Why develop cirrhosis and how to treat it

In life there may come a time when you should be aware of is there a cure for cirrhosis of the liver. The best option when you need such information just for educational purposes.

But when it comes to their health, but man is incredibly important answer to the question of whether a treated cirrhosis of the liver.

In this case, one thing is clear: the sooner a qualified physician will identify the problem, the more likely to fulfill the treatment.

To date, there are quite a large number of causes of cirrhosis the symptoms of which are in the early stages you might not notice.

For example, the disease develops in people:
  • abuse alcohol;
  • having viral diseases (hepatitis B, C and D);
  • pharmaceutical drugs, toxins;
  • suffering from problems in the biliary tract.

In addition, cirrhosis can occur due to development in the body of autoimmune hepatitis or prolonged venous congestion of the liver. If the medic cannot ascertain the reason for which he developed cirrhosis with hepatitis C, then he can put the patient the diagnosis of “cryptogenic cirrhosis”.

Before you find out whether cirrhosis is treated, you should take all doctor-recommended tests, and will be the most accurate diagnostic procedure. Most often experts use the “heavy artillery” to get rid of the disease, as patients with very advanced cases. And sometimes the last stage of such a serious disease is not treatable. So you need time to see a doctor who will help to get rid of cirrhosis with the help of modern medicines.

Considering all available patient’s symptoms, the physician may recommend medications that very quickly affect the metabolism of liver cells and renew membranes of hepatocytes. Such medicines include vitamins, kokarboksilaza, Heptral, Essentiale, glutamic acid, lipoic acid, HEPA-Merz.

If the patient has developed cirrhosis with hepatitis C, the doctor in certain cases assigns a so-called transfusion therapy. It often includes the most modern drugs blood. In addition, this category includes solutions of electrolytes and blood substitutes.

To cure the consequences of cirrhosis is difficult. Moreover, not all types of cirrhosis can be treated with transfusion of funds. A qualified doctor for the best treatment of early stage disease may appoint infusion of native blood or concentrated plasma. However, this therapy is useful only if the patient appeared liver cell failure, complications such as hemorrhagic syndrome or electrolyte imbalance.

What other medications can be used to eliminate the disease

To the consequences are serious disease did not worsen the patient’s life, doctors are advised to take glucocorticoid hormones, help the liver cells to fight hypersplenism. The physician after conducting the necessary research will determine the dosage of drugs.

If you have a disability for cirrhosis of the liver, then to completely get rid of the disease will not work. In this case, physicians assign the patient special support funds, which are included in the group of so-called detoxification treatment.

Doctors can say that cirrhosis of the liver curable, but it is a very difficult task. Have the opportunity to remedy the disease with enzyme preparations. Definitely need to check that the composition of these medicines was not of bile acids. Almost 100% of the suitable medication, such as, for example, Pancreatin, Mezim-Forte, and Kreon.

In order for the patient not frightened group of disability with cirrhosis must follow the recommendations of experts and regularly make the adsorbents, which will help to cleanse the bowel and improve the liver function.

Very often people wonder about whether curable cirrhosis of the liver. Today scientists are paying a lot of time to the development and improvement of the process of stem cell transplantation to restore vital organ. There are some developments and significant enough results, however, is that this method is massively used.

How else can you overcome the disease

Only a qualified doctor can most accurately determine the forecast for a properly sized treatment. You can use the recommendations of experts who practice traditional medicine. For example, the treatment may take place using a normal tea that you add the nettle leaves.

At home, you should prepare a medicinal decoction. To do this, take 20 grams of rosehips, 10 g nettle and 20 grams of the root of couch grass. The above ingredients mix well and pour 500 ml of boiling water and cook on slow fire for 15 minutes. The resulting means take 3 times a day.

Another simple recipe: it should take equal proportions of bark, chicory, yarrow, horsetail and grass Hypericum, pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for hours. Only after this infusion taken before meals 3 times a day.

Very useful tool can be prepared from the raw oats. Should take 300 grams of this product and pour 3 liters of purified water. Boil the resulting mass should be 20 minutes. Then cover the pan and leave for 1 hour. Every day the patient should take 0.5 liters of broth, to which you can add 1 spoon of liquid honey.

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