The reasons for the sealing of the walls of the gallbladder

The sealing wall of the gallbladder can be detected on abdominal ultrasound. Don’t worry too much about it, but neglect the problem also is not necessary.

The wall thickness normally is about 3-5 mm. the wall has three thin layers, in histology they are described as follows.

The shape of the gallbladder:

  1. Tunica mucosa – the mucous membrane.
  2. Tunica muscularis – a layer of smooth muscle.
  3. Tunica serosa – serous membrane performs the function of protecting the bile bag.
The reasons for the sealing of the walls of the gallbladder

The reasons for this state can cause various diseases that are directly or indirectly associated with the gall bladder:

  1. Acute cholecystitis. In other words it is inflammation in the body (both acute and chronic). At the time inflammation occurs edema of the tissue, so in the acute phase in addition to the pain there is a thickening of the gallbladder wall. Inflammatory processes may have different root cause, it may be viruses, bacteria, the activity of parasites, congenital abnormalities and calcium deposits.
  2. Chronic cholecystitis. In the moment of silence the acute period of inflammation occurs, the scarring of wounds, formation of adhesions, and the walls thicken. Formed a kind of partition in the gallbladder.
  3. Holsters. In violation of lipid balance in the body is the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of the bladder. In the musculature of the walls is difficult contraction of the gallbladder, leading to inflammation, and then to the seal.
  4. Cholelithiasis. In this case, stones may injure the bladder wall, causing its inflammation. Further, the picture is the same as in cholecystitis.
  5. Dropsy (ascites). Developing this condition is due to heart or kidney nedostatochnosti, pancreatitis, running cirrhosis of the liver, cancer.
  6. Polyps in the organ.
  7. Cancerous tumors in the walls of the gallbladder. These abnormalities are extremely rare.

When determining the cause of pathology treatment will give good result.

Symptoms of pathology

Sometimes the symptoms of this condition show no symptoms. In chronic cholecystitis the symptoms of the disease blurred, do not appear so clearly as in acute disease. The person is not in a hurry to the doctor, changes in his condition are almost invisible, which leads to negative consequences.

Cheerleaders have the following characteristics, even if they are mild:

  1. The occurrence of pain on the right side under the ribs, which are often given by spoon or in the subscapular area.
  2. Nausea.
  3. Vomiting may occur frequently, but relief after that not comes.
  4. Body temperature reaches high levels, the person feels cold.
  5. Every icterus, yellowness of the skin and whites of the eyes.

Thickening of the walls of the gallbladder in a child is accompanied by similar symptoms:

  1. There is a bitter taste in the mouth.
  2. Causes nausea and vomiting.
  3. Often there is burping and heartburn.
  4. In some cases, change color skin, feces and urine of the child.

When symptoms of gall bladder seals the child should immediately consult a doctor and start treatment of the disease. It is often in children occurs S-shaped bend of the bladder, which causes the malfunction of many organs.

Possible consequences

If the bubble is reduced, and this is due to chronic cholecystitis, the infection can spread to other organs. Tolerates germs the lymph. When compacted the gallbladder may develop dyskinesia, i.e., poor the flow of bile. As well as bile plays an important role in food digestion, it breaks down the process of digestion. The composition of the bile changes too. If the thickening of the gallbladder started because of violations of the liver, possible liver failure and intoxication of the whole organism as a consequence of this.

If the gall bladder are tumors, they will continue to grow. If you do not have proper medical care, the tumor grows into the wall of the organ and metastasize further. One of the complications of this condition can be shrunken or C-shaped gallbladder, when the bile is not able to penetrate it.

The big problem with this disease is asymptomatic. If the person complains of stomach pain after eating food, even if it occurs periodically, it is best to conduct a survey of the whole abdomen.

Treatment and prevention of disease

To avoid developing gallbladder disease, including sealing its walls, you need to follow a special diet.

Especially if you already have any violations. The menu should include the following dishes:

  1. Vegetable broths.
  2. Meat and fish low-fat varieties.
  3. Dairy products.
  4. Porridge.
  5. The bread that was baked the day before.
  6. Juices and tea with no added sugar.

Products banned:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • soda;
  • chocolate products;
  • fatty and fried foods.

The treatment seals the walls of the gallbladder should be performed only under the supervision of a gastroenterologist. The basis of the treatment are the antispasmodics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Initially, you need to cure the underlying disease that led to the compaction of the walls of the bladder, to eliminate inflammation. If there are hormonal disorders, to correct them with medicines. Is immunotherapy.

The sealing wall is the anomaly of the gallbladder, developed on the background of another disease. This condition can lead to serious complications that can affect other organs. And this leads to malfunction of the whole organism. Therefore, treatment with thickening of the walls of the gallbladder is needed as timely diagnosis of the disease.

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