A cough from a cold, treatment

In children 5-8 years of nasopharynx is formed differently than in adults. The appearance of mucus in the nasal cavity, it gradually accumulates and flows on the rear wall of the child, thereby irritating the ligaments, the trachea and bronchi.

As the common cold associated with cough?

As a result, acts as a cough reflex respiratory tract mucus. This phenomenon is congenital and is a kind of self-clearing the bronchi of mucus.

How to understand that a cough from a cold?

To recognize the cause of the coughing can the pediatrician for a routine examination. When coughing from a cold there is no wheezing in the chest, but if babe is very open mouth, at the back of the throat, the doctor will notice an accumulation of mucus and redness.

Yourself to understand that the cough from mucus by the following factors:

  • the cough came later than snot;
  • coughing occur only in the evening and night;
  • body temperature does not rise above the norm;
  • there are no other signs of a cold (lethargy, weakness, decreased appetite, diarrhea);
  • dry cough without sputum.

If the baby has fever and a General weakened condition, dry nose, and scratchy throat, then the cough is probably caused not by the cold, and it is urgent to show the child the doctor.

How to treat cough from mucus in a child – therapy runny nose and cough

If a relation between the cough and mucus, to eliminate the first factor, it is necessary to cure the second. Besides medications aimed at getting rid of pathogens, the baby, symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

It is important to provide a comfortable environment. You should regularly ventilate the room to maintain optimal humidity.

Bouts of cough up mucus flowing down back wall of the larynx to facilitate a warm drink. A large amount of water will remove mucus from the larynx and facilitate the General condition of the baby.

In the treatment of coughing optimally for these purposes, use the following drink:

  1. Water with added a pinch of baking soda.
  2. Warm milk with honey and melted butter (will help to clear and soothe the throat surface).
  3. Cranberry or cranberry juice will relieve cough and will have an antiseptic effect. Vitamin C will boost immunity of the child.
Pharmacy tools

In the choice of tactics of treatment should be based on the factors that cause increased production of mucus. In young children this condition may be triggered by dry air in the room or fused adenoids.

In most cases, pediatricians prescribe the following treatment:

  1. Vasoconstrictor drops and sprays. This kind of medications can help relieve severe nasal congestion. They should only be used for purpose issued by the pediatrician and no longer than 5 days. Assigned only in the case when the cold prevents the child to sleep and eat.Most popular products – Naphazoline, Sanorin, Betadrin. You should take them according to instructions. Overdose can lead to negative consequences. For children up to 3 years application of sprays is undesirable. The drug can get into the ear cavity and cause otitis media.
  2. Antiseptics. If snot have a yellow or green hue, you should apply antiseptic medicines. They will help to disinfect the cavity of the nasopharynx and to remove excessive mucus from the nasal cavity. The most effective Protargol and Miramistin.

Inhalation is another effective method of treatment of the child with the runny nose and phlegm. During this procedure is the hydration of the nasal mucosa, which contributes to quick getting rid of a cold and mucus liquefies and is easier leaves.

For treatments with a nebulizer good mineral water or just to rest. To breathe the fumes need morning and evening.

If it is not possible to buy a special device for inhalation, as an alternative you can use a saucepan with hot contents. For this procedure, prepare a decoction of herbs – chamomile, sage or calendula. The child’s head should be tilted over the hot liquid and cover with a blanket or towel. The duration of treatment – 5-7 minutes.

To reduce the negative impact of drugs on the immune system of the baby, some parents use the recipes of traditional medicine.

To the recommended procedures include:

  • warming up mustard;
  • rubbing badger fat;
  • lavage of the nasopharynx with broth herbs (chamomile, mother and stepmother, marjoram) or a solution of sodium chloride;
  • use raspberry jam.
Peculiarities of treatment of cough from mucus in infants

In infants and newborns cough from mucus occurs much more often than kids older than one year. This is due to the structures of the respiratory system and the inability of the child to remove the mucus from the nose. The accumulation of mucus in the nasal turbinates leads to runoff on the back of the throat of the child.

In infants under 6 months of runny nose and cough may be accompanied by bloating and diarrhea. After one year of age is a viral infection manifested by nasal congestion and cough with sputum.

Doctors do not recommend the use of the drug in this age for the treatment of rhinitis, if it is not accompanied by high temperature. To facilitate the child’s condition need to clear nose aspirator and rinse the nasal passages with sterile salt water. Such a solution can be buy in the drugstore. These include Aqualor Baby, and Throat, These.


Prevention of cough from the nozzle aimed at the prevention of contact with mucous contents into the cavity of the larynx.

In order to further not had to treat cough from mucus in a young child will need:

  • apply vasoconstrictor drops when severe congestion;
  • regularly rinse your nose with saline;
  • use the aspirator for colds in children the first year of life;
  • for the sleep time to put the baby on the pillow so that the mucus does not drain into the bronchi;
  • make expectorant syrups for children over 5 years.

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