5 important questions about a pediatric gynecologist

This trip can exhaust miles of my mother’s (and daughter’s!) Nerves, so you should prepare for it in advance. And the main thing is to arm yourself with the necessary information about the “special doctor”.

Why is a pediatric gynecologist needed and at what age is it worth visiting?

If the baby does not complain about anything and the mother sees no reason for concern, this doctor needs to appear at 3 years old, 6-7 years old, 10 and 12 years old. After 14 years, girls should visit the gynecological office once a year.

If the mother is too worried about how the examination will go, you can visit a doctor in advance to make sure that it is adequate and to ask in detail about all the details of the upcoming visit. Modern rooms are not at all similar to those that we ourselves saw in childhood, and today’s children are much more comfortable with any medical procedures. After all, our daughters have us – and we can talk with them honestly and sincerely, right?

What is the most important thing in a conversation with my daughter?

Mom’s experience: I know how to talk with children about sex

Many of us find it difficult to discuss this topic out loud – with friends, with partners, and even more so with children. But if we do not tell our sons and daughters about how they were born, someone else will do it. And not the fact that we will like it.

You need to try to convey to the girl that her genitals are as important part of the body as the nose or leg, that they can only be shown to mom or the doctor. That no one will hurt or disagree with her.

In addition, there are certain viruses that are much more insidious and sneakier than germs in the nose, because the genitals are usually closed to the eyes. Therefore, it is better if the examination is periodically carried out by a special female doctor. Here, by the way, you can once again talk about intimate hygiene, if you still have not done so.

In what cases is an unscheduled visit to a pediatric gynecologist necessary?

About a quarter of girls at any age may experience various “female” problems. Most often, itching and discharge associated with poor hygiene, decreased immunity and infections. From birth, it is very important to explain to my daughter that any “itches, pricks, pinches” need to be immediately told to mom, and not be shy.

In no case should you allow the slightest shadow of shame in the girl when talking on this delicate topic. For this, the mother herself needs to have a good idea of ​​female physiology and be able to maintain a true calm tone, the children are very sensitive to the slightest falsity and hypocrisy.

Why is a newborn gynecologist needed?

Sometimes an excess of female hormones of mother with breast milk comes to the girl – this can be manifested by an increase in the mammary glands and spotting from the genital tract. This is not a big deal – but you need to go to the gynecologist, at least to make sure that everything is in order.

In rare cases, there is a fusion of the external labia in newborn girls – usually this is recorded by the pediatrician at the examination. It is most reasonable to address this issue to a gynecologist as well.

What else is important to remember?

Visiting a gynecologist is not a shame, irritation, rash and discomfort in the genitals are also not at all embarrassing and can happen to any of us at any age. I am ashamed to be afraid of my body and not want to know why and what is happening to it.

If mothers have fears and doubts about sexual matters, the best thing is probably to resolve them with a psychologist. So that your little daughter grows up with a sense of the value of her body and the ability to take care of it.

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