The symptoms of cholecystitis in pregnant

Inflammation of the gallbladder bacterial or viral origin called cholecystitis, and symptoms of cholecystitis in women are similar to the signs of the disease in men, but have some differences.

Causes and types of diseases

Pathogenic microorganisms can enter into the gallbladder different ways: directly from the intestine or from any location, inflammation of the bloodstream.

Even conventional caries under favorable for the development of pathogenic microflora factors can cause cholecystitis. In women, the disease is diagnosed more often after inflammatory processes in the uterus and its appendages also provoke cholecystitis.

In pregnant women, progesterone (hormone) reduces contractile function of the muscles that control the tonus of the bile ducts, causing stagnant processes. This is a favorable factor for the penetration in the wall of the gallbladder infection, which is the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Especially this issue should pay attention to women who already had problems with the gall bladder, because during pregnancy there will certainly aggravation.

Cholecystitis during pregnancy is of 2 types:

  1. Acute cholecystitis. This form of disease entails the formation of stones in the gall bladder and its ducts, and among the most dangerous complications – peritonitis, pancreatitis, liver abscess.
  2. Chronic cholecystitis. It is formed over long periods of time and has no clearly defined symptoms, but with the worsening symptoms of cholecystitis in the chronic form do not differ from symptoms of the acute form.

The cause of chronic cholecystitis is often undertreated acute form of the disease that is especially dangerous for pregnant women. They, first, are limited in methods of effective treatment of the disease, and, secondly, their situation only exacerbates the situation.

The symptoms of cholecystitis in pregnant women, diagnostic methods

The main symptom of cholecystitis, not only during pregnancy but also in women who are expecting a child, and in men – the pain of different intensity in the right upper quadrant. Since chronic cholecystitis has long periods of remissions and exacerbations, and the pain has a different nature and intensity. Most often it is a nagging pain, not as intense as in the acute form of the disease, but constant. If no pain, then the patient is constantly worried about the feeling of heaviness under the ribs on the right.

On the duration and intensity of pain is affected by muscle tone. In pregnant women it decreased, and in other pain patients have paroxysmal character, as in cholelithiasis. This is easily explained by the fact that the muscles of the gallbladder intensely tense only after the adoption of fried, fatty foods, carbonated drinks, and the rest of the time remain relaxed.

Other signs of cholecystitis in women:

  • bitter taste in mouth in the morning or after a long silence;
  • frequent belching with a bitter aftertaste, which can result in bilious vomiting;
  • diarrhea and constipation that may alternate with each other;
  • loss of appetite;
  • bloating;
  • often, but not necessarily the body temperature rises to 38° (this is typical of periods of exacerbation);
  • sadamasa skin and allergies on it (white point);
  • fatigue, nervous disorders.

In pregnant women these symptoms are not always alarming, as considered a normal state in this situation, but to alert the woman must first protracted (mid-third trimester) morning sickness, which in healthy women is up to 12 weeks.

Cholecystitis during pregnancy is dangerous higher risk of complications, especially pancreatitis, which threatens the life of the mother and the unborn child. Inspection, examination, diagnosis, routine blood tests, urine and feces, which he will prescribe an ultrasound of the abdomen or holetsistografia give the opportunity to see the real picture of the disease: how strong is the stagnation in the bile ducts, formed in it stones.Normal patients if there are problems with diagnosis, prescribed an MRI. In any case, even if the disease is started, a pregnant woman is contraindicated surgical intervention, and medical measures aimed at lowering the intensity of symptoms.

Treatment of cholecystitis in pregnant women

Any medications prescribed to women to treat cholecystitis should be consistent with the leading gynecologist to rule out complications of the pregnancy itself, after all, what can one woman, is absolutely contraindicated another.

Usually pregnant, suffering from cholecystitis, choleretic prescribed drugs (Silit, sorbitol) in the first half of pregnancy and more severe in the second, but they all have a laxative effect.

Pregnant better to take a natural cholagogue: tincture of corn silk, fennel seeds, rosehips.

This will help you avoid allergic reactions that affect pregnant women. In any case, treatment should be agreed with the doctor. In severe pain, you can take antispasmodics, but antibacterial agents for the treatment of cholecystitis in pregnant women are not assigned.

Cholecystitis is still treated by diet, because all the symptoms exacerbated just after the forbidden food: salty, fried, fatty. Refuse should from dairy products, chocolate, coffee, fresh baking, marinades, alcoholic drinks.

Food you need to take in small portions but often (5-6 times a day). It should be warm (30-40°). Prevail in ration of lean meat and fish broths, vegetables, special mineral water “Borzhomi”, “Naftusia”.

This diet will make treatment cholecystitis effective, and for pregnant women it is advisable to eat properly. Chronic cholecystitis is not necessarily transmitted by inheritance, and subject to the recommendations of a physician can carry and give birth to healthy child

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