Ointment chondrosis

Chondrosis is a disease of the neck and back, in which the cartilage of the vertebrae degenerates into bone.

He is mainly in the elderly, although in rare cases it can occur in young. Provoke the emergence of the disease a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, problems with metabolism, wrong position during sleep and stress. For chondrosis characterized by pain in the neck and back, as well as migraines and high blood pressure. Effective for a given ailment is the treatment ointments. These drugs help to reduce pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, it is useful to know what the ointment of chondrosis is best suited for a particular case.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

When severe back pain, doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatories, as inflammation causes discomfort. Such ointments have the following effect: penetrate into the muscles, eliminate edema, redness, reduce pain. It is recommended to use these anti-inflammatory ointments, such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, Ketoprofen. However, they cannot be used for hives, allergic rhinitis, in the field of wounds and burns, as well as during pregnancy and in case of hypersensitivity to one of the components in the composition.

Severe pain also give you some ointment Menovazin. It is thanks to the menthol and benzocaine to allow blood flow to the problem spot quickly relieves the pain and itching and also gives a feeling of coolness. At the moment, Menovazin is considered one of the most effective means by which the treatment of chondrosis.

All anti-inflammatory ointment is intended for external use. Apply a strip of ointment the length of about 10 cm on the problem area and then RUB in until completely absorbed. The procedure must be repeated 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Menovasin can be used up to 4 weeks. Treatment must be under the supervision of a physician.

Warming cure

Drugs with warming effect is used not only for back pain, but the joint problems. They have special components that irritate the skin in the affected area. Due to this there is rapid blood flow to the muscle, blood vessels expand, and the problem spot is warmed. As a result, the muscles are beginning to decline, and damaged tissue to heal.

To heating tools did not cause harm to humans, they must be used with caution. Ointments should not be applied to damaged skin, not to provoke a strong burning sensation and inflammation. If the pain of chondrosis is strong, then the funds should be distributed through the body lightly, without rubbing.

Will fit the following medications:

  • eye drops;
  • finalgon;
  • turpentine ointment.

That treatment can be most effective, it is recommended to wrap the problem area woolen scarf after applying the product.

Treatment ointments-chondroprotectors

If the disease is progressing rapidly, your doctor may suggest treatment ointments-chondroprotectors. Their action is directed at slowing the destructive processes in the body. Tools such as Chondrogen, symptoms and Chondroitin, strengthen connective tissue and help slow down the progression of the disease. They can be used both for prevention and for therapy during exacerbation of the disease.

By the way, there are pills with the same effect. But if I had to choose, doctors recommend to use the ointment. Apply them not only in the case if the skin is damaged areas or the person has hypersensitivity to one component of the drug.

Funds from integrated action

Tools with a complex effect, it is recommended for those occasions when in addition to pain present the risk of blood clots and microbial inflammation. These ointment that improve blood circulation and dissolve small blood clots. Can be used drugs Vitamine and Dolobene. They quickly eliminate the pain and eliminate hydroxyl radicals.

Before using, with a complex activity should be familiar with contraindications. Ointments should not be used for asthma, pregnancy and heart disease.

Ointments for massage

Treatment of chondrosis is often carried out with the help of massage of the neck and back. It is desirable that the procedure was carried out by specialists using special massage cream. It should not dry the skin and slowly absorbed. Suitable warm-up and restoring funds specifically for this procedure. For example, Finalgon, Nikofleks and Venoruton. They relieve swelling, pain and inflammation.

The medication should not cause an allergic reaction. If he appears itching, rash and other symptoms characteristic of allergies, then you should refrain from applying the ointment and see a doctor.


There are times when alone is not enough ointments for treatment. In this case, doctors can prescribe the pills for this disease, which can have different effects. In General, each of these tools helps to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and slow the progression of the disease.

Efficient tablets:

  • to pain means include Analgin and Spasmalgon;
  • among anti-inflammatory is possible to distinguish Ibuprofen, Nise and Reopirin;
  • it will be useful to take tonic medicines different supplements that enrich the body with minerals and vitamins.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

Doctors recommend at the same time to take pills and use the ointment to quickly achieve the desired result. Before applying any medicines should consult a doctor to prevent the occurrence of dangerous side effects.

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