7 Problems That Are Universal To All Couples Around Us

Sounds familiar? Then welcome to the club – the relationship club- where love drives us crazy! You could take a bullet for your significant other, but sometimes the arguments are enough to make you feel like pulling the trigger at them. Relationships come with an unsaid disclaimer that arguments are inevitable.

None of us want to be at loggerheads with the one we love, but the situations, circumstances, and some petty differences play the spoilsport here. After all, it can’t always be a bed of roses, can it?

From silly things like cutting each other short or not receiving each other’s calls, to turning green with envy upon seeing your partner with a friend you are insecure about, things get awry. But, you signed up for this, mate.

So, we suggest you equip yourself with a bulletproof jacket because there’s going to be plenty of bullets fired at you (and you at them). You’re not alone though, we’ve all been there, faced that. These problems are universal. Don’t believe us? We have listed them out for you to prove their universality. Tell us if it rings a bell.

1. When The World Goes Green With Envy

Do you have a best friend of the opposite gender who knows you in and out? Turns out you have also spent the best of times with this best friend. Now, you have to go to a movie with this person. It’s a late-night show. Oh boy! Best of luck telling your partner! No matter how much they trust you, they’ll always be jealous of certain people that you hang around with. And it’s okay. All you need to do is make your partner really confident about your healthy relationship with others. Win their trust and keep them from turning into the Hulk.

2. When Your Relationship Enters The Kingdom Of Boredom

You have had those long conversations that started at dusk and ended at dawn. You both have spoken about politics, television shows, your deepest, darkest secrets, and almost everything that there could be. Now what? That’s when you hear the clock ticking louder than your heartbeats and you are genuinely out of words to speak and things to do. Don’t worry, this happens to all couples. You just need to space it out.

3. When There Are Too Many Distractions

When we order food at a restaurant, we always look at the fellow customer’s table. It’s not because we want their food, it’s because we like to look around. And sometimes, if the eye catches something nice, it pauses for a while. Well, what’s the harm if we look at other men and women then? As long as the two of you have set your own limits and have control over yourselves to not cross the holy boundary of the relationship, it’s cool. Just remember that your biggest distraction is your partner.

4. When You Say “A” And They Say “B”

For decades now, we have been screaming our lungs out that we are all entitled to our opinions. Apparently, we lose this entitlement the moment we decide to step into a relationship (Seriously, who sets these rules?). Instead of trying to make the other person agree with what you think, just agree to disagree and be happy with that. If we all had the same thoughts and opinions, we would be bored to death.

5. When You Stay Away From Each Other

Distance is an *insert swear word*. Well, we know that distance sucks, and it really ignites a lot of sparks that you wouldn’t want in a relationship. The spark of insecurities, the spark of the dry spell, the spark of a communication gap, and the list is endless. But, hey! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, don’t let a few kilometers take you guys away from each other emotionally.

6. When The “S” Word Creeps In

Nope, not the steamy thing that transpires between the sheets. The “S” word that commands space. You needn’t freak out when your partner asks for space. Just go ahead – rather, step back – and give them the space they need. Don’t be like cling film that doesn’t let them breathe. But, how much space is too much space? Now, that, we’ll let you decide. (Please enlighten us, when you have figured it out.)

7. When The Internet Races Ahead In The Priority List

Social media is a wonderful place, but not when it takes over your life. You can’t be in a relationship with your phone and treat your partner like a sidekick. The phone shouldn’t be eating in the time between you both. Make a rule to not touch the phone when in each other’s company.

If you are in a relationship and you still haven’t sailed the troubled waters, brace yourself for the storm. Relationships and problems go hand in hand, so just let love take control and fix things.

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