Do not hibernate in winter

5 ways to overcome seasonal spleen

Method number 1

You always want to sleep, just because there is not enough light. Raising, collecting a child for school – it’s still dark when you get home – it’s already dark. Where does a good mood come from? Buy and place lamps throughout the apartment. The light source is an antidepressant.

Method number 2

Yes, this is unpleasant news for the sweet tooth, but during this sad time we eat more and more candies and gain more and more kilograms. You are only allowed bitter chocolate. It stimulates the production of hormones of good mood – endorphins.

Method number 3

Start your morning with positive music – it will help you wake up and cheer up. According to studies, music significantly raises the mood, and the effect lasts not only while listening, but also for a long time after it.

Method number 4

Dreaming is not harmful; it is harmful not to dream. Start planning your vacation. Choose a beach where you will enjoy the sun, a cafe – where to spend evenings, a cozy hotel to stay. This will definitely cheer you up.

Method number 5

On dark evenings, I want to get under a warm blanket and watch the series, but do not avoid live communication. It turns out that loneliness not only exacerbates a depressive mood, but also harms the body, comparable to smoking.

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