about how you do it. Accept yourself as you are, and do not take too seriously to itself. If you stutter, laugh at yourself, trying to relax, and go forward. Don’t let circumstances deprive you of a full life: master a musical instrument, sign language or learn to draw.

How can you help others?

If you have no problems with it, it is necessary to appreciate the enormous efforts of struggling with stuttering and support them. How you can help them?

  1. 1. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, to eliminate the rush, because often the relentless pace of modern life exacerbates the problem.
  2. 2. Do not tell stutterers to speak more slowly, and themselves serve in this example of speaking in a measured, slowly. Patiently listen to him and don’t interrupt. No need to finish the sentence for him. And before you answer, pause.
  3. 3. No need to criticize and correct it. Your face, eyes, gestures, and cues to show that you care what he says, not as he says.
  4. 4. Do not consider stuttering a taboo subject. If you occasionally as a friend, you will mention about his problem, he will feel freer. Help this sentence: “sometimes it is not easy to Express what you want”.
  5. 5. Stuttering needs to see and understand that you accept him as he is.

By applying these tips, you will help the stuttering person to talk normally in your presence.

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