The best ways to strengthen the baby’s immunity

There is no magic tool to protect babies from diseases and infections. But there are ways to support his immune system until she learns herself to deal effectively with infections.

Many pediatricians consider it normal that in the first year of life, the child has a cold, viral infections or suffers from ear diseases in the amount of 6-8 times. The prospect is not happy? Well, let’s begin to strengthen the immunity of the child.

Early attachment to the chest. Colostrum, which is produced in the first days after birth, is rich in antibodies that fight infections. This means that it strengthens the passive immunity that the baby received before birth, in the womb.

Breastfeeding. Breast milk contains immunoglobulins (antibodies) and white blood cells. Not even one of the most modern, most advanced milk formula has such properties. Mom’s milk helps the baby to resist ear infections, allergies, pneumonia, meningitis, and digestive upsets. Breastfeeding is the best way to strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Sterilization of feeding accessories. Up to a year (according to some recommendations – at least 6 months), you need to boil bottles, nipples, soothers, etc. This does not strengthen the immune system, but helps not to overburden the developing immune system by fighting microbes where this can be avoided. If you completely protect the baby from meetings with germs, his immune system will not learn how to respond to the challenges of the outside world.

Training. Yes, yes, you can train not only muscles. Attempts to raise children under sterile conditions did not end well. And excessive purity, as it turned out, increases the risk of raising a child allergic.

Down with the chemistry. Do not wash the floor with disinfectants, just plain water – unless, of course, there is an infectious patient in the house. Do not smoke in the room where the baby is. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4 thousand toxins. Many of them are capable of killing cells of the immune system.

No to antibiotics. Most colds in babies are caused by viruses, and antibiotics do not work on them. If the baby is sick and the pediatrician is about to prescribe an antibiotic, be sure to ask if this is really necessary? The price of such a “safety net” is the emergence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Vaccination. This is another form of passive immunity. Among parents and pediatricians there are both ardent opponents of vaccinations, and no less ardent supporters. What position you take – decide for yourself. Remember: from some dangerous diseases, for example, polio, the only protection is the timely vaccination.

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