Tooth extraction in pregnant

If a woman plans to become pregnant, dentists strongly recommend to take care of the condition of the teeth in advance, about a year before conception. However, not everyone is able to comply with this rule, and sometimes it is necessary to treat teeth during pregnancy.

In this article, we touch on the question of whether pregnant women to remove the teeth, as well as General recommendations on the safety of treatment.

Future moms is a special group of patients, and the approach of the expert to a pregnant woman differs from that with the usual visitors of his office. We all know that within nine months from the moment of conception a women’s body undergoes major changes, including very stressful. In this period, there may be ailments due to the fact that a huge part of energy and other resources of the body nature directs for the benefit and development of the child.


The mother changes the hormonal balance, weakening the immune system. This is reflected, in turn, health and dental health. The risk of diseases of the oral cavity increases. The body lacks calcium, especially if a woman is pregnant for the first time. The result can be the development or exacerbation of dental caries. Sometimes suffer and cervical hard tissues of the tooth.

However, despite the high vulnerability of the female body during this period, pregnancy does not exclude dental treatment. It is important to note that the most favorable stage for this is the second trimester. The first and the third one is less convenient to do this from a medical point of view: first, the intervention is not desirable, as the fruit is starting to form, and towards the end increases the likelihood of complications. However, even in these cases, the presence of diseases of the teeth contact your dentist necessary.
X-ray is contraindicated in pregnant women, but modern technology, in this case, make the safe way – with the help of intraoral radiology.

Dental treatment, including tooth extraction during pregnancy, should be painless. To this end, developed special anesthetics local action, without the content of adrenalin, as well as possible and help the therapist. But General anesthesia during pregnancy is unacceptable.

You should also consult with the dentist regarding the selection of drugs. Their choice depends on the duration of pregnancy, duration of treatment and General physical condition of the patient. Ideal – when such drugs are prescribed on the basis of agreed recommendations, dentist, internist, and gynecologist.


Tooth extraction during pregnancy happens very infrequently and exclusively by the physician. As a rule, such a measure is assigned only when expressed pain syndrome. In other cases, it is preferable to defer the removal of the tooth in the postnatal period. If this solution is the only possible operation is best done in the period from 13-th to 32-th week of pregnancy. Usually at this time of the baby’s organs are already formed, the placental barrier protects it from exposure to third-party agents, and the immunity of the mother is already starting to harden.

It is categorically impossible to remove teeth during pregnancy, first, second and ninth months. It is worth mentioning that this operation involves removing the damaged tooth or tooth root from the socket. With all the precautions, the procedure can cause complications, even simply because of the mental and emotional stress.

It is also necessary to clarify that the removal of wisdom teeth during pregnancy and does not made. This operation may result in complications such as fever, etc. to Expose the health of the child to such risks is impossible, so the operation should be postponed. Expectant mothers should know that

The rest of the dental treatment during pregnancy is quite acceptable in modern dentistry, as this branch of medicine has advanced technologies that can more flexibly and accurately suited to the solution of dental problems in young mothers.

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