Causes of hepatitis in humans

A healthy liver ensures a person’s life under normal conditions. According to statistics, one third of the world population has liver disease. It is different types of hepatitis take the leading position.

Causes of disease in the human body

There are many reasons that can cause hepatitis, but are considered the main viral infections (hepatitis A,B, C, D, E, F, G). Classification calls these hepatotropic viruses, they adversely affect the liver. Such viruses a lot, each species is characterized by its genotype.

Besides them, there are also nagapattanam viruses that can damage the liver. These include cytomegalovirus, herpes.

Hepatitis can be triggered by different intoxications, which are transmitted by airborne droplets. The disease can occur as a result of harmful work in the manufacturing (chemicals, manufacturing, which manufactures furniture, tobacco), long-term use of certain medications, frequent use of alcoholic beverages. In the case of productions, where a person is to touch harmful substances to inhale the vapors, which are allocated, and already appears likely to get hepatitis.

In identifying the person in the family suffering from hepatitis, the question arises about how hepatitis transmitted? The majority of family members also raises the question of whether the possibility of transmission of hepatitis b through kissing? The term “hepatitis” understand diffuse (covering whole body) inflammation of the liver, which are acute or chronic.

Most often people get sick with viral hepatitis. However, there are many cases where the nature of the disease combined, i.e., joined by external factors that damage the liver (alcohol, intoxication, etc.).

Features of hepatitis A

There is a classification of different types of hepatitis, respectively, there are different ways of transmission of the disease. In the case of hepatitis A, a person can be infected by the fecal-oral route. Hands, fruits and vegetables, which were not well washed, it remains a virus. Then he progresses in the gastrointestinal tract, then the person becomes ill. Of course, such processes occur on the microscopic level.

Many ask how is hepatitis a, where it can be picked up? They say that this type of hepatitis is common in countries that do not have a high level of life, where no particular attention is paid on observance sanitary-hygienic norms. The disease is a “disease of dirty hands”, as they say.

On the specifics of viral hepatitis And the completely different, it refers to childhood infections. This disease also affects the liver, but typically, patients are on the mend and is getting an immunity to the virus.

Hepatitis a is not very dangerous, but in rare cases there are severe form, the outcome of which is lethal. In such cases, there is no fundamental damage to the liver. Inside swollen cells, disturbances occur in the circulation. As a result, the patient falls into a coma, destroyed the liver cells develop necrosis.

How the disease is transmitted?

On the question of whether the hepatitis is transmitted, the answer can only be Yes. The main way of infection is getting infected blood into the bloodstream of a healthy person.

The virus can be transmitted from people who are carriers of hepatitis. There are two ways of transmission: natural, artificial.

Natural transmission is by a means:

  1. A sexual act where one partner has picked up the virus, subject to the execution of unprotected contact.
  2. Transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or when giving birth.

But in such situations, no mention of 100% infected. For example, there are a couple where one person is sick. But they have repeatedly contact, and the sex was unprotected, because they do not was known about the disease.

How is hepatitis by artificial means? By artificial means the transmission of hepatitis when medical procedures or manipulations of syringes.

The main artificial ways of virus transmission are:

  1. The use of syringes, instruments for surgery and dentistry that were not well sterilized. If the tools remained blood components even with a volume of 0.0001 ml, there is a possibility of Contracting hepatitis.
  2. Through the blood, when transfused blood or blood components that are contaminated with the virus.

The tools are different, have different characteristics. For example, there are pulpectomies, which is used to remove the nerve. Small particles of dried blood may be retained between the spirals of the tool. It all depends on the quality of the processing. If you use hot-wardrobe, inside of which the temperature reaches 320 degrees, that is one thing, but what about sterilizing the tool when it is limited alcohol treatment. Alcohol cannot kill viruses.

Household the ways of human infection with virus hepatitis

It is necessary to highlight household methods of infection with hepatitis that are relevant:

  • the manicure using special accessories, which are poorly sterilized;
  • during podbivaniya in the barbershop, temples, neck with a straight razor;
  • when several people use one syringe, one toothbrush.

It may be a situation where the child can take the brush of one of the parents suffering from hepatitis. Here many question arises about whether it is possible to get hepatitis this way? When it will clean the teeth will be formed microdamages teeth, so the hepatitis is passed from person to person.

If the family home to someone who is sick with hepatitis all of its accessories hygiene should be separate.

Signs of developing hepatitis B, C

Hepatitis may occur in acute, chronic form.

Acute hepatitis is the initial stage, the peak of the disease and its ending. These forms of disease there are two possible endings. First – person is recovering, the body creates antibodies that can resist the virus. Second, the disease acquires a chronic form.

Chronic hepatitis may develop over the years. It damages the morphological structure of the liver turn into cirrhosis of the liver. Hepatitis doesn’t go away at the same time, it will continue, only now to be based on a cirrhotic liver.

In hepatitis, which has the acute form, the symptoms are more pronounced, especially for the peak of the disease. Each type of hepatitis has its own characteristics, but there are common symptoms. Quite often, the initial signs resemble most other diseases. Within a few weeks of a person observed low-grade fever, cough and runny nose.

Initially, viral hepatitis can resemble a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. For several weeks in the gut, the stomach will be uncomfortable. You may receive disorder of stool, nausea.

In humans, pain in the joints and muscles.

Once the disease started, the person is observed yellowing of the skin. This indicates the ingress of bile into the blood. However, there are situations where yellowing is hard to see or it is fleeting, a person believes that the consequences of stress and fatigue.

In the process of development of disease a person has the following symptoms:

  • yellowness whites of the eyes;
  • the color of urine (if on all day, the urine has the color of beer, you should consult a specialist);
  • the color of the chair (it can become lighter or completely discolored).

To identify the virus that triggered disease, only by using special analysis.

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