How to prepare for a marathon

Take into account the mistakes! Among the most common mistakes when preparing for a marathon: rushing and increasing weekly loads, improperly selected sneakers, running in high pulse zones. So, for beginners, due to the still weak functional systems, comfortable running can be accompanied by a high pulse – inadequate load.

Also, novice athletes neglect stretching before and after training, and also incorrectly combine running and strength training. This happens when a person pursues vivid sensations in training, does not recover, and continues to train non-stop. However, this leads to an overload of the body.

When preparing for a marathon, you first need to understand why you need it. And only after that proceed to training. For any novice marathon runner, there is a “golden rule” – observe the regime of the day, training, nutrition and rest.

Vitaliy Drozd, head coach of the sports concentrate “How to prepare for a marathon?”, Co-founder of Saucony Running Club and Superheroes Run Academy, told readers I WANT how to properly prepare for the marathon. Read the details in our material.

Follow the schedule

Each has its own individual training schedule. For example, athletes with a good aerobic zone will need 4-6 months. “Beginners” better to train for 1-2 years and gradually gain an aerobic base, strengthen the musculoskeletal system. But there are cases when it takes more than two years to prepare for a marathon. That is, if the marathon is already in 2 weeks, and you are not ready, then it is better either to abandon the undertaking or to run carefully, replacing walking with walking. And no overloads! Running right is fun.

Watch the sensations

When preparing for a marathon, it is important to monitor your own feelings, for example, whether your legs are clamped or your back hurts. After a workout, stretching, massage or just a full day of rest is necessary. And after the marathon I recommend 3-4 weeks to perform short runs on low pulse zones, when there is no developmental effect. And do not forget about the sauna, pool or massage.

Control nutrition

From food, you should abandon the chemical sweet (muffin or sweet based on trans fats and sugar). It is undesirable to abuse fatty or spicy foods, as well as soda. But cereals, protein foods, herbs, fruits, dried fruits and water are the diet of a real marathon runner.

Buy the right clothes

The marathoner’s dress code costs 4000-8000 UAH in the summer season. I recommend buying technological synthetics from world famous running brands. Summer equipment consists of fine synthetics and technology, mainly for the rapid removal of moisture, cooling and UV protection. You also need to buy a heart rate monitor – it can go with the watch or separately.

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