Online love is more real than we think

We were lucky (most likely) live in a world ruled by technology. And with all the bonuses that they can offer, the gradual introduction of technologies in the domestic sphere was only a matter of time.

Now to fall in love in Instagram, to get married via Skype, and parting, changing the status of the VC. So some people develop very real virtual relationships. Only here real?

People fall in love with those whom you meet online and these feelings is real, experts say. “Probably, it happens not with everyone, but when occurs, it can be something intense and very tangible,” says Live Science Joseph Walter (Joseph Walther) from the University of Michigan (Michigan State University), who has studied online relationships.

Online environment – greenhouse for the cultivation of perfect love. “First, we can obtain only limited information about their partners,” says Walter. This, according to the researcher, makes a person to fill in the gaps with either very positive or negative parts, where and those and others only inflame love interest.

“In addition, the Internet provides all the opportunities to nurture the seed of romantic love and turning it into a more powerful feeling,” says Catalina Toma (Catalina Toma), Professor of communications at the University of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin) studying the strategy of deception in online relationships. She notes that it works particularly well in personal correspondence, where the immediate response, as it happens in real life, not required, so that the sense of time is erased.

“Here you have more control over what you say and have the opportunity to be selective about what facts you want to reveal the source, and which would prefer to keep to yourself,” she adds. According to experts, the anonymity of the Internet feeds the natural human desire to look better. Since the information about body language or emotion in the network remains hidden, people can tell more, including rather personal information, but choose what will benefit the self. This feeling of closeness between the virtual lovers with every dialogue is becoming stronger.

However, in most cases, people at a certain point, there is a strong desire to take things offline. “Since instant messengers and social networking, they go to personalized photos, phone calls, and eventually organize personal meetings. And there love can blossom or fade – it all depends on how dramatic fantasies are different from reality,” says Tom.

The study by psychologist Monica whitty (Monica Whitty) from the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) showed that people who meet online, usually quickly aware of the danger of romance in cyberspace. Because the longer they meet, the more idealized image. And the more perfect seems the person on the other side of the monitor, the harder it is to cope with its real shortcomings when trying to turn a virtual relationship into something more traditional.

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