Restore the abdomen after childbirth

A flat stomach after childbirth is the dream of most women. Pregnancy involves many changes both inside the body and externally. Reflection in the mirror after childbirth is often not pleasing. The joy of motherhood upsets not quite a slender figure.

Often, young mothers are worried about a large belly after childbirth. They are possessed by a passionate desire to immediately return to their former figure. A woman may even become depressed, and the fault is the stretched uterus, the stretched muscles of the abdomen, and the stretched skin on the stomach.

To get back to normal, the female body takes time. Over the course of several months, the restoration of the work of all systems and organs is gradually passing.

How soon will the form recover?

The rate of return of the body to its former forms is affected by:

  • time elapsed after childbirth;
  • willpower;
  • heredity;
  • the degree of elasticity of the skin;
  • physical exercise;
  • proper nutrition (you should forget about overeating!);
  • motivation (but without it nothing will work!).

Faster to get in shape, to get rid of the overgrown sagging abdomen, and wide hips, it will turn out for the first-born mothers, who gained no more than 12 kg during pregnancy. But the rest, do not lose heart. Everything is fixable in this life.

Massage, sauna, bath, physical activity, proper nutrition should rightly be the best friends of a woman throughout her life. But now, in the postpartum period, without such friends, it’s simply nowhere.

Almost all women in labor are worried about how the stomach looks after childbirth, and the truth is that it is not very attractive. Sagging belly after childbirth must be tightened, applying no small effort. It is not possible to give an exact answer to the question when the abdomen leaves after childbirth, since each organism is individual, and perceives and experiences changes in its own way.

After repeated birth, a woman’s body recovers much faster, both emotionally and physically. A woman tolerates difficulties more easily and is less tired. Postpartum depression is very rare. But with the acquisition of a girl’s camp it’s more and more difficult. The subcutaneous fat layer accumulates more easily and disappears more difficult. Therefore, it is imperative to comply with all the preventive prescriptions of the doctor.

After a cesarean section, it will not be possible to bring its forms into a prenatal state, as quickly as after a natural birth. First you need to wait for the end of the postoperative period, and even then begin to fight against extra pounds, stretched skin and sagging tummy. According to medical recommendations, physical exercises can be started only after the disappearance of discomfort and abdominal pain.

Follow these guidelines :

  1. Physical activity, it is advisable to start with hiking with the baby. Moderate walks at a quick pace, a good way to get rid of unwanted kilograms, will also give you joy. No one canceled proper breathing.
  2. At the next stage, go to the slopes, such exercises are light, and should not cause discomfort.
  3. Play with your baby more often – a great way to get your body in shape. The older the child, the more active the game.
Uterus Recovery

During pregnancy, the uterus gets most of all, because it has to grow with the baby. The uterus suffers the most, stretches, increases, and begins to decrease immediately after childbirth. The recovery rate in each case depends on the characteristics of the course of pregnancy and childbirth, hygiene and the strict control of the gynecologist. In about two months, nature itself will solve this problem, and the uterus will return to normal. In addition, breastfeeding contributes to this process as well as possible. If the fetus was large, or not one, the uterus recovers more slowly.

After childbirth, uterine contractions in the cervical region are very weak, they fully develop at the end of the postpartum period. The internal uterine pharynx immediately after birth is 11-12 cm, which allows you to easily remove the remnants of the afterbirth. The internal uterine pharynx near the end for labor is contracted to two fingers, and after three days to one. In the third week, the uterine pharynx closes completely.

Skin after childbirth

It is worth noting that the skin after childbirth is not able to instantly take its original form, which is why the stomach remains after childbirth. Stretched muscles of the abdomen, after childbirth, do not have time to return to the previous state for the whole organism, and therefore it is necessary to bring them back to normal with the help of physical exercises. Of course, in the absence of contraindications, classes can begin already on the first postpartum day. Due to physical activity, you can also say goodbye to excess body fat, which performed a protective function during pregnancy.

Return to the skin a wonderful turgor, massage will help. It will not be difficult to massage the abdomen with a natural sponge in the shower. An effective way to bring your body back to normal, there is always time forwarding with your loved one. Finding time for intimacy. Harmoniously arranged personal life contributes to your stay in good shape.

The intra-abdominal pressure after childbirth is significantly weakened, and this can lead to a displacement of the internal organs. To prevent this, tying the abdomen with natural (cotton, linen) fabrics will help.

The skin on the abdomen during pregnancy stretches along with the growth of the baby. It is elastic, and easily adapts to a growing organism. This is simply necessary so that the baby feels comfortable and cozy.

In addition, subcutaneous fat is significantly increased during pregnancy. The amount of fat is increasing. The reason is the hormonal changes that occur in the body of a woman. Thanks to them, fat deposits grow in the abdomen, thighs, chest. This fat layer reliably protects the fetus from external influences. After the appearance of the baby, the fat does not instantly disappear. And the stomach immediately after birth looks large, and even saggy.

