Women are entitled to childbirth without intervention

The World Health Organization has issued new guidelines for providing health care to healthy pregnant women.

The new guide contains 56 practical tips for doctors and midwives.

Here are the main ones:

  • the possibility of the presence of a loved one at birth
  • respectful care and constant dialogue with medical staff
  • respect for the personal space of a woman
  • giving the mother the right to make decisions regarding pain management and childbirth
  • lack of unnecessary medical interventions
  • prohibition of stimulation and acceleration of the birth process without serious indications
  • joint stay with children immediately after childbirth

The main thing that worries WHO representatives is the abuse of labor stimulation through the introduction of artificial oxytocin and other methods. In an open letter, they recall that every woman has a childbirth at her own pace, and not everyone reaches an erection with a speed of 1 cm per hour.

And recently, the Pope urged women not to be shy about public breastfeeding.
Waiting for a miracle

In the article we will talk about one of the most important days in mother’s life – discharge of the baby from the hospital.

One of the main events of a young family is the birth of a baby. Therefore, it is not surprising that in anticipation of such a serious event, future parents often imagine everything that is connected with the birth of crumbs in great detail. From the floor crumbs to those moments when he will say his first word and take his first step.

Of course, it does not do without shopping races, in anticipation of acquiring everything that is necessary for the baby.

With love and care, conversations are held with the little one, while he is still in his mother’s tummy. In particular, about how many bright moments await him ahead. And with every thought in the parental head, how the child will grow and learn this world, the whirlwind of pleasant emotions and expectations only intensifies.


And now the long-awaited baby was born. Everyone is happy. Especially mom, because on this day she performed what she was going on for nine months and more. Everyone congratulates her, and they rejoice at the baby. In a couple of days, she will be discharged with the baby. She will be discharged from the hospital and this will be the first presentation of the child to the world. This day will be remembered, and will be remembered for a lifetime.


But how to make an important day unforgettable? How to avoid ridiculous moments, coordinate everything in the best way and not forget anything?

How to meet? How to surprise? What to gift? How to take good pictures? How to make this day unforgettable? How to express all your joy? How to decorate an excerpt? There are an infinite number of questions….

Of course, you can think through everything yourself in advance and thereby minimize the number of “mistakes”. But there is an option for those parents who do not want to take risks.


There are special companies that can help quickly resolve all issues related to discharge from the hospital. And thereby save time and nerves of parents. They can only enjoy the holiday and its bright moments together with the rest.


The organization “Simple Joys” has extensive experience in organizing surprises for discharge from the hospital. On the company’s website  Simple Pleasures,  you can view not only previous projects, but also customer reviews. You can find out the script online, calculate the cost of the event and leave a request here.

It is worth noting that the features of this agency is that it can also: beautifully decorate an extract for relatives, prepare a surprise for mom, make a beautiful photo-video shoot and much more.

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