Hepatitis b is treated or not

For many people, hepatitis b is treated or not, remains open for a long time. First, this disease is known as chronic, and completely get rid of it is simply impossible. Secondly, people are not always quickly go to a physician that greatly complicates his work. They don’t realize that that is treated or hepatitis B, should be clarified in a medical facility.

A few days after infection, the virus actively multiplies, and penetrates the liver cells. As a result of chronic hepatitis b is a constant companion of a man who did not care about their health. According to doctors, the catalyst of this disease can be a disruption in the child’s immune system, transmission of the virus from mother to child during childbirth etc.

Chronic hepatitis b develops from 60 days to six months, and if the immune system is weakened, it will make itself felt much earlier. As its traditional satellite speaker jaundice, General weakness, pain in lower abdomen, etc., When the initial infected person observes a higher body temperature, weakness and chills resembles the clinical picture of SARS.

This fact, according to estimates by the doctors themselves, often can give a person a sense of false peace that will consume much precious time. Starting self-administration of medication, as he seems to be SARS, he will lose it. It will be enough to make the General analysis of blood in order to pinpoint the cause of poor health.

That is why before you find the answer to the question, cure or hepatitis B medications, necessary for a complete examination. Even if no prerequisites, preventive examinations, it is better not to ignore.

A therapeutic agent

Direct treatment of the disease depends on many factors, so at first use it is important to make the correct diagnosis. In the initial phase, the patient needs to undergo biochemical analysis of blood. If the patient actually has hepatitis b, the test results would be clear abuse of the hepatic enzyme. Additionally, blood tests should be carried out at specific markers of hepatitis. Among other studies, allowing to establish whether the patient has hepatitis B, there is ultrasound of the abdominal organs.

After gathering all information, the doctor will determine whether it is possible to cure the patient fully or it is only a partial lifting of the main symptoms.

To answer this question it is necessary to consider the stage of the disease, its course, the immune system, etc.

Despite all of this, hepatitis B requires the observance of strict diet, providing for the waiver of the following products:

  • spicy dishes;
  • bold;
  • salt;
  • spicy;
  • fried;
  • tobacco;
  • spirits.

In the case of treatment to the doctor at a later stage, hepatitis b may require the appointment of a special therapy, allowing to solve a few problems. First, the prescribed pills will help flush excessive amount of accumulated body toxins. Secondly, the medication will restore damaged liver cells. To answer the question, is it possible to cure hepatitis b completely, not least is the body’s response to treatment.

Especially revealing is the role of antiviral treatment, the purpose of which is not allowed, but an exception is made for antiviral drugs belonging to the group of Alfa-interferons. Their proper application inhibits the reproduction and further spread of a dangerous virus, which loses the ability to accumulate in the liver cells. The minimum rate of admission varies from 5 to 7 months.

If there is a treatment of chronic hepatitis then a course of treatment lasts for several years.

Preventive measures

Among the other drugs used in the treatment of disease, we can distinguish medications. They are the main defenders of the hepatic cells. As additional enhancing the therapeutic effect of used drugs have a positive effect on the immune system. Despite the wide Arsenal of tools available complete cure for chronic hepatitis b is possible only in 3 cases out of 10.

This does not mean that the choice to be treated or not people should give preference to only the second alternative. Modern technologies allow to stop the spread of the virus by restoring to a certain degree the functioning of the liver cells.

Unlike many other diseases, hepatitis B does not have a strong preventive program. Guaranteed protection can only provide vaccination or acquired as a result of the disease immunity. In this regard, it is necessary to consult the district physician on the subject of vaccination. In most countries, hepatitis B is quite rare due to targeted vaccination of kids.

Re-vaccination will be mandatory for adults at risk. First, we are talking about employees of medical institutions, constantly in contact with infectious people.

Secondly, similar procedure is required for those who work with blood products that contain hepatitis B. to Conduct a mandatory vaccination will also need to:

  • the students of medical educational institutions;
  • patients requiring hemodialysis;
  • patients who were assigned to blood products;
  • adults who have not been made corresponding to the vaccination in childhood.

A separate category are patients who because of medical indications may require re-vaccination. For all the details you need to closely monitor their health and regularly visit preventive examinations.

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