Physical activity and good nutrition will help to cope with excess body fat, but by no means a diet, which can negatively affect the health of mother and child. High-calorie and fatty foods must be excluded. And physical loads should be feasible. And then the big belly will leave after childbirth.

Postpartum Nutrition

If it’s difficult to say goodbye to weight, most likely this is due to a slow metabolism. And you need to pay attention to this. After all, the baby’s health depends on the nutrition of the mother.

The digestive system should work like a clock. Fiber-rich foods will help establish a metabolic disorder. Saturate your body with fruits, vegetables, legumes, oatmeal, rice… Such products, activating the digestive processes, will help remove excess toxins from the body that prevent weight loss in problem areas. Well, without clean water, of course, nothing.

A large consumption of liquid, pure non-carbonated water, enhances the excretion of harmful substances from the body, which also contributes to a quick return to the old, beautiful form.

Other ways to clean your stomach

Walking with the baby in the fresh air, or doing homework, in transport, standing in line at another convenient time, try to strain your abdominal muscles. This is invisible gymnastics. Keep your press energized. It is advisable to master the special technique of breathing with the stomach: when inhaling, it is necessary to draw in the stomach, and when exhaling, inflate like a ball. After laying the baby to sleep, take time to charge. Running on the spot and an easy set of exercises will only benefit.

Several professional massage courses will help tighten and strengthen the muscles of the abs, restore the skin to its former elasticity, and remove excessive sagging skin. It is impossible to achieve such an instant result on your own, but for several months, morning and evening, massaging the stomach in circular motions, for several minutes, using various oils, you can increase the skin tone by an order of magnitude. This improves blood microcirculation, and the skin will receive additional oxygen and nutrients. Cream for skin elasticity with collagen, contributing to the regeneration of cells, removes sagging and narrows the stretched skin. Such procedures are very effective if carried out regularly. Read more about how to restore the press after childbirth?

It happens that the skin as an “apron” hangs, not having time to shrink to the right size during our quick weight loss. Physical exercises, proper nutrition, body wraps, masks will help to remove this drawback, and it is also good to wear a postpartum bandage. A mask made of black clay helps a lot.

Modeling creams stimulate blood circulation, lymph flow, contribute to the breakdown of body fat, relieve irritation, increase skin tone and elasticity.

Thalassotherapy – wrapping with sea water, algae, mud. Metabolism is normalized, blood circulation improves, toxins, excess fluid are eliminated.

Lymphatic massage facilitates weight loss, normalizes the lymphatic system, improves lymph flow, activates metabolism. The procedure is shown even to nursing mothers.

Ultrasonic liposuction destroys fat cells, and removes them naturally through the liver. This procedure is carried out after 2 months after childbirth.

Surgery is the last thing you can resort to, and the result does not always live up to expectations. Abdominoplasty is a way to remove body fat and excess skin with surgery. This method should be addressed last, when the vainness of one’s own strengths is obvious. A great way to get rid of extra pounds after cesarean section. Although the pleasure is not cheap, long and difficult, it is not required to make any efforts. Not every woman can afford such a pleasure.

Folk recipes will also help get rid of the problem, and at the same time improve the general condition of the skin. The skin is just waiting for our help.

Spots on the stomach

Many pregnant women appear pigmented stripes on the abdomen. Connective tissues stretch, the layer becomes more transparent and thinner. Most often, they appear after the 6th month of pregnancy, when the tummy is more rounded. Some are barely noticeable, while others are too dark. There is a belief, if a strip on the stomach is visible – to the birth of a boy, and if the strip does not appear – to the birth of a girl. But this myth has long been dispelled by practice. The appearance of stripes on the abdomen does not affect the sex of the child. They are an indicator of the proper development of the fetus. They are formed along the midline of the abdomen, and can pass through the entire abdomen, and can range from the navel to the pubis.

The strip on the abdomen after childbirth itself will disappear after the normalization of the hormonal background. It takes several months, but it sometimes takes several years. But in any case, the background of the abdomen is sure to equalize. You need to be patient.

After a shower, use stretch marks. Use natural washcloths. In the sauna, if health allows, it is good to arrange lightening wraps, and honey peels. The strip will certainly become lighter. Brightening masks with lemon juice, cucumber and cottage cheese, a decoction of linden and chamomile will help to cope with the problem. It is recommended to visit the sun less often, to use sun-protection means, to go in closed clothes.

It is found that, in addition to the strip, hair appears, the nasal circles darken. It’s not worth worrying, over time everything will get its original form.

Returning a flat stomach after childbirth is not an easy task. This is a regular, daily work. But every woman can cope with it. All muscles will surely return to their usual tone, the figure will regain its former harmony. The body will become toned and elastic. The main thing is your desire to have a beautiful fit tummy, and look stunning!

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