If you lose your nerve, what to do

Sometimes we try to compensate for our insecurity or stress with extremely bold statements and strange promises, or we try to be someone we are not.

But if you pretend, it will be noticeable and, ultimately, will only strengthen your experiences. Do not try to please someone, better remember your positive qualities, and just be yourself. Others will notice and appreciate it.

When you feel that yours are no longer in control, ask yourself what are you really afraid of? What could be the worst case scenario? If this worst case scenario came true, what would happen? Will this situation matter in five years? Are there no lessons that you could learn from this situation?

Most likely, even after the incident, you will continue to live, love and move on. As they say, fear itself scares the most.

In the end, once again I would like to emphasize the most important point – the first. If you forget all the other tips listed above, try not to forget to take deep breaths with your diaphragm. This simple practice will help you survive any terrible situation in your life.

Do you often get nerves? What helps you calm down?

Below you will find effective tips to help you regain peace when things get out of hand. Think about them the next time you think you’re about to explode because of all the troubles and stresses that have fallen on your head.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to calm the nervous mind. Introducing large amounts of oxygen into the diaphragm is a well-established way to reduce stress and anxiety (especially if you feel an anxiety attack).

During stress, we begin to breathe faster and more superficially. This prevents proper oxygen saturation of the blood, which upsets the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In addition, a stressful situation leads to palpitations, dizziness, muscle tension, and other physical symptoms. Therefore, when you begin to feel uneasy, you need to consciously make sure that you take deep, long and even breaths and breathe in with your diaphragm.

If you have to conduct an interview, you need to speak to the public, or if you want to approach someone you admire, stop and take a series of long, deep breaths (preferably with your eyes closed). There is no faster or easier way to calm down. It sounds too good to be true, but believe me, it is really effective.

Keep your posture

When we feel insecure, the body contracts as if. We begin to hunch, fold our arms and lower our eyes to the floor. Therefore, when you feel that uncertainty and stress prevail over you, immediately check your posture. Tilt your shoulders back and stretch your neck up, as if someone was pulling you.

If you can, do some stretching exercises. Stretch your arms wide and open. At the same time, try not only to relax your muscles, but also to make yourself as physically “big” as possible.


Another incredibly simple but effective way to use your body to relax your brain is to smile. A smile is one of the most powerful ways to not only improve the mood of others, but also completely change your own.

If you feel insecure, intense, anxious, depressed, whatever, just start smiling, or even laugh a little. You will immediately see the situation in a new, happier, safer and more relaxed light.

Remember the time you felt good

Each of us has such memories. If you feel your nerves are on edge, take a moment and close your eyes. Think of a carefree and happy time in your life. Who was next to you at that moment? What allowed you to be so relaxed and confident? What gave you strength?

This “strong version of you” has not disappeared; it simply hides behind several layers of “dust”. Imagine how you remove these dusty layers, one after another, to regain strength and confidence again.

Accept yourself instead of fighting

When nerves fail, instead of fighting or yelling at yourself to calm down, it is much better to acknowledge your condition with love and let it be.

We are all nervous, because this is human nature. Accepting it, you will notice how anxiety begins to recede. We are sure that you have heard this a thousand times already – that which you resist, you attract. It’s true, so change your tactics and start treating yourself with kindness and understanding.

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