Interview with the apitherapist about how to eat honey

The proximity to Altai automatically makes us great admirers of honey: it is brought as a gift, added to tea for health, rubbed with honey mixture in a bath and smeared on the face in a thirst for rejuvenation.

Many Siberians consider honey an indispensable element of a home cabinet, and autumn honey fairs are always crowded. Interesting facts from the life of bees and the products they produce, the SHE correspondent learned from the Novosibirsk apitherapist, the doctor Elena Khvorova.

What is apitherapy?

This is the restoration of health products of beekeeping (honey, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, beeswax) and, in particular, beeswaxing.

Than in the first place honey is useful?

This is a valuable food product. According to WHO, we daily receive less than 300 nutrients and can only take them from food. We do not have enzymes that help assimilate chemically synthesized vitamins as effectively as natural vitamins. And honey is absorbed already in the oral cavity, enough saliva enzyme.

By the way, therefore, the main way to consume honey is to savor it, it needs to be kept in your mouth for a long time. Honey is the strongest restorer of the nervous system. The best product against stress is warm tea with honey.

In addition, the bactericidal properties of honey have been known for a long time – it weakens the pathogenic flora of the intestine, and provides useful nutrition.

But many have a honey allergy …

True intolerance to beekeeping products is found in 1% of the population. Much more common is the allergy to dirty honey: if it is collected in an environmentally polluted place or if the bees were sick. Bees are ill, like you and me. They have viral diseases, they have flu, they even have intestinal infections. They are treated with medicines, so that there is no pestilence, and ultimately it causes allergies. Honey should be certified and ecological expertise of the place where it is collected.

Are you a gynecologist, is honey applied in this area?

In gynecology, honey is used to treat candidiasis, bakvaginosis, in combination with propolis is used in the treatment of erosion of the cervix. And when ingested, the product enhances immunity. Restrictions: it can not be used by pregnant women, since honey causes contraction of the uterine muscles.

Altai honey is something different from southern honey, for example? 

In the south, the summer is long, and the Caucasian bees collect it for a long time, they do not need to saturate the honey with enzymes to survive the long winter – in the end, honey for biological activity will be weaker. Southern honey is weaker, does not have such a powerful restoring effect.

How correctly to use honey? 

The most effective way of applying honey is in the morning on an empty stomach, our digestive tract in the morning is maximally ready for the reception of nutrients.

And in cosmetology? Many people like to rub with honey in the steam room, make a mask …

When the honey is heated, all useful properties decompose and break down, in addition, it forms a substance during decomposition that stimulates the development of tumors.

Honey can not be consumed at high temperature. Even with tea it can be consumed warm, but not hot. For the same reason, it is impossible to heat crystallized honey in a jar under hot water. 

As for masks, this is a wonderful remedy, the only exception is that it can not be applied to couperose, it expands the surface vessels of the skin.

In addition to honey – what else is useful in beekeeping for women? 

Primarily royal jelly. The bee lives 30 days, and the queen bee, which only feeds on royal jelly, lives up to 7 years and is unusually prolific all this time. Royal jelly is especially useful to women, it has hormones of vegetable origin, they prolong youth and activate the childbearing function.

And stinging bees – is it useful?

Bee venom is a poisonous secret, secreted by special glands of worker bees. With one sting, the bee releases 0.2 to 0.8 mg of poison, its useful properties are due to a complex composition: organic substances (carbohydrates, glucose, fructose), fats (phospholipids), proteins (peptides, amino acids), biogenic amines (histamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin). A unique composition and the therapeutic properties are determined.

What is being treated with bites? 

Infertility, varicose veins: poison dilutes the blood, this is especially true for women taking oral contraceptives.

Bee venom helps to activate the function of the ovaries, fights inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, treats adhesive processes. It is used in the treatment of female and male infertility. 

In addition, it has a pronounced analgesic effect, improves mood, memory and sleep, normalizes cerebral circulation and metabolism.

To whom is this method contraindicated? 

Contraindications: intolerance of bee venom, infectious diseases in the period of exacerbation, transferred tuberculosis, hepatitis; renal, hepatic, cardiac and respiratory failure, malignant tumors, pregnancy, breast-feeding, diabetes mellitus.

How many procedures are required for the effect? 

The number of procedures depends on the disease, but they always start with a single bee: a person can develop a powerful allergic reaction, so bee-hopping can be done only in hospitals, where it is possible to do a blood test right away. This is a very serious procedure.

And bees can be replaced with wasps? There were a lot of them in this season …

In the process of evolution, bees originated from wasps, bees are perfect creatures that produce valuable products, and wasps are predators. Wasps do not produce anything, and their bite nothing but pain does not bring.

